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      We should have the abillity to master ssj if we mastered ssj enough our eyes should look like a hill and theres a mastery Level and we train it from time chamber to get mastery xp

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      We already have Mastered/Full Power Super Saiyan. Also. “Eyes look like a hill.” What? What does that mean?

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        He means the innocent look Goku and Gohan had when they where Fpssj. Up till that point Ssjs had a tesne vibe to them. Goku had that tense expression constaly as a Ssj sense he got it, and never seemed ‘relaxed’ like in his normal form then.

        Also you CAN have your Fpssj if your still playing a recent verison. Just go to your config file (The Jincore one) and find the Saiyan energy drain for transformations. Find the one that applies to the Fpssj branch (Would likely be the Ssj-3 branch, not the Ssj-Ussj branch) change that value to match the base energy rate which is a positive 100 which is the first one on the list.

        There, you reversed the drain of that Ssj transformation or should work like that.

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      we do indeed. Tho I think he means the way we master ssj has to be revamped

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      Eh its just a stronger, less draining version of SSJ. We don’t need a system for it.

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