Fix Update – 19w21

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Well its been a while, but the time has come for the first update.
After looking through many notes, I wasn’t able to identify which mod had been changed by Jin since the last update, so I’ll release one for each main mod, even if they had no changes.


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Here is short list of the known changes.

Naruto C release version 0.7.9:

  • FIXED – crash when charging chakra

Years C release version 1.2.5:

  • FIXED – crash when loading a word that had “” saved as a date

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.60,
JRMCore release version 1.3.20,
and JBRA release version 1.6.36
all received an update, but there were no notes from Jin on what he changed. Most likely bug fixes only.


  • CRASH – starting a game using the previous version JRMCore (1.3.19) together with the new naruto can cause your game to crash

Yes these are all small changes for now sadly, but now I have a good understanding of how Jin projects  work behind the scenes, so I can dedicate my time more on just coding and adding new content.

Let us know if any of the mods have any bugs or are missing any features that were in the previous version.

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11 Responses to Fix Update – 19w21

  1. SuperKami_Netsu says:

    Nice work Ben, people in the Naruto C Community will be happy to know it has not been forgotten.

  2. MrCinekPl says:

    Finally after all this time You finally started posting something Ben!
    I have been checking this website everyday and finally something.
    Good Luck at understanding jins code.

  3. RoxasSmart says:

    Prepara el translate que me da pereza hablar en inglés:

    Me ha alegrado mucho esta noticia, después de medio año sin noticias y sin saber nada sobre el futuro del mod. Se ve que te tomas en serio las obras maestras que dejó tu hermano JinRyuu (que en paz descanse). Y eso a los fans nos ilusiona mucho.


  4. Tyson says:

    I’ve not been able to see any dinosaurs spawn in both Earth (Dirty Plains Biome) and Namek. Is anyone else experiencing these problems or is it just me?

  5. I was expecting a longer wait tbh, it’s nice to see how much dedication you’ve put into your brother’s work.

  6. onleeben says:

    Hey! I’m a 22 y.o Australian named Ben Thompson, and I would love to help you with anything regarding Dragonblock C. I have my Advanced Diploma of Games Programming, Diploma of Software Development, among other qualifications! I’ve been following the modpacks for literal years, and would love to offer anything I can in order to help.

    The loss of Tamas as only just caught up to me, and it’s very depressing for myself, let alone everyone who’s enjoyed any of his work, not just that singular modpack. With this, I’d hate for all the work to be put on your shoulders.

    I know having a random on the internet helping is daunting and risky, but just know that I am happy to help, and can absolutely reassure you, I’d lighten your load immensely.

  7. lickutung34 says:

    Nice to see you steping up to the challenge, you have work ahead and i wish you luck every step of the way, you you honor his memory by taking the mantel. Just know that everyone of us are behind you and supporting you, best of luck

  8. Tonberry says:

    I think it would be really cool to see some of these mods make it to a newer version of Minecraft. Good to see the project is making a comeback though.

    • Mint says:

      Honestly, if he updated the mod to a post combat update version, he could make a lot of interesting fighting mechanics, like having the punching cooldown be calculated by the player’s DEX to STR ratio. Would probably be a pain to code, though

  9. Zero says:

    Woot’s! Good to see things are working out ben. I hope down the road I can be golden cooler on dbc then the freiza one..ew

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