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    Archy The Angel

    I think you have heard of Animo before, so I’ll just ask this, could I make an Animo about Dragon Block C? If you say no then that’s fine by me, but I think it would bring a lot of people to the topic of Dragon Block C and I have wanted to see new people on the servers. So I wish for you to give me the privilege of making such a thing, of course if you feel that I might be irresponsible and you would want to have that then I would gladly hand over the ownership to you, since you are obviously the rights are yours and I am not asking for any rights, that would be dumb of me to. Anyways I am just asking if this could be a thing, and if you say no, then I will not make it. Thanks and have a nice day/night!

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    Sam Noé

    Could you explain what an “Animo” is because when I google it the first result talks about clothes for horse riding and golf and I’m pretty sure it’s not what you’re talking about.

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    I think its an app that serves as a social platform for a specific topic.
    Kinda like having a discord that you don’t need to be invited to, and can be searched up at any time.

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      Sam Noé

      Well it looks like a good idea but considering it isn’t the first result I had by typing “animo” I sincerely doubt it would give much more visibility.

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