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      Dan McC


      I have decided to indulge myself into Dragon Block C after a long absence.Unfortunately, I’ve come across a few hurdles that I’m unsure of solving, my problems/questions are as follows

      1. My BP seems to be stuck at 17,500 when I remember it being much higher last I played

      2. When I go super saiyan 3 I just get bigger and there is no hair change whatsoever, I remember it being classic ss3.

      3. Do I have to use the power ball ki technique every time I want to go ss4?

      4. When I execute the kill command I return back to the original spawn position instead of the otherworld, whats up with that?

      5. Is there a command in which I can unlock the coordinates for everything listed in /dbc loc?

      Answers & guides are very much appreciated!



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      Dan McC

      I’m running the latest version of DBC

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      1. He changed the BP formula.

      2. It might be a hair issue. I don’t know how to resolve this.

      3. No, by pressing X it brings up the action menu that allows you to change transformation states, change it to SSJ4 by pressing on it. Also you can use the natural moon as well.

      4. You’ve gotta go into the configs

      5. No I don’t think so.

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      1. BP formula has changed but it sounds like your BP is meant to be much higher right? If you go into your stats sheet then navigate to the training menu (with the concentration mini game and shadow dummy) you can toggle between the accurate normal BP and the massive full BP.

      2. Sounds like you are entering ASS and USS. Hold X and hover over the transformation toggle (top middle) and let go of x while hovering over the toggle. Hold X again to see what it says. SS2 is what you want for SS2 and SS3.

      3. As I said above, you can toggle what you transform into. You only need to go SS4 once to toggle it.

      4. This is most likely due to yourself being in creative. Change to survival and it should teleport you to Otherworld. Alternatively, the death system is turned off in the config.

      5. Nope.

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      1. There is a new formula for the BP, this is the normal version, however in the game you can change it to high, so your power level will be at Billion or Trillion.

      2. If you mean that the hair doesn’t grow bigger like SSJ3, then you should re-install the mod.

      3. No, once you go SSJ4 with the Full Moon/Power Ball, you can press ‘X’ and hover your mouse to change your transformations until SSJ4 appears.

      4. Death system is off or you’re in creative mode.

      5. No

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      Normal BP should cap at around 17.5k with default configs, and as default configs don’t allow forms to push stats above the cap, your BP can’t get higher. Increase the stat cap or make forms able to get stats above the cap, both work well.

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