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      First off I know this kinda thing is a bit too early given the state of the mod, I just wanted to post this before I forget about it. Secondly, this is just a list of ideas and just because I give an idea doesn’t mean I think it needs to be in the mod or that it is a priority. Third and last these are opinions, meaning that it is perfectly fine for you to disagree with me as long as you don’t try to shove your opinions down my throat and tell me I’m wrong in a rude way. I do, however, welcome other ideas in a civilized manner, in fact I encourage it. With that out of the way let us begin.

      Over the last few weeks I’ve had some ideas about what could be in the mod / changed about the mod, and I felt like sharing a few of my more developed thoughts. I also want to make it clear I’m no
      expert game/mod developer so any numbers and similar stuff I throw around is very much subject to change if it is considered for the mod.


      In regards to fusion there isn’t a whole lot to discuss that hasn’t already been said, from combining hair styles to how potara should work its not exactly a new topic of discussion. But I felt like it deserved a spot here, so here we go:
      *The Fusion Dance should indeed blend hairstyles. There are several ways this could be done but IMO for the most consistency it should just stack the hairstyles on top of eachother, I know that isn’t how it works in Dragon Ball but if there was some formula to it it might make the hair different each time which would (most likely) bother most people.
      *Potara Earrings could power up players in one of 3 ways:
      –Double the highest stats of each player. (Which is the polar opposite of Dance Fusion, which doubles the lowest stats of each player)
      –find the mean stat of each player and double it. (So if one player had 60 str while the other had 80 str the fused stat would be 140 [PS. I realized after writing this it is just adding the players stats together] )
      –Triple the lowest stats of each player.
      *Potara Earrings can be given to the player, until the Supreme Kai / Old Kai is added, King Kai in 2 items: The Master Potara Earring[MPE] and The Subservient Potara Earring[SPE]. The player that is wearing the MPE will be the player to control the fusion while the player wearing the SPE will be the spectator.
      *Potara Earrings can be given to a player in a white color, and can be dyed to be at different “frequencies” as to block interference between fuse-ies.
      *Potara Fusion between two players with the divine status should last until the 2 players die, or one player disconnects. While this could be useful for a long fight / series of fights, one player will also be giving up their free will for an extensive period of time.

      -Skills/Ki Attacks:
      This has also been talked about alot, like most things on this list, but I’m still going to talk about my own take on things and bring up ideas that I have seen and really like.
      **’Special Skill Slot’
      *This has been talked about by someone I can’t remember the name of, but essentially you will have 1 ‘Special Skill Slot’ that you can fill with unique and powerful skills like Instant Transmission and G.o.D abilities(If Added!).
      **Ki Revamp
      *There isn’t a whole lot to explain here as it is fairly self explanatory, I just wanted to put it here because I believe it is of high priority.
      **Combat System
      *If you are not holding anything you can use the RightMB to punch with your other hand, which would also make your other arm use a punch animation as well, and when you and your foe both hit each other with the same fist at the same time you have a 50% chance to only deal 66% damage. I say 66% because if it was 33% or 20% then fights might drag on for a really long time, but this would also add a bit of complexity to fights without making it too complicated to code / use in game, seeing as this is minecraft.

      Ah transformations, the staple of DBZ and what I think should be focused less on atm. But regardless they will eventually need to be added, and most people seem to only want transformations from the mod currently. I’m going to go over new transformations and how I think they should be acquired.


      **False Super Saiyan (AKA Pseudo Super Saiyan)
      Yes, I am talking about THIS form right here:
      This transformation is a little weird in the fact that we have no definite grounds for how strong it is or even if it is a super saiyan form at all, but I’m still going to have a crack at it.
      Since level 1 superform is already SSJ and replacing it with False SSJ would make no sense I’m going to try to come up with my own means of acquiring it:
      -You must have Potential Unlock lvl 1+
      -You must be at a configurable level to use it, maybe 30-40 by default?
      After you meet these requirements you can hold G to transform into False SSJ at the same snail pace you do into SSJ with SF lvl 1, only using False SSJ with give you the strain effect after 3 minutes of use. Using False SSJ under the effects of strain will triple its ki drain and drain health at the rate of Kaioken x2 at lvl 10!
      False SSJ will look identical to normal SSJ only your hair is not changed to a golden color and your eyes are whited out.
      After gaining SF lvl 1 you can access False SSJ by switching from SSJ to False SSJ in the X menu, this will also make it so that you do not receive strain from False SSJ as well as allowing you to transform faster.

      **Super Saiyan Rage
      This transformation is one I’m not particularly fond of, not because I don’t like its concept but because of the way it was introduced. In the show Trunks just pulls the power of God Ki from his ass and makes a discount SSJB from it, when he has had NO training in the ways of God Ki beforehand. But regardless I’ll share some ideas for it because I know other people want to see it in-game.
      To acquire SSJRage you must:
      -Have SF lv 5 (SSJ2)
      -Have someone, either with the divine status effect or who is in any god form (SSJG,SSJB,God Form for Humans Arcos, Namekians), give you some of their Ki (More on that later)
      Once these criteria are met you will be given the God Power status effect (there will be a time limit, of course) and can transform into SSJRage by switching to it via the X menu. Once a player has obtained God Form lvl 1+ you will be able to access it at any time via the X menu.

      **Please do not add SSJ5 we don’t need that

      ***Legendary Forms:
      I’m well aware that this is already in the game, I’m simply adding something onto it.
      I’m thinking there could be 2 config options added that involve the Legendary Forms:
      -Keep Legendary after death
      this is self explanatory, it could be enabled for people who want to be the Legendary Super Sand Legend Broccoli in their own world or for RP groups who have a designated Legendary character who they don’t want to keep giving the legendary effect when they die mid RP.
      This could then be disabled for servers who have a limited number of legendaries.
      -Limit Legendary players to only using forms affected by Legendary
      This means that if you make is so legendary only affects SSJ SSJG2 SSJG3 FullPowSSJ and SSJ2 someone with the Legendary status effect can only use those transformations as long as they have the effect.

      I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel for this one, but you know in DBS when Krillin and Goku went to find the paradise plant for Roshi that one time and Krillin got a powerup that made his aura super spiky and cling closely to him? Yeah that.

      I have nothing for Namekians, I’m sorry.

      I don’t have much for Arcos other than we could maybe bring back the old system where you would start off in 1st form and make your way up? I kinda liked it despite it not being accurate to canon.


      I have more than this but the post is going on for a while and it is 12:00 rn so I’ll make some replies to this with more ideas if I remember them in the morning.

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      Ok, I remember a few of them so here we go.

      -Specific Skills/Moves:
      **Instant Transmission
      This skill could go into the Special Skill Slot and when charged (maybe a 1 second charge time?) will teleport a player to either whoever they are looking at or whoever they are locked onto. This skill could also be overcharged (overcharging will require the ki sense skill) to bring up a menu that will allow the player to teleport to any entity they can sense with ki sense or any master they have already talked to.

      **Giving Ki to other players.
      This could either be a option in one of the menus or it could be a move you get from any of the masters, but when used it will give whoever you are looking at / locked onto a set amount of ki and stamina from your own reserves. This can also be used by players with the divine status effect or who are in a god form to allow saiyans who are powerful enough to unlock SSJRage.

      **Spirit Bomb
      I feel like the Spirit Bomb should be unique in that it should be able to be overcharged 2 additional times(4 charges total, the initial and 3 overcharges), as in the show it takes forever to charge but it is very powerful. That way people who are outmatched can use this and have it actually give them a fighting chance, given they can charge it up all the way.

      This is one I have seen people talk about and I think was in the mod at some point in a different form, but I don’t remember. But the point is that players could get a skill called ‘Overcharge’ which would have only 5 levels and each level allows player to overcharge their power by 5% up to 25%, at a cost that is.
      Overcharge can be activated via the X menu and when activated the player will gain whatever percent they overcharged as well as their ki starting to drain at a configurable rate. Being in less than or equal to 10% overcharge will give the player strain after 5 minutes of use, but once the player goes over 10% that time drops by 1 minute for each 5% over down to 2 minutes at 25%. Using the Overcharge skill with strain effects will begin to drain the players health at an exponential rate and can kill the player if they don’t watch their health.

      I’ve seen other people say this same thing but I’ll say it again:
      Flight is too slow.
      There should be an option to fly faster than we do right now, like a ‘Travel Flight Mode’ that allows people to fly much faster than we normally do at the cost of more ki.

      -Space/Other Planets
      **Planet Vegeta
      Planet Vegeta is currently useless and I really think that should be fixed by adding some interesting stuff there. For example we could add King Vegeta’s Palace as a randomly generated landmark like the mod does with Goku’s House and the others currently. Once found you could learn skills unique to Planet Vegeta like a ki blast barrage move from people such as King Vegeta himself or some other saiyans there, and DBASkins already has a King Vegeta model so if Ben wanted he could use that model to make this place.

      **Namek (also I thought of something for Namekians yay)
      There should also be a randomly generated Guru’s House on Namek, I think he could be there for people who want to be able to learn new skills on Namek so they don’t have to go all the way back to Earth. I’m also thinking there could be several villages on Namek that, once you as a Namekian have gotten max SF level, will let the player fuse with a single Namekian as long as you are good. Once fused you will get a transformation called ‘Sync’ that will let you use the powers of the namekian you fused with along with your own.

      The Yardratian planet is one we actually haven’t seen outside of filler material yet. So until we know what it looks like we will just have to use what we saw in that one shot from the show. If it isn’t obvious this is where the player will learn the Instant Transmission special skill, you could also get Yardratian clothes from this place as well as a few other skills and moves.

      **Capsule Corp Space Ship [CCSS]
      Along with the Saiyan Pod you should be able to make the CCSS. The difference between the two is that while the Saiyan Pod will instantly take you to your planet of choice the CCSS will take you to a dimension where you are inside your spaceship and you can actually train in there like Goku does on his way to Namek.

      I’ve seen people ask about the Bio-Android race many times so I’m going to throw a few of my ideas out there.

      I was thinking that Bio-Androids[B-A] could Be heavy hitters with low defense, low health, low ki pool, but high stamina. They would also have a high passive regeneration.

      B-As will also have the ability to absorb others, with a limit of course. B-As will only be able to absorb other players that are below 20% health or whose level is 20x lower that the B-A’s. B-As will also not be able to absorb anyone whose level is 3x higher than their own regardless of their HP count. Upon absorption a B-A will gain TP depending of the level of the person the absorbed, as well as recovering 10% of their max health. When a person is absorbed by a B-A they will die and go to otherworld, rather than forcing them to be a spectator to the B-A forever.

      *Bio-Android Transformations
      Bio-Androids, rather than needing to absorb specific numbers of people or Androids in general should just have a racial skill that gives them forms. I know that seems boring and that Cell needed the androids for his transformations, but remember when he got that zenkai boost from exploding and went from his semi-perfect form to his perfect form? He didn’t absorb anyone then so he might be able to transform without them. So I was thinking that people could just absorb others for TP and use the TP to get SF levels to transform.

      **Majin Race
      The Majin race is another that relies on absorbing others for their evolution into higher forms.

      Majins have high health, pitiful defense, above average physical attacks, average ki attacks and ki pool, and average stamina as well as a high passive regen.

      Majins, like B-As will be able to absorb others but with slightly different effects. They will be able to absorb other players that are less than 33% HP or 10x lower than the Majin’s level, they will also not be able to absorb others that are 5x higher than their level. When a Majin absorbs someone they will gain the ‘Absorption’ status effect where the person they absorbed will have their stats added onto the Majin’s for 5 minutes as well as getting whatever shirt the person was wearing, after which(I know this doesn’t happen in the series but this is for balance) the Majin will spit out the person they absorbed and will not be able to absorb anyone for 60 seconds.

      *Majin Transformations
      Majin’s transformation could go down one of 2 paths depending on the players alignment, once a line is chosen the player’s alignment is locked:

      Purity line: Evil Majins will go down the Purity line of transformations, where they will go from Normal, to Super, to Pure. This is what happened to Majin Buu in DBZ where he went from Fat Buu, to Super Buu, then Kid Buu.

      Growth line: Good Majins will go down the Growth line of transformations, here they will get the Slim form we saw Buu use in DBS and each SF level will increase the power of the transformation similar to the Humans and Namekians.

      These could also be chosen when the players starts the game instead of based on alignment but it is up to Ben if/when he adds Majins.

      That is all I have right now, if you guys have any ideas or addons to what I’ve said feel free to post them here.

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      Since the DBS Broly movie a few things have changed/been added so I’m going to go over a bit of these real quick.

      *Proto-Scouter (I don’t remember the actual name):
      These are the hand held power readers that we saw Paragus using right after landing on Vampa, and are a prototype scouter of sorts. Since they are hand held they really won’t break and therefore should be balanced in a different way:
      -The Proto-Scouter is not as accurate as a normal scouter, only able to measure power levels to the nearest 100.
      -Proto-Scouters cannot break, but if they detect a power level of 15,000 or higher they will become overloaded and glitch out until they no longer sense a power that high.

      The Proto-Scouter can be crafted will 1 glass in the middle, 2 redstone on the sides and 3 iron ingots across the top. The Proto-Scouter cannot be upgraded into a Tier-1 Scouter.

      *Wrathful (or Humanoid Oozaru, whichever you prefer):
      The Wrathful transformation was achieved by Broly after losing to SSJG Vegeta and was used in his fight against goku before he transformed into a Super Saiyan.

      Until we get confirmation otherwise I am going to assume that the Wrathful transformation is available to only legendary saiyans, as Broly is the only saiyan to display this trait along with the legendary power.

      To access this form you must:
      -Have the legendary status
      -Have your tail removed
      -Have used the Oozaru form at least once (I think Broly transformed before Paragus got there, I don’t remember for sure though)

      Once you meet these criteria you may access the Wrathful state, without a full moon or powerball.

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