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      So… let me start saying my suggestion. I Think like 90% of people want the new forms, Mystic and Majin… cause they can be used in EVERY race. Its a NEEDED thing for DBC, for example, Namekian race only have the power boost thing and god, arcro race only have super,Ultimate and God.. and saiyans… ehh ssj1 ssj2 ssj3 fpssj, ssg2 ssg3 ( ssg2 = super saiyan grade 2 ), super saiyan god, and blue.. lots of forms, and SSJ4 is cool, i’ll admit it, but its not needed, its just, cool, my suggestion, is jin start making the mystic and majin forms really simple like, the mystic form can be the Human Power Boost with ssj2 lightnings, and Majin, the player can have the ”M” on his head and some lighthings too. so… let’s start from the Majin Form,I Think jin can make it lke this:
      Lvl 1 = Cant Transform but Up BP only
      Lvl 2 = cant transform but Up Bp Only
      Lvl 3 = cant transform but Up Bp and 0.25 base stats
      Lvl 4 = can transform but with a lot ki cost and up the base stats by 0.50 and on the form for like 3.5x ( the multiplier i said is for Jin’s server, where ssj3 is 4x or 4.5) ( if it was 4.5 on jin’s server, so set majin/mystic at 4x)
      lvl 5 = can transform with a small ki cost ( like 100 per time) and Up base Bp for 0.75,
      the skill can be cheap, cause majin form is basically someone controlling you, and at lvl 5 u basically get control of ur form, like, u can control it like vegeta did… but the upgrading the form will not be cheap, ( at jin’s server like 200k TP per upgrade will be gud )

      Now For Mystic, will be similar to Majin but ofc it will be better
      Lvl 1 = cant transform and Up base BP only
      Lvl 2 = cant transform and Up base BP only
      lvl 3 = can transform with A LOT ki cost (2500 per time +/- ) and up base bp and stats for 0.30
      lvl 4 = can transform but with a controlled ki cost ( 1000 per time +/- ) and up base bp and stats for 0.50 )
      lvl 5= can transform with a Small ki cost (same as majin) and with a base bp and stats up by 0.90
      Questions that i know u will make:
      -Why is majin weaker than Mystic? – Mystic is obtainable by a kaioshin and lots of training, so yhea
      -So The Mystic Ki Cost Should be the same as ssj3 or ssj2!! – not rlly maybe the same as fpssj cause mystic is a Super controlled form in terms of ki and power
      -But Why is Mystic and Majin, that powerfull forms only raising ur stats by 0.90 and 0.75? -its not the multiplier, this is the power of the skill only, like, when u lvl up the skill, u will get these buffs on ur body, like a ssj when ascend for the first time, the user gets more power, and ofc the multiplier when u trnasform into mystic/majin would be higher like Majin 3x and Mystic 3.5
      -Why is Mystic still powerfull in Multiplier? – Dont be a lazy monkey and read my other answer

      Wish u have liked, if u do subs- oops its not youtube, if u have liked, comment about it and let’s try to make this post reach jin 😉 #MysticAndMajinForms

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      Dominick Finch

      I agree with you with the Majinn idea. But not necessarily Mystic form. In the Buu Saga Gohan’s potential was brought out by Elder Kai. He could transform but he didn’t need to because it would put unnecessary strain on his body. The only reason he could transform in Super and actually power up was because he was rusty and actually got a power up from it. So I can see Mystic in DBC being like that you could transform but it doesn’t give a power up since your potential is already brought out to the max.

      • This reply was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by Dominick Finch. Reason: Worded the beginning wrong
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      yhea its cool but like, gohan get his power by the elder ki unleashing all his potential, like gohan, since kid has a fucking OP Hidden Power, the Mystic Form, Only Full Awakened his Hidden Power, did u understand ? 😛

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        Dominick Finch

        Ok first thing I have to ask is don’t cuss because if my grandma sees that she would probably tell me never to come back to this site. So I just ask no cussing, and I kind of got the jist of what you were trying to say but it was worded wrong. At least for me.

        Edit: Ok never mind got it. I think at least. Had to read your comment a few times to get it.

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      1. “Lvl 1 = Cant Transform but Up BP only
      Lvl 2 = cant transform but Up Bp Only”
      Since BP doesn’t affect anything this means that the first two levels of mystic and majin would be useless
      2. Arco race has minimal, 2nd, 3rd and final form too
      3. Mystic is a form and not a power up

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        Dominick Finch

        I’m pretty sure he knows that. But since you get all of those from the beginning he wasn’t talking about those. He was talking about the forms that actually cost TP to buy such as Super, Golden, and God.

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      *clears throat* Nice suggestion. Fuck bitches, get laid.

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