A last Ultra Instinct Idea from me (i think it's pretty original)

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    So Guys i know you’ve heard a lot of ideas about Ultra Instinct, but i just got an idea about a wonderful way of how it would work:

    i thought of maybe having some kind of quicktime event when your about to die
    which is extremely difficult but if you can do it you won’t die, with a small amount of
    health, but if you do that event extremely fast you get Ultra Instinct in a small amount of time
    like in goku’s case for like a minute. But i really don’t know about that Vegeta form he became last episode but i thought of maybe being able to achieve that form too by a similar quick time event but being slightly different and much more difficult it would be like a perfection of the strongest form for every race so not only saiyans get all the attention

    I don’t think Vegeta’s form will be a by everyone obtainable form but the boosts would be the same always! So i thought you could configure that at the start like you can with the arcosian golden aura

    please leave a comment on the idea and maybe questions if you have any and please don’t write about how low amount of knowledge we have about both forms because I KNOW and just want to write down ideas that come to my mind and don’t want to forget them
    thx for reading guys ^^

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    Ssb Kefla

    I was thinking about that too. Good idea I support it!

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    Jin dosent need to add UI,This is one of the reasons he dosent check the website for actual good ideas.

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      i know but i still want to at least write them down in puplic maybe others get ideas for it when they want to make their own dbz mod

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