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      Now, some of you might know that different races have different stat growths, such as saiyans, who have the most Strength growth, or Namekians, with the most Ki Power growth.
      But, well, it’d be nice to be able to configure them, especially now that Humans are literally garbage, due to having their stat growths, aside from stamina, set to the lowest.
      Something like 1.0 to 5.0, allowing for customization plenty, and fixing some balancing issues.

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      1) Humans are supposed to be the worst, that’s how it was in the series.
      2) The other races are already balanced.
      4) We don’t need configs, just git gud so you don’t get rekt like a noob anymore.
      5) There aren’t any balancing issues in the mod.

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        1. It’s never stated that humans were the worst. The only reason they were worse than others is because the only Human who maintained his training through all of Z was Tien. Tien is infamous for getting the shaft. All races, minus Arcosians, had a massive disadvantage to Saiyans in the series due to the Saiyan’s natural ability to strengthen themselves against what previously injured them. This doesn’t mean that through enough effort, a Human, Namekian, etc… can’t reach the same levels. It means that it takes more effort.

        Also, just because the plot focuses on giving the Saiyans massive advantages, does not mean that a mod should make them have an unbalanced bonus. Maybe if it was a smaller advantage, I could agree, however when a Human and Saiyan have an equal form multiplier of 15x, and both have equal strength, the Saiyan does a good 300k+ more damage than a human. My point being, this isn’t the series itself, but a mod with a large focus on PVP. If anything, giving Humans the most dexterity would be a fair boost. Namekians are heavy Ki Users, Saiyans are for Melee, Arcosians are generally faster, and can stack a lot of power ups together to make themselves powerful, Half-Saiyans are just Humans but better because they don’t have shitty damage and whatnot. If Humans have nothing, what’s the point in them being a race?

        2. The other races are indeed balanced, good job pointing out the obvious there. Nowhere did the original post state that the other races were unbalanced. It stated that Humans were literal garbage. It also pointed out that the other races were fairly balanced due to their state growths.

        3. casually replying to a number that wasn’t used because OCD reasons

        4. When you have something that is literally useless, and then four other things that have their own uses, and perks, the issue isn’t skill. As someone who has used every race, learned them inside out, etc… It’s fairly obvious humans got the shaft for no reason at all. When they can’t even output equal damage, or even take many hits, that is a balancing issue.

        5. I think I’ve made my point fairly clear.

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      1) Krillian trained with Goku in DB but wasn’t even close to Goku. Yamcha trained in the desert his whole life and Goku still shit on him. Humans are garbage
      2) Who uses x15 mults? SSB is only x3.5.
      3) I play human and I can beat saiyans, arcos, and namekians easy. Git gud. Maybe try to stop using lock on and get real skill.
      4) Your point is wrong.

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        Krillin was on-par with Goku until Goku was trained by Korin, Popo and Kami, Krillin trained with none of these teachers until Z where his power level was high enough to easily crush Raditz.

        While Krillin trained with Kami, Goku trained with King Kai on a planet with 10x gravity and learned the Kaio-Ken. Krillin with his potential unlocked was easily stronger than Goku after he trained with King Kai but then Goku trained for a month with 100x gravity and then received a huge Zenkai from Ginyu.

        Goku then achieved Super Saiyan and all Earthlings were left in the dust.

        A decade later, Krillin would defeat Base Gohan in a tournament-style match and push Goku into Super Saiyan.

        This all holds true for Tien and Yamcha as well.

        To compare, Piccolo had all of Piccolo Daimao’s centuries long experience, a month with King Kai, fusing with Nail and fusing with Kami.

        At the end of the day, the Earthlings all had inferior training to Goku and lacked overpowered transformations. If the Earthlings had Vegeta’s gravity machine, weighted clothing and were taught the Kaio-Ken technique, I guarantee they would come out SSJ2-tier in power. Then factor in the possibility of training with Whis and learning God Ki.

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      Sam Noé

      Just a little reminder that at the begining Krilin was stronger than Goku.
      Yamcha was more a bandit than an actual martial artist.
      And when you are the main character, and so have the plot’s blessing, it’s normal that you’re stronger than almost anyone.
      But as Negative said, anyone who train long enough in the DB universe can become extremly strong. The differcenis that not every race grows at the same speed.
      Saiyans are made for combat so they grow faster.
      Arcos are born genius, have psychic abilities, don’t need to breath, and are able to survive even with an extremlu damaged body.
      Haflies have huge potential.
      Namekians also have psychic abilities, close to actual magic, and can regenerate, and absorb each other.
      But Humans ? Nothing, except prodigious enginering, but DB isn’t about mechas.
      That’s why humans are considered shit, because they don’t have anything special.
      Having nothing special means they’re useless to the plot.
      Being useless to the plot means they don’t need to become stronger.
      Also remember that a important part of techniques in DB were invented by Humans (Taiyoken, Zanzoken, Kikoho, Mafuba, Four Arms Technique, even the goddamn Kamehameha, and so on), while other races are crawling behind with a very basic Ki mastery. Do you realize that Goku hasn’t invented any of his techinques ?
      So even if Humans lack of raw power, they compensate in knowledge, ingeniousity, creativity, etc.
      So no, they aren’t the worst.

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      So have any of you tried using fullpowerx100 on a human.Even with the config set to not allow super kaioken as long as your con is double your str and will combined, you can easily maintain it and it gives an insane multiplier.

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        the thing is that that not only works for humans but saiyans as well i tried it allot of times so thats not a really good point but i don’t want the human race to be weak :/

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