Fix Update – 18w06

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I wanted this to release sooner but oh well, its out now.
I hope there wont be anything wrong and that “Already Decorating” crash is gone.

Next update will also be a smaller one, probably fixes and that mod support feature will be added and explained more in deep.

After that there might be some new content mainly if that crash is gone that i mentioned earlier, and i try to work on some already added content as well.


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Dragon Block C release version 1.4.49

  • FIXED – Custom ki technique – if the name has “%” character, it makes the client crash
  • FIXTRY – Dimension Other World –  “Already Decorating” crash

JRMCore release version 1.3.9

  • FIXED – Ki technique – type wave – weird scaling issue

Naruto C release version 0.7.5

  • FIXED – Sharingan – the jutsu copy ability didn’t work on premade jutsus
  • FIXED – Byakugan – Chakra lines were not visible
  • FIXED – Server Sided – Skill learn Errors
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16 Responses to Fix Update – 18w06

  1. Meliodas says:

    Aight but when are you gon work on better metamoran fusion, potara fusion and EX-Fusion?

  2. Are all the ki attacks that are taught by NPC masters supposed to be HUGE when I fire them? Like, the KameHameHa is enormous tho it’s only half charged. And the Supernova is THE SIZE OF A SPIRIT BOMB but explodes like a midget ki blast?

    And when I overcharge the attacks (the charging bar turns red) and fire them, they become the size of finger beams.

    Been trying to figure out for a long time why it’s like this to me, or my PC is the one that has the problem?

  3. Airswift101 says:

    Thank you for the Update Jin!, Don’t overexert yourself!, you can always rest if you need it 😀

  4. mreman says:

    Omg thank goodness Jin. The wave attacks always kept moving to the left for some odd reason and finally it’s stopped.

  5. Mitohan says:

    Not discouraging your progress on naruto c whatsoever but if anyone really wants a naruto mod, there’s one that got updated recently and it’s godly. If Jins UI and non item based moves came into the mod it’ll easily become the best anime mod

  6. Teza says:

    Thanks so much for fixing the ki crash thing jin! This is a huge help!

  7. this is a good year to fix and tweak the mods.

  8. in my personal opnion i think dbc is nearly completed just missing some things but its ok for me. Also i really wanted to see the shield ki tec, i got an idea on how it should work or atleast a prototype idea, it uses your wil so if you deal 250 damage with WIL when you fullcharge an attack when using the Shield attack you would gain a blue health bar and when fullcharged it would not give you only 250 extra health/shield, it would give you 5X that, also i think the skill should have a 1 min cooldown to use and consume a good amout of ki in my idea/prototype the extra health/shield dont has the defence boost from dex only its base health without defence.

    so if anyone liked my idea plz like this comment and you can say if you disliked something in this idea or add new things to my idea, thanks . And as always keep de good Work jin dont push yourself much and dont rush things . Bye 😀 . ps: Just saiyin not demanding , im trying to give jin an idea not demanding that he do that.

  9. thanks for the update jin, your mod is the only thing that makes minecraft worth playing anymore.

  10. Aron Roa says:

    Update si great, but still hoping for new forms. even just one new form would satisfy me xD

  11. Tyler Smith says:

    How do I use the sharingan to copy their jutsu, do they use it first or do I use it when they input the hand seals?

  12. Jin I swear I have been waiting for ultra instinct forever get it done fast lots of fans of your mod are waiting


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