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    Ur mom

    I regret to be the bearer of bad news, but two days ago our community lost its leader. Jinryuu is gone, and it saddens us all. The world is poorer without him, and he shall be well and truly missed. A great talent for coding and an even greater human being will be immortalized through the work he did for all of us. Without him, the greatest MC mod of all time, Dragon Block C, would never have even got off paper. He revolutionized anime mods for minecraft, and now that revolution has come to a grinding halt.

    A question I know lots of people are asking themselves is “what will happen to Jin’s mods? Will they continue development ever?” and the answer to that is uncertain. Even if Jin’s family does decide to continue development, it will be unlikely that it will start until next year.

    It may be far, far too soon for this, but I request on behalf of the JRM (Jin Ryuu Mods) community, that we be able to form a team of coders and carry the torch that Jin lit and carried by himself to the finish line. We would carry on his legacy (of course, this is if, and ONLY if, his family allows us) and finish what he sadly could not.

    I didn’t intend for any of what I have written to be seen as disrespectful at all, and if it was in any way, I apologize wholeheartedly. It’s just that I loved what Jin was doing, and I, along with many others out there, really want to be able to look back at the JRM community and say “together, we built this.”

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    we should give his family time to grieve before anything about the mod comes, he only passed a few days ago.

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    yeah that’s sad

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