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    Note: This is in know means an attack on anyone. I just simply have a few ideas in mind, that would seem beneficial.

    I’ve noticed that the race options in Dragon Block C are rather limited. I understand that Jin is already having balancing issues with transformations already, and adding more to the fray may make it worse in that regard, but I digress,
    Adding more races may instead cause the opposite effect, as it adds more varieties and more options than just the Saiyan/Arcos. People will be more WILLING to pick other options, which will then add to an actual enjoyable time.

    I am aware that Androidification is being added later on, but what of Cell’s race? It would be interesting to have to ‘hunt’ the androdifide people down, to achieve or ascend your current state. This could also be a flaw of becoming an android, as Bio-Android Players will be looking to absorb you.
    For solo-players, then maybe Android 18/17 will play a bigger part in the story, in this regard.

    A more obvious choice, as xenoverse gives this option to. Majin’s should honestly have their ‘pure’ form (and god, since every race gets it) , and that’s about it. Since their base would be rather….broken to say the least. Majins have an insane regen, to the point of coming back after being atomized. Not only this, they can absorb other people (Could maybe be done like: @p stats + (absorbed*10%) and the absorbed person has to be at 20% health?(If the person is absorbed for over 1 JYears year, maybe they are forced to reincarnate? And a wish can save them before that time?)). And they should get a longer reach-distance, because of their ability to morph their bodies?

    Namekian Buffs
    Honestly, Namekians should be given regen. It would be a massive help in making them more popular. And maybe give them a few more aesthetic choices, like Dragon Ball Fusions did. With the above, they should have a longer reach, and the ability to send a request to ‘absorb’ or ‘fuse’ permanently with another namekian. If it’s a player, then it could be an automatic ‘reincarnation’ whenever they allow themselves to be absorbed, or a startnew, so they can obviousley still play, whilst the primary fusee gains a buff. Maybe the main body is chosen by random, so this isn’t abused as much? With Npc’s, I feel like you should ‘meet requirements’ like you do, in Dragon ball fusions, to fuse. It would work like the Majin absorption, iG? @p + fusee*50%?

    Honestly, I couldn’t think of many new races, or ideas, but I think y’all are creative enough to do that instead.

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    Idea for the Majin race…..new dimension when absorbed you go inside the majin’s body

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    Well, we could go with(for majins) is the “impure” form the slightly on the hefty side state(base) next it would be super state which would allow you to absorb people each adding an extra 20% transformation buff(having a base transformation butf of a configurable amount, but lets go with 200). But if you absorb someone with higher total stats than your transformed state, you explode losing the extra buffs, and all that were absorbed escape. This happening, you could enter your pure form if you met the necessary racial skills requirements. This form having the same buff as SS3(the same requirements too), a good way to incorporate it for single player is you can absorb the NPC’S you can talk to, but they all have certain stats/requirements(racial skills) you need to overcome to absorb them(we could do the same thing for bio-androids) but once you absorb them, they’re gone forever (on your screen at least) and you can’t interact with them until you either expel them from your body or explode from absorbing someone too strong

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    Sebastian Dandanell

    I like your idea with namekians racial skill (the fusing/absorbing part. I myself also suggested something similar, but won’t work quite the way you suggested.

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    Son Netsui Surudan

    Another idea:Majins will start whit his pure form.But u can say:why?.Like showed at the anime,majin buu be first in him pure form,and when absorb persons turn into ”inpure”.So u apparecene will change when u absorb,and u power too

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