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    I have been thinking… What if we have a ssj mastering mechanics? Like,you press the stats button.There you can have a “Masterization” bar to your ssj’s. To the Masterization bar increase you have to train defence,attack,speed,and things like that to the mod. And there can be a Zenkai mechanics too,when health get lower than 10%,you can eat a Senzu Bean and this zenkai can give you a little boost on stats like 2% i think. The lower health you have,bigger is the Zenkai Boost. I suggest the Zenkai Boost have a limit like:10% and the minimum like 2%. Got it? Well,getting back to the Masterization Bar,i have another suggestion for it. And in my oppinion i dont suggest TP points anymore to the mod,i think we get limited with it and the game starts to get boring…
    So,if you can do it for us,we will be soo greatful. This can take years but,if the mod gets cool everyone will like it.

    And there is my creativity limit… i think…

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