Fix Update – 18w33

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Well then here is a fix update.

Nothing much I could say atm just that the tournament will start soon.
I wonder how it will turn out.

You can watch the countdown and the stream in the previous post if you are interested 🙂


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JRMCore release version 1.3.19

  • FIXED – godform skill upgrade cost issue
  • Changed – if you’re KO’d while using Mystic then it will turn off
  • Changed – if you’re KO’d while using Ultra Instinct then it will turn off
  • Changed – the UI eyes got darker because it was too light for default textures

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.59

  • FIXED – When in Mystic, ki attack cost scales up unlike with racial transformations
  • FIXED – When in Ultra Instinct, ki attack cost scales up unlike with racial transformations
  • Changed – colors in ki bar to work for SS4 be yellow and for legendary be green instead of yellow. I don’t remember why it was disabled 🙁
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28 Responses to Fix Update – 18w33

  1. Marcus says:

    Is the new update going to be about mastered ultra instinct or custom transformations or both?

  2. Brandon E says:

    That tournament was so much fun watching. Thanks a million! 🙂

  3. TheDJMuffin says:

    Hey Jin! You should add custom forms in sooner updates so that when people request a new form, they can make it for the time being.
    The colors for the eyes, aura, and hair could work like the Hex Slider on the aura selection screen. You should be able to teach these transformations like Ki Moves but until you work it out, only server owners and singleplayer should be able to create and teach them.

    Thanks! -TheDJMuffin

  4. kev_spyro says:

    hey jin, somehow chrome just wont let me download the jrmcore, it says it has several virus in it… wtf

  5. charlie_3 says:

    Hey theres a crash with the 1.7.10 version of NarutoC, im using that along with the Dragon block c, family c, and years c mods. all 1.7.10 versions. the only issue is with naruto, when you choose chakra and try to charge your chakra it crashes instantly and you cannot load as that character into that world or crash. Fix please

  6. jake says:

    will naruto c be continued or is it done because it would be cool to get the chance to be a tailed beast or get the Mangekyou Sharingan
    and should get blindness for a few seconds when you run out of chakra or you could add that there is a chance to get a sharingan eye as a mob drop and get it implanted into yours like kakashi or the way sasuke got itachi’s eyes

  7. Tyler Smith says:

    I’d love to see some Naruto C updates now that DBC is almost done with big updates

  8. Xymgar says:

    Am I the only one who can’t download the update?

  9. Brandon E says:

    Where is everybody? Lol

  10. GodzillaJedi says:

    Um I Crash When Ever I Load Up A World It Says I Have A Biome Decoration Error

  11. Brandon E says:

    Does anyone else know when the next update will come?

  12. Divinz says:

    OI Jin how you doin? great ha? well cause its ok its ok but…
    THE Hell are you! some of are asking i think…but me just thinking that you are working something secret for the update…i dont know what it could be but it could be MUI OR Better UI or Custom forms or something else what is on the list…however what i am trying to say!
    PLEASE sent some or just post some info dont be secret still not time

  13. Brandon E says:

    Hello? Where s everybody?

  14. Divinz says:

    here waiting for the update

  15. _Rasto_ says:

    1 month later……still no info xD

  16. I don’t mean to be that guy, but could you give us some sort of indication your working on the mod? A “Hey I’m not dead.”?

  17. Mitohan says:

    incoming paragraph on “are you ok jin?”

  18. Mr_SwagEnder says:

    I think Jin is ded again…

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