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    Farlon Skarrwan

    I made a post a while ago (http://main.jingames.net/forums/topic/a-bunch-of-collective-ideas-for-dragon-block-c/#post-37780) about some of the ideas I’m about to propose, but I have more simplified, and maybe slightly better ideas, as well as supporter additions. For simplicity, I’ll divide this suggestion into 3 sections: Mod Additions, Changes, and Store Additions.

    Mod Additions:
    1. There was a fighting system proposed in the Devlog a while back, but it was generally undeveloped and too simple. Using the ideas proposed there, I believe that:

    a. Fighting styles should be customizable (with the attack button being light attacks [LMB], the use button [RMB] for heavy attacks, the modifier button [Ctrl] modifies these, making the attack button into the ki button and the use button becomes the block button) so that you can make attacks look and act differently. This should use either an in-game editor (preferably) or an external program. Basically, faster attack animations attack faster but do less damage, while slow ones do more damage. Combos should have a set amount of animation time (so you can attack more with faster attacks and less with slower attacks), and you can mix heavy and light attacks to make new combos (Each combo should be editable in the editor, allowing you to do any combination of forms of attacks). Kicks should do more damage than punches and do more knockback, but also are slower.

    b. There should be lots of kinds of attacks, such as throws (block and ki), Z vanishes (hold block and then press Ki when you’re about to be hit. If you’re attacked during a throw, you perform a Z vanish ant take no damage) counters (block a move and then attack normally), Z Counters (press a move button while performing a Z vanish, and you deal damage and take no damage), Ki blast/laser deflection (block as you’re about to be hit with a ki blast or laser), and anything else you could think up. All of these should be customizable in the moveset maker. They can all be purchased as skills requiring mind and TP, by most or all masters.

    c. In the server config, the fighting can be set to be done in a 3D way (like in Xenoverse or Budokai Tenkaichi 3) or 2D (like FighterZ or Budokai 3).

    2. Potara fusion: This can be crafted or gotten for free by beating Super Buu in the Saga Sysem, with a 10% drop chance or something. They come in a pair (at a certain frequency, so they can’t be used with another pair). It can be put on either or both ears in the modifier inventory (same as scouters or weights). Should come in a variety of colors (at least 1 per in-game dye). Wearing both *could* make the Elder Kai Ritual Potential Unleashed never run out (unless that seems too OP). If one is placed on someone’s left ear and one on the right, they will fuse for one hour (can be changed in the config to between 30 minutes and 1 hour) so you have to really think about if it’s worth fusing and possibly losing control. The stronger fusee takes over the fusion. This doesn’t have the power decrease of Fusion (so the stronger fusee will end up stronger, even if the weaker one is less than half their power). *The fusion timer is only lessened by God Form. Other transformations will not shorten it.* The config can be set to permanent (kills one fusee and changes the other player to the fusion. The other person can’t revive, only reincarnate), temporary (lasts 1 hour), or choice (fusees can choose which)

    3. Fusions’ hair should change to represent both fusees (unless one fusee is bald, then don’t change it). Don’t specifically stripe the hair color like with Gotenks (like they did in DB Fusions) since that looks dumb sometimes. Instead, give a chance for the hair color to go between the two colors (such as dark purple for Gotenks) and have it stay consistent between each time that fusion is made.

    4. New Config: Canon mode. Super Saiyan gives a 50x power boost, Super Saiyan 2 gives 200x, etc. Make your best guess for unspecified forms such as god forms, Legendary Super Saiyan, and Super Saiyan 4. Use official power levels to decide on multipliers for things like Arcosians.

    5. KO System: Instead of dying after all HP is gone, a player is KO’ed (their screen goes black and they are lying on the ground). They will wake up after a certain amount of time. They will periodically take damage if they were downed with a laser, disk, spiral, sword, etc. If they take 20 damage, they die. Certain Ki attacks such as spheres and waves will vaporize the target, killing them instantly, if the damage it does at least doubles the target’s current body health. Using Suggestion 1, KO animations and lying down positions could be customized.

    a. When someone’s power is at 0%, or if their BP is less than 10% of an opponent’s, the opponent can insta-KO the opponent (such as how Majin Vegeta did to Goku) nonlethally. An animation for this can be changed with suggestion 1.

    Mod Changes:

    1. Fusion control: The fusee not in control of a fusion can choose to fight an ai-controlled version of the other fusee in another dimension. If they beat that, they take control of the fusion. If they lose, they have to wait a certain amount of time before they can try again.

    2. Fusion length: Minimum fusion time (in base form) should be 10 minutes. It’s too short to be useful right now.

    3. SSG Pregnancy: Using FamilyC, a human, half-saiyan, or saiyan female with a family member of a saiyan, half-saiyan, or human (if they themselves are not human) will count as an extra Saiyan in the Super Saiyan God ritual.

    Store Additions:

    1. Fighting Styles: Buy fighting styles made by other players (using addition #1). 10% of the money goes to the style creator, 90% to you.

    A. Can buy each individual combo for a fighting style.

    2. Custom Transformations: Make custom transformations using part A of the suggestion for parts and part B for stat changes.

    A. Buy Hair and eye colors, auras, player size, and other changes to the transformation from the store. People can upload custom parts and will get 10% of the money. Certain parts come free.

    B. Use sliders for hair changes, stat multipliers, and drain. Higher stat multipliers should drain more Ki. Using Addition 1 of the suggestions, speed (movement, attack, ki blast charge etc.) can be raised or lowered for each one of those. TP/mind cost can be raised and lowered, but lower cost will result in higher ki drain.

    C. The form can have multiple levels.

    D. Can buy forms made by other players, with the same 10% policy.

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    I personally don’t think we should have to buy forms or fighting styles, because that makes it feel sort of pay to win. Unless it was an in game currency and you could only buy them if you had a specific mod.

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      Farlon Skarrwan

      No, it would be like if people could charge people for hairstyles on hair salon. It doesn’t give any bonuses besides cosmetics. The stats would not be different from purchases, so it will follow the same stat/speed/drain rules if you do it free or pay. If you pay, you just get more cosmetic choices.

      Fighting styles wouldnt be p2w either since they can be custom made; it just means you can pay someone to skip that for you. I suppose some people could post free movesets as well.

      It would only be to support Jin with nonnecessities that’d be nice to have. The 10% would just be an incentive for people to want to supply.

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    Farlon Skarrwan

    Old post, new ideas (revolving around the fighting system). So, after reading the original concept post on devblog, I have some new ideas.

    1. Melee(ish) energy attacks
    These are createable ki attacks called Blade (short), Blade (long), and Scythe.
    Blade (short) is worked into a combo. This allows for more damage and dismemberment (from the below section) in combos at the cost of ki. Attacks with that would have much less knockback, so combos would be easier.
    Blade (long) would be more like a conventional ki blast, except it’s shorter, paralyzes the opponent (they cannot move or act besides ki blasts) for a few seconds, ties in well with combos (extremely short cast time), can’t be overcharged, has no kockback, and is useful for parrying heavy attacks. This seems extremely powerul, but it also does muuch less damage than everything else, so it’s really only useful for a combo. Perhaps it could be held longer (giving a chance to move closer while preserving he paralysis) at the expense of ki.
    Scythe: Probably the most overpowered thing here, may need to be skipped or balanced. This baby is very long (shorter than the long blade, longer than the short one), does a lot of damage, can open a spacetime rift (if effect is enabled during creation) in which the victim is either trapped and takes damage for a set amount of time or has to face a lot (20 or so) of copies of you which do the same amount of damage as you but die in one hit. Definitely not very comboable into.

    2. Limb Loss:
    I found the original limb concept good but undeveloped. This assumes you have read it, so beware: this won’t make sense unless you read it.

    a. Limb crippling
    Melee attacks shouldn’t be able to remove limbs unless the victim is unconscious and the assaultant does this on purpose. Limb crippling attacks could be added to the fighting mechanics, so only those attacks will cripple. A head can be brought to black status, but that just knocks you out (it isn’t actually removed).

    b. Dismemberment
    This one is sort of complicated. A limb can be 2 sections each (upler and lower, so upper arm and lower arm and upper leg and lower leg. There isn’t any difference in which section is dismembered; those are only there for combat animation purposes. Blood loss from this (as a visual effect) is a clientside choice (keep that E-10 rating), and you gain the disadvanteges posed in devblog. The main change is that the only methods of dismemberment should be the blade (short), a sword, a spiral beam, a wave, a disc, or a purposeful attack on an unconscious opponent.

    3.fusion improvement
    a. combos
    Each fusee can make a fusion moveset. The combos, ki blasts, and generic animatoons are taken from each (half from one fusee and half from the other) completely randomly (saved to the fusion in the world data so it won’t change).

    b. numbers in name
    Each fusee has a setting for this, which can be set to average, no numbers, don’t care, or my numbers. This makes it so that in the fusion name, the numbers in any spot will either be averaged between the total of the two fusees, not appear in the name period, or be just one fusee’s numbers (only if the other fusee says don’t care). Will be randomly chosen if they conflict.

    c. IGNs vs Profile
    Some people name themselves a nice name like “Iklonar” or “Farlon” (real examples) for their minecraft IGN which can be easily roleplayed with and turn out great in a fusion. Other people do things like 420Minecraftpro or 9Enderpearl (real examples). That doesn’t always work out (you might get something okay like 9Endlonar or something… like “Ikderpearl.” I dont remember the actual 2nd one, but I remember it was bad) and that is PRETTY annoying. I propose the Profile system: simply name your character ingame, changing your nametag display, optionally chat name, and all in-game Jin mods (like FamilyC). This would allow smoother fusion names without having to change your entire Minecraft Profile. So convenient!

    D. Name display
    I get it, I need to stop with the names. Just, for the love of god, display the fusion name for everyone! Job done, we can go home now.

    4. Mind control
    I don’t know, add something for it. We see it in several movies, GT, Xenoverse… pretty much evey kind of noncannon source! Maybe add a timebreaker mask that can be added to someone forcefully, making them fight for you unless someone helps them or they beat a stronger version of themselves (like in the proposed fusion control thing). Not important, just a cool idea for an addition.

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    i reckon the combat changes should be a seperate mod, like Better render addon. That way, it lets jin iron out bugs without having to change the code for the actual core, and if players don’t want all fancy combat, they don’t have to. Paying for fighting styles when you can easily make them feels really EA in my opinion, and should be free like the hair salon. Heck, Jin could turn the hair salon into a player made content website. Copy a code, pay the tp/mind cost and boom, new style.

    EDIT: actually, Jin should just straight up make a roleplay mod.

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      Farlon Skarrwan

      I agree with the separate mod idea. Paying for fighting styles would certainly be annoying, but it’d help fund Jin… Maybe give people the option of making it free or paid?

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    me personally I think mixing colors like Stirping, or other disgins would look good with the Fusion hair, and you also have to remember, Jin is creating this based off both the anime and manga and so he might as well add that the hair color, but I also do not like the purcheaseing fact for Cosmetic things, that would have no point in the game but to take up some space, not saying it’s necerrserly a bad idea, I just seen no point in buying a comsetic that I don’t need because we all ready have Armorurs workshop.

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