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    add the new transformation of the chapters 109 and 110

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    Top quality comment.

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    Wow, i never thought about this before slasher, thanks. Your intervention will clearly help the mod get better

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    TDS Odyssey

    How about Jin works on the base mod before adding in some shit aesthetics?

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    fork u tds odysay, i wunt newfurm naow, jin ad now now now, ths mud dosnt ned enythng ackually usfil jst ad new frm plz plz olz now now now i sey rite nwo.

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    Mr. Perfect Cell

    yup. i knew the forums would devolve into an echo chamber after the announcement.
    I must be psychic!
    we know far, far too little about the new form/technique, its capabilities, its limits, or where the hell goku even is right now.
    do you ingrates seriously… SERIOUSLY want jin to pull an announcement out of thin air about a form/technique we know LITERALLY nothing about?!?!?

    wait, give it a few months til we get a better understanding of the new technique. and for gods sakes stop being mindless drones for five freaking seconds and THINK before you SUGGEST.

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      i never said he need’s to add it i just said if there is a chance that it could be added to the mod i would have some ideas how it would work x.x

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    You actually took my fucking comment seriously XD? I thought it was obvious holy shit XD

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    Realistically, I imagine UI wouldn’t be the worst thing to impliment, most of the assets are already made, they just need to be combined or recolored. SSJ hair, recolored sparks from SSJ2, and grey eyes. That being said, I really would appreciate if we got something besides forms. New training methods or more skills wouldn’t be a terrible alternative.

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    Welington Martins

    add ssj limitbreack

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    What ever this form is it seems to be a thing that not only goku got (for a few moments) but the gods know about as well and is very hard to get. Now if and that’s a big IF this form is added it seems that anyone can learn it but its very hard to learn as even the gods were blown away seeing it.

    Now as andrew was saying this form or what ever it is, it’s waaaay to early to even think about adding it. We have no idea if its just a race form, or that everyone can learn it and so on. So should jin add it now? Hell no lol in time yes but now hell no.

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