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      I’ve been playing DBC for a while now, and was mostly satisfied by it’s Ki system (even after it was presumably nerfed). But there is one thing that I consider redundant – cooldowns. I can understand if players have to charge some attacks, especially powerful ones, which decreases the number of shots possible, but then a cooldown reduces player’s potential even more. In result you can’t have some light and fast blast attack to wreck those pesky creepers without burning all of your Ki in five or so shots.

      As an example, in 1.7.10, I have a maxed saiyan with blast attack with regular speed and damage of 5 at 100% power (density 1), also 5 sec charge and no cooldown. On Super Saiyan it deals 45 damage (at 100%) but takes ~20% of your Ki. Isn’t this too much?. Obviously no powerful character is going to die from that scratch, so why do we even have those cooldowns?

      I think it would be best to include some global cooldown multiplier in config file to allow some customization for players. Some other multipliers would be cool, too, like transformation/fusion multipliers, or Ki cost multipliers.

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      I think that if they just decreased the amount of ki it uses then it would be fine.

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