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    I started to play with the mod a few hours ago, but…

    Maybe it’s because I don’t know how to play yet or that’s the way it works.

    What do I have to do to get stronger?
    I’ve seen some screenshots with hundreds of thousands of power units, and I’ve tried in other world, in creative mode with commands for TP and improving the stats, and I can’t go past 17500 without the fake bp.

    In the survival world however I can’t do anything, the saibamen have killed me 3 times, and Raditz killed me instantly.

    How can you get TP? It doesn’t let me train if I don’t have enough of those, and I can’t learn techniques or create skills.

    I’ve tried played with weighted clothes for about 20 minutes and I just got 1 TP.
    If I don’t have enough TP, I can’t train nor raise my stats and I’m weak.

    Is there something I’m doing wrong?
    The mod usage page only says the controls and a few more things.

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    Aaron Worsley

    Press V and click the arm. thats the training page.
    there are two types of training, the shadow dummy and (i forget its name lol) there might be more later, i dont know.
    the shadow dummy gives you TP but from what i have noticed do it too much, and you lose some instead.
    the shadow dummy gets stronger with you, so be careful about that.
    the other one is easy, click blue dots.

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    Aaron Worsley

    oh also to spend tp click the yellow buttons next to the stats on the stat page in the V menu.

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