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    Recently I started messing around on a creative world with the new 1.4.55 update and encountered a glitch where if you fire a large ki blast your frame rate will drop to almost 0 and will persist until the blast explodes, or you quit your world. I have only experienced this on single player worlds and have checked to see if other mods were the cause. Currently it seems like an update bug, so I decided to post it here.

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    Did you think maybe your computer can’t handle the power??

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    Obi-Meme Kenobi

    It’s a bug where ki techniques from masters, like ki blast. Is simply multiplied in size from your power and grows too big, fixes include: Modifying configs or using your own techniques.

    Hope this helps!

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    I edited some of the configs, and now it is only the spirit bomb that does this. no matter what I do the spirit bomb will always do this, and will sometimes crash my game. Even if I make it super small this happens, I don’t know what causes this.

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    How to download this?

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