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    Scott Dirnberger

    I think that you (Jin) should create your own mod with your own races or clans (or both), types of ways to play, forms, abilities, skills, enemies, storyline, afterlife and just everything the way you want it. No show you have to follow.
    My only suggestion would be some kind of customizable-ish weapons and armor in some way so that armor isn’t rendered almost completely useless
    Then of course I’m sure if you run out of ideas the people would be happy to help you with ideas

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    Sam Noé

    First coming with an original mod not based on any already existing fictive universe ain’t this easy, you gotta think about everything from the start, and be sure people will like it.
    Second this mod would probably be left unfinished as NC and SAOC were because DBC’s massively superior popularity.
    And last but not least, even if Jin started creating a whole new original mod and get serious about it, that would mean slowing down the developpement of DBC, DBC being the reason to come here and support Jin for like 90% of the community. And most of them don’t use Jin’s other mods. With DBC slowed down, most of those people would simply leave, especially if they don’t like the new mod.

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