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    Mr. Perfect Cell

    So… I don’t know about you, but the prospect of becoming an android or cyborg fascinates me.

    here’s my idea. there are two versions of a playable android. a cyborg, where one is another race but outfitted with cybernetics… or an android race. the android race is purely robotic and, is highly modular.

    in terms of aesthetics, health is now measured in fuel. and, when an android race, you can choose to either look like another race, or be an endoskeleton (think like a t-800.) in terms of alignment, good androids are capsule corporation-brand. bad androids are red ribbon brand.

    the android race cannot (repeat CANNOT) learn skills like how an organic can. this, however, opens up their own way of getting new moves: weapons!
    now, the androids charge their ki much slower than the oganics would. but, there is one method of quickly gaining ki for an android: STEAL energy from organics! could be anything from a vanilla mob to, a hostile mod npc. you can either absorb ki blasts, or grab onto a mob and suck the life out of it!
    now, in order to use the special moves and upgrade yourself, consider visiting a mad scientist of your aligment (dr brief and dr flappe is a good guy, dr gero and dr kochin if a bad guy.)
    for the cost of some tp, you can be outfitted with different upgrades that act as skills. instead of MIND, androids and cyborgs have a stat called RAM. the higher your RAM stat, the more upgrades you can carry.
    the upgrades range from jet propulsion (flight and dash ability, with a rocket effect), waterproof shielding (for being able to go underwater without short-circuiting) light metal (for increasing speed and jump height)

    in addition to these, ki techniques for androids become weaponry. these are special key-powered moves only androids and cyborgs can use. gattling guns, missile launchers, rocket-powered fists, flamethrowers, energy weapons, nukes (large blast expys), etc. if this sounds like it would be weaker than ki blasts… you will be happy to know this is all scaled to your stats.

    andoids… cannot gain godly ki. and they cannot use kaio ken, since they lack organic energies of their own. they can, however, get their own transformation: overclocking! this causes the android to spark and smoke. this form causes you to take double damage. but, in return, every other stat except defense is radically increased! at max level this can even rival a super saiyan blue!

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    I like everything but can’t there be super android? Like android 13?

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    Sam Noé

    Ya know, nobody’s going to pick a race that can’t go God. Don’t forget that the majority of MC players and so of this mod are weebs. It’s dumb but they won’t change.
    Also, RAM techically is the amount of data your CPU is able to manage and manipulate at once, what you’re bringing up here is data stockage (like you can stock The Witcher 3’s files on a Windows 95 computer, but with your RAM you won’t be able to load all the neccessary data to even launch it, but I guess you already know all of that).
    And if basically RAM act just like MIND does, then there’s no point in changing it for Androids (on the other side, you could say it’s an easy tweak)
    Otherwise, the upgrades would give ALOT of possibilities with androids.
    In add of Overclocking, I think we could add the thing 13 did ; absorbing parts of other Androids to get an incredible power boost. You can either craft them (very costly) or drop them by killing a fellow android player or 16,17,18,19 and Gero’s mobs. They are consumable, so if you only have one part on you and you use it, you can maintain the form as long as you wish but if you turn back to normal you’ll need to get an another part to transform again.

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      Mr. Perfect Cell

      would it make any sort of sense if an android can use godly ki? no, it wouldnt. it isn’t human enough
      and… ram is more for asthetic purposes. it would function like mind still.

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    Henry bushard

    i like your idea but i have one big problem its a race. i think you could be any race and then if your good go to dr brief and then with that he makes your part android liek 17 or 18 where they where humans they wernt androids what your saying is robot race and cyborg race but we want androidafaction so you become stronger you can charge ki but its slower but like you said we can suck ki from people or if they attack with ki we suck that we have our race transformation every race will but majin if it gets added everything else you said would happend but you said we cant get skills we can get skills and updgrades together mind will stay the same but a new thing will be added called ram and it appears if you get androidafaction but mind will still be there for skill but you can get upgrades like super strength or missiles and super speed but you can transform in this and go god and if jin adds ui so you can be saiyan and get androidafaction then your stronger you get ram for upgrades but keep mind and skills it will cost tp to get upgrades and you can trtansfro acording to your race so saiyan you go ssj ssj2 ssj3 ssj4 ssjg ssjb/r this makes the idea much better

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      Mr. Perfect Cell

      also, cyborg saiyans and such should NOT be able to access anything past super saiyan 3. they traded their organics for the ability to drain energy. they also cannot change into great apes or super saiyan 4s as they gave up that ability when they became a cyborg.
      and, while they do not have god forms, i do believe androids and cyborgs could be upgraded in a way that would allow them to absorb godly ki to attain a god=like form. but, it wouldn’t be permanent. in order to keep the god form you MUST absorb ki attacks from someone already in god form. or try to absorb energy from someone in god form/super saiyan blue. and, for balance, you cannot be legendary and attempt to androidify yourself. (gero/ briefs will exclaim attempting to modify your body would cause the ki leaking out to destroy you, him, and the entire planet) sorry, but mecha broly will never be a thing.

      and, all the upgrades are meant to pretty much handle exactly how skills would. the only difference is there is added robotic effects to them (flight would leave smoke particles and such.)

      cyborgs CAN learn skills, but only certain ones. cyborgs are meant to be a hybrid between android and organic.

      and, if you are a frieza race member, you are ALWAYS stuck in a mecha-frieza (or metacooler) form and CANNOT transform/revert.

      the android race (as well as androidifying yourself) is meant to take energy from others. androidification would mean you have to give up at least part of your racial skills in exchange for the ability of siphoning energy from organics to be roughly as powerful as organics.

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      Mr. Perfect Cell

      the race part is for androids like 8, 13,14,15, 16, and 19.
      if you want to be technical, 17,18, and 20 are cyborgs, not androids.
      ie, humans that were altered to have humanoid features. (to varying degrees. android 20 is essentially dr geros brain inside a robotic body.)

      the race part would be if, say we want to be like a traditional artifical human rather than a cyborg.
      and upgrades are meant to fill out the same functions as skills 😛

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      Mr. Perfect Cell

      robotic features, sorry.

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    Sign me up for some wicked robo parts.

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    Luis Felipe


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