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    Jennifer Marie

    This update that includes increasing skill cap to 30k and also infusing arrows with ki damage.. It ruined ki attacks they no longer work past 80kish damage. i was able to last night do over 2mil damage with my 10,000 willpower now i can still charge it up that high but if i hit an npc with it such as dbc saga mob, a creeper, or a custom npcs npc, it does 0 damage. unless i have the charge on it below 80k damage…

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    Seeing how this update works perfectly for me, I honestly do not know how to help you.

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    Jennifer Marie

    What are your stats? if you have willpower atleast 2000 probably dont even need that much. but this only happens when the damage exceeds a certain amount. Around 80,000 damage. Can you do that much with ki? Now that the stat max is 10-30k it is easy to do that much damage. However it won’t work.

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    Joshua Booth

    Same thing is happening to me. If i shoot a vanilla monster like a sheep for 120,000 damage it hits it for 0 instead.
    worked just fine yesterday before update!

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    shut your mouth

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    Jennifer Marie

    This is a bug report section of the forum. I am reporting a bug. This is a serious broken issue. You have no place being here saying ‘shut your mouth’ please only post useful comments instead of garbage Gabriel Santos

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