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      First of all, let’s take a step back and think of how much the mod has improved over the years. If I’m honest Dragon Block C is probably my favorite mod in Minecraft of all times. I love it, I love the concept of it and I love how much love was put into the mod.

      But if we think on how much improvement was put in the mod over the years the first thing that comes through your mind would be the transformations. Which in no sense it’s a bad thing…. but I’ve noticed recently a fault in the playability aspect of the mod.
      I remember a few months ago I wanted to play the game again and complete it with full power and everything but for some reason, I left it in the middle of the android saga.
      I was wondering why did I do that so I started playing the mod yet again yesterday wanting to train to get all the new transformations. But I, unfortunately, came across with an obstacle that made me remember why I stopped playing DBC for a long time…


      It’s the same stuff… Punch some dinosaurs, get Training Points, level a skill, Punch dinosaurs some more, get to a level that you think is enough, try to fight Vegeta, Get killed… and then you have to go back and punch more dinosaurs until you are strong enough to BARELY beat him and after that you have to go back to the same routine to complete the other part of the story.

      I know there are some other types of training but before you guys say anything:
      -Yeah, of course, there are weighted clothes that increase your tp gain but only to a tiny percent that you don’t even notice.
      -The concentration training is kinda useful in the beginning but it becomes useless later.
      -And your clone is too powerful to beat and you don’t gain almost any XP from it, it’s just a good way to lose a lot of health.

      And it’s sad to see that almost all the new updates recently are about new transformations. New flashy powers and stuff. It’s literally what everyone here asks for so I can’t really blame Jin for that when you have a big fanbase with a lot of people asking for Ultra Instinct or Super Saiyan Pink…

      You literally spend 70% on the training, 20% on gathering food and armor, and 10% in the main story.

      Don’t get me wrong I’m all about the flashy stuff like Super Saiyan forms, fusion or stuff like that. But to be honest with how many hours I have to punch some dinosaurs and being frustrated wondering why Ginyu is more powerful than me when I’m a Super Saiyan
      It makes me realize that it’s not really worth the time.

      There’s so much to fix in the mod:
      The story enemies are too powerful and almost undefeatable, training takes too much time and it’s boring, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is in a long state of maintenance, the ki attacks are unbalanced and broken, etc.

      So my suggestion is to pause the flashy update things for a while and let’s concentrate on other important stuff like how to make the training more varied and different depending on how you progress, make fighting diverse and fun, making the enemies hard but beatable,
      Basically, make the journey fun. Not only make story fights the only interesting thing in the mod.

      And I know that Jin wants to include a new combat system with the new limb fighting system with much other stuff but I suggest that he should go in order:

      1°: Update Training system to a functional one (Let’s make Hyperbolic Time Chamber great again)
      2°: Make a new and a good combat system (At least let me use both arms)
      3°: Make the story enemies hard but beatable (I’m looking at you, CELL)
      4°: Transformations fusion and flashy stuff ( Go crazy with it)

      It’s my opinion tho so if you don’t really agree it’s cool you can comment on what you don’t agree and maybe we can chat about it.
      Thanks for reading.

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      I really agree with almost all of your points here. While personally I would prefer the combat system and then training, as I’m going to assume ki rebalance is packed with ‘Make a good combat system’ but it really isn’t a huge deal which comes first for me though.

      I think we could split Transformations and flashy stuff into 2 categories:
      4°: Fixing/Finishing things like fusion/.
      5°: Adding new content like transformations and requested races.

      IMO the saga and fixing current features could be swapped between 3rd and 4th priority.
      But we have to remember that it’s just 2 people working on this mod right now, so these things will likely take time to create, balance, and implement especially the combat system.

      I look forward to seeing how Jin goes about these things in the future.

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      Yeah, I guess which comes first doesn’t really matter. I didn’t think about the order that much but I wanted to prioritize that the “4°: Transformations fusion and flashy stuff” were always in the last one because I don’t think we need them at least not for now.

      And yeah, I know that there are just 2 people working on this, it will take a long time for them to do this if they want to. I don’t know a lot about programming or how to make a mod but I know that it is hard to make and worse if there are just 2 people working on it. I know the struggle and I can wait (I don’t know what to say about the others tho lol) so it’s fine. I just really hope they prioritize these things because I strongly believe that if they focus their work on the playability of the mod it will be 10 times more fun than it is now

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      Sam Noé

      Well on my side I completely stopped playing DBC. And the main reason is training. Not only because it’s frustrating, just toy around with the config to find a good effort/reward balance. But also because of 2 other aspects of training right now.

      Primo, in solo, training is boring like, really boring. You punch things and pray the RNG gods after each punch, that’s it. There is no way to make training something else than a bothering task you have to do in order to progress. And when you finish the (default) saga, well there’s nothing left to do, it comes back to vanilla MC, but in 1.7.10.

      And deuxio, in multiplayer, you can literally never stop training, and it kills every other aspect of the game. There’s always so much competition between players that you spend in all honesty 90% of your time on the server grinding. You could don’t give a f*ck , but being weak means getting one-shot by anyone, not being allowed to take part in certain server events and potentially getting harassed by people who abuse their superior power.
      It makes training…soulless, you train because you know that if you stop you’ll be at best left behind and at worst completely ignored. Not because you have an actual objective in mind.

      So the solution would be to make training at least not boring and less overwhelming. I already discussed ideas on that quite a few times but I’ve no idea where it is now, but hell yeah, it’s about time training becomes something great.

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