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      And Before you say, Cell is a man made creation, who said you couldn’t spawn in a lab or something (e.g Capsule Corp/Gero’s Lab;Alignment Dependent) and it should have a cross between Sayain’s High Damage and Arcosians High Defense

      (How To Add The Tail Absorption;Without it being broken)
      Use the mob stats and then add it to the player’s stats;but… it can only be used if the mob HP is lower than 20% (i dunno if it should be usable during missions,probally shouldnt;should be configurable). (Maybe also add a short cooldown (15-60s)

      (Racial Forms)
      Lvl 1: Access to PP (less capacity than arcosians *1250?) *45% is still the maximum pp recharge percentage,except there is no arcosian supression forms (aka it uses base form)
      Lvl 2: Higher Multiplier (Around Super Sayain Grade 3)
      Lvl 3:Even Higher Multiplier (a MSSJ/FPSSJ little bit better than)
      Level 4:Semi Perfect Form: (Not Quite As Good As SSJ2)
      Level 5:Perfect Form:(A Little Worse Than SSJ3)
      Level 6:Golden Form (Better Than SSJ4,worse than SSJGOD)
      Godform 1:Blue Form (Best Form In-Game,uses a large of amount of ki *3k or higher)

      By the way Feel Free to Critique it (and maybe if its a good enough idea,ill include it!)

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