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      Trevor Butrum

      Seeing these in the mod would be awesome. Where you could block dmg using your willpower.

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      That would actually be pretty cool to have in the mod. I remember there was a devblog one time that mentioned Having a separate slot for ki techniques like solar flare and things like that. Maybe a ki barrier could fit in the same slot. It could be better than the normal block but you couldn’t move. I don’t know how it could actually be implemented… I’m pretty bad with ideas lol. I remember the last time I played with the mod it seemed like the block mechanic wasn’t that useful anyway so this could be a cool alternative.

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      Why not the shield having a health bar who recharges over time by consuming your ki when it’s not activated, and if the shield loses all is HP then he just break and leave you open for attack by maybe stuning you for 3 to 5 sec when it breaks

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      Maybe the shield would be a passive thing, draining ki instead of health every hit for a minute.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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