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    I have been reviewing this idea in my head over and over again but i think I should finally voice it, we all know that races other than saiyans lack transformations, namekians only have 2, human have 2, and acrosians despite their golden form it drains to much ki, so here is a form i have thought of.

    God Ki Base: In Revivial of F goku uses a base form boosted by god ki, im thinking it could serve like a mastered version of godform which is more powerful but consumes barely any ki. I think it should be slightly weaker than SSBlue/SSRose and consume much less ki.

    As for extra forms for other races:

    Acrosian Buff form(SPOILER ALERT): In the tornement of power Frieza and Frost use a buff form of Acrosians i think this should be before fifth form.

    Namekian/Humans: These to races should have their “Full Released” form replaced with a series of super forms like SH(Super Human), SH2 which will have sparks like SSJ2 and SH3. Something similar will be added for nameks, and yes i know these forms don’t exist but these races need these until they get some kind of powerup.

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    Arcosian buff form is basically the Power Points jin already added.

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      No its not power point if you look at DBZ Frieza’s full power then at the buff form you would notice the buff form is alot bigger. Also to prove my point Frieza said that it was a stamina draining FORM(He clearly states it’s not a simple powerup). To end it,Why would it was stamina draining if it was just 100% base form? So it’s obvious that this is not the same as power points (100% Power) when he achieved this I don’t know but i’d have to guess it was during his training for Golden Form and probably realised that it was too weak and draining.

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    I agree, I would like to see the buff form added as well. frieza did say it was a form in dragon ball super. It would be just as strong as ssj just like the super evolution is just as strong as ssj2.

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