Fix update – 17w52

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Probably the last post of this year!

I tried to fix some of the recent issues,
I just hope I didn’t make any new ones XD

One thing is sure for DBC, custom transformations and androidification are to be expected next year at some point and many things that didn’t make this year of course.
I will make a list in January on a rough feature plan for 2018, for all my mods.


Have fun!
See y’all Next Year!    (^0^)ノ

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Dragon Block C release version 1.4.46

  • FIXED – Arcosian custom ultimate colors – When starting new the colors didn’t reset
  • FIXED – Arcosian custom ultimate colors – When choosing a color and clicking back it went to char creation screen
  • FIXED – Arcosian custom ultimate colors – color changing didn’t work correctly
  • FIXED – a crash regarding legendary
  • FIXED – Saiyan transformation – Oozaru color issues
  • Changed – for some players the thousand separator showed an “nbsp” char, now the thousand separator is for everyone a comma (“,”)
  • ADDED – Saiyan – in form SS4 if tail gets cut Saiyan will return to base form
  • ADDED – NPCs – Future Trunks and Vegeta being able to be used in SSG ritual
  • Changed – Legendary Status Effect – Fusion is now available
  • Changed – Legendary Status Effect – Kaioken can now be used (but still bugged!)

JRMCore release version 1.3.6

  • FIXED – racial skills mind requirement issue
  • FIXED – skill fast click upgrade for skills that have upgrade limit
  • FIXED – side missions not working

JBRA release version 1.6.29

  • FIXED – If disconnected while SS4 from server, when logging back it crashes
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128 Responses to Fix update – 17w52

  1. Lord Frieza says:

    When custom transformations come out I’ll make super Saiyan for nameks

  2. Aleem says:

    Excellent update. Nice to see Legendary status able to get even more OP with Kaioken! Now that you’ve fixed that, it would be nice if OldKaiUnlock was a configurable boost and able to be used with Kaioken. Thanks for the update, Jin!

  3. Jen Ken says:

    Nice Androidification Combat Revamp and Space would be so cool
    for the game

  4. mreman says:

    So when will the legendary super saiyan character models be finished?

  5. I do not know why, but I can not turn on SSBlue

  6. And I also can not activate Kaioken with LSSJ

  7. Skeptical says:

    Ey Guys. On my deviantart (ClearlyAnArtist) I have uploaded a thing called CHAR INFO , it’s when I explain each character briefly. The first one to be explained is … JIN!

  8. Skeptical says:

    Hello Jin once again. I see you have released something pretty much most of us wanted! Arcosian customisation improvement! I am proud of you man, good job. Finally people and I are satisfied with this update and are looking forward more of your precious work.

    There is nothing I could really put more onto this comment other than just compliment your truly extra-ordinary work on this mod. Surely you put a lot of effort, and it all pays off! I wish you Merry Christmas, health to your family and friends and of best happiness! Continue your hobby that pleases you and your loyal fans that we are.
    Merry Christmas and happy new year! (which is gonna come soon)

  9. Masquerade says:

    What happened to SSJB form?

  10. sans390 says:

    I can’t turn to SSB why :v

  11. Divinz says:

    i have a idea!
    When you have white hair in base from and when you turn in Ssj 1,2,3 you get Yellow Ssj hair and in Ssj 4 you get white hair and it can be changed when you are only a Half-saiyan.Right?
    But what about having a option in config file that it can turn true and false.When its true you can be Ssj1 white and Ssj 2 or 3 White when your base form has white hait or green it can be turn in Lssj 1 2 3 4 green Ssj and when you go in ssj4 you can get aura the one you have in base form when you greate a avatar.When its false you turn from white hair in ssj yellow.
    How about this idea?

  12. Ren11 says:

    add kimonos and battle armor with new colors and styles, add gloves and a slot for them, add craftings for weights and for heavy costumes (that would work like that, we would put the costume in the center and we would cover with iron, gold, wood , stone, diamond or emerald), a new animation of the clothes ripping to wear out little by little every damage taken, add the race of the hit, and the option of training with npcs (piccolo, goku, vegeta, among others), and finally a new mod based on things from fans and movies putting fillers and fan mades in one place. Can you please put all this on? But if you’d rather forget the last thing, okay?

  13. jin na proxima atualização você pode adicionar o ultra instinto

  14. jin in the next update you can add the ultra instinct

  15. solarium says:

    Hey jin, for ssb have you ever thought about a stamina debuff when transforming to ssb a second time in the same session, like with the same stamina bar. Similar to strain but it’s with stamina and maybe a debuff to your stats like 10% of the 7.5 multiplier?

  16. Something that i’d like to mention, My potential unlock won’t allow me to use 100% even though my skill is maxed.

  17. Ren11 says:

    Sorry for the thick comment, I’m Brazilian and I need to write this using google translator. I am really sorry

  18. Skeptical says:

    Hey guys! New manga page released on my deviantart ( ClearlyAnArtist) Check it out in your free time if you want!

  19. Voxelity says:

    hmm i have a problem with connecting on servers or worlds everytime i do it crashes it didn’t do that untill this update and i’m pretty sure i didn’t add an extra mod that would do this anyone help?

  20. Is the Ultra Instinct already planned in future updates? I know that there are still some bugs and glitches that need to be cleaned up. Just asking if the form is planned…

  21. 6 Star Ball says:

    Thanks for fixing SideQuests… But now the cooldowns for them are broken 🙁

  22. master110 says:

    Thank you jin for the amazing mod and and have you ever watched my hero academia and will you try making a mod for it. and happy new year

  23. for some reason in this update it wont let me turn ssblue or ssrose please HELP ME!!!

    and if u ask if god form is enabled in config it is

  24. sans390 says:

    Happy new year.
    plz fix the SSB

  25. A few things 1. A question about the body suits, will they ever receive a crafting recipe? (I like the idea of one in single player survival)
    2. A suggestion, you could try making a new type of crafting table for some of the items that don’t yet have crafting recipes, and ‘maybe’ even for some of the items that already do.
    3.You’re doing a great job jin, whatever you have planned for the future, know that at least some of us enjoy what you’re doing. Keep up the good work. 😉

  26. sans390 says:

    we namekians want it


  27. mreman says:

    So are we gonna forget about the arcosian’s buff/full power form?

  28. mreman says:

    I just checked. There is only cooler form, golden form and god form.

  29. Hey, jin! these are a few ideas for future updates, what if there are 2 types of ki, normal ki and divine ki, that the divine ki can be achieved in some new world, I do not know, that is the world of bills, that you can train the ki individually, that in the new world there is a kind of training place like the room of time, where you can only move if you use the divine ki and so you train this, that you can change from using normal to divine ki, that you can only use the SSB if you have this ki or have a “new type of form” called “divine base form”, since you are in base mode, but divine form, where if you transform into SS, instead of becoming the normal SS , transform into the SSB, another idea, is a new race, the buu race, that have regeneration, or something like that, or mini-races, to be able to be jiren, beerus, hit, a dream for the namekian race, that in namekusein, you can assimilate the namekians, and opt for TP, in small amount, because the namekian race is very weak and useless, an idea is to create a structure that is the gravity capsule, so that the gravity machine is easier to use, another idea (yes, I know that you are doing androidification) is to be able to become a robot character , not an android, since in dragon ball, in universe 3, there are robots, it could be interesting, that the transformations are improvements or something like that, something very interesting, it would be the power to make you your own races, with your own transformations, another idea would be that, the sayans, have senkais, that in the configurations you can activate or deactivate them, you can manage that both increase the power or that if you survive a battle with very little life, you get TP, I hope you can read this comment, I would like very much to take you into account and I would like this message to give you ideas for mod, luck, you have a lot of talent.

  30. I think we should let Jin focus on fixing any game breaking bugs (As of now, the 95% bug, and not being able to turn blue/rosè) before we all start requesting things that we don’t know much about, I.E Ultra Instinct, Divine Ki, etc. Although, I do too hope for these things in the future.

  31. in my dragon block c my rose or blu form does not work please fix this

  32. androidification and custom transformations sounds so cool i’m so excited

  33. cyndasaur says:

    Shit’s broken m8
    Can’t go 100% or SSB

  34. Dick Buttle says:

    u jew, u messed up mod i want to die now becuz i cant beat up any good retards in mc and now im mad so im gonna find u and make sure u get bad talking to, goodnight and good bye u jew

  35. Dick Buttle says:

    i just wanted to fite matu and he called me stupid cuz i couldnt go 100% so i think im gonna get real mad and do a refund cuz this is stup and i feel like im gonna kil myself cuz this ruude

  36. jin u should make false super saiyan form in the next update i think it would be really cool

  37. Mitohan says:

    Cyborgs have unlimited stamina, there needs to be a balanced drawback since they’re strong af because training,

    How about humans get more buffed when they become androids to balance them against other races maybe? He could also make it extremely end game like 15 katchin shards and a shit ton of iron blocks and a couple of diamonds to make an arm or something…

    Maybe different types of android abilities? Like metallic android arm (mix and match?) That can increase all strength by 60% when fully converted into an android (other races than humans and names get 20%) but as a downside it now costs 2 points to level up something so it’s better to go android late game.

    You could also make yourself an absorption model where you steal ki from enemies when you punch and get double to all stats temporally (like 60 seconds) but as the downside limb damage (Jin mentioned limb damage before) would be doubled so you loose body parts way easier.

    There can also be the infinite energy model which should be the most awkward and difficult thing to make like there’s a 5% chance when you kill dr gero, 17 or 18 you get a component for the infinite model. People who know about how the androids work also know they use a different source of energy which is why it’s infinite for them. Imo this model should be only for the weakest race *cough* human *cough* because there’s literally no downside to this.

    There should also be some fan made models like the stealth model which makes you invisible (no potion effects in menu ffs) that drains ki but also makes PvP a lot more dangerous.

    Possibly the trio fusion model which allows you to do fusion with 2 other androids of the same time giving you ab op multiplier but the downsides should be that when you unfuse, all 3 of you will have eachother take 50% damage and all limbs go to 1% so anyone could possibly cut you up.

    I have tonnes more ideas but I’m afraid this won’t post, let me know what you think

  38. false super saiyan and a way to fuise with npcs such as trunks vegeta gohan or goku and others

    P.S. FIX SSJBlue

  39. Mitohan says:

    So he cancerous add ssj4 group has now mutated into add UI…

    Least add mastered ssb hasn’t shown up ((((yet))))

  40. AAA says:

    Probably the last post of this year!

    I tried to fix some of the recent issues,
    I just hope I didn’t make any new ones XD

    One thing is sure for DBC, custom transformations and androi-


    c u s t o m t r a n s f o r m a t i o n s ?

    cool now we don’t have to wait for the official release of ultra instinct we can just make it ourselves till jin finds a way to make a dodging animation or something

  41. mreman says:

    I’ll order an extra large ultra instinct, a medium legendary super saiyan god, a grand priest race, hold the omni king onion rings, and a diet merged zamasu race with mayonnaise.

  42. crash says:

    ESPAÑOL : alguien me ayuda tengo un problema que no me puedo tranformar en ssg blue en ves de ssg blue se tranforma en ssg en la vieja version no pasaba eso y cuando descarge la nueva si ayudeme por favor

    INGLES :
    someone helps me I have a problem that I can not transform into ssg blue instead of ssg blue is transformed into ssg in the old version that did not happen and when you download the new one if you help me please

  43. PyroXK10 says:

    Hey Jin, can I suggest to make the legendary status effect transformations bigger and lose the pupils? similar to how it looked in the previous version.

    P.D. I don’t want to be annoying, but can you consider adding Super Saiyan Rage, please?

  44. Ren11 says:

    please add this things
    1 # give golden a custom aura
    2 # give for gis and battle armors a new custom colors
    3# add divine ki
    4# add kaioshin race
    This is mi comment for the mod. I think you add this things please add this and more for the mod Dragon Block C

  45. Just a small suggestion that might not take too much time to add. Quality of life feature really, nothing too high in demand by any means: Form degression. The way it would work would be simple, with the 2nd fn key and Bloodline key. Similarly to how you can slowly reduce your power output by holding c + 2nd fn key, you would be able to degenerate to the previous form by holding transform + 2nd fn keys.

    Got this idea from when Goku alternated between SSJG and SSB in the ToP, it would factor in quite well in fights too – as SSJG consumes much less Ki/Stamina. Give it some thought! Peace.

  46. can confirm with… everyone else.
    super saiyan blue/rose is busted. and i can’t go higher than 95% in terms of power… help?

  47. i have the most greatest of ideas EVER!!!!!!

    jin add a way to grow senzu beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Also make a way to fuise with oter saiyan npcs

    goku, gohan, trunks, and vegeta

  49. DEEZNUTZ says:

    On an off topic, does anyone know how to go 100% arcosian bulky form? This has been bugging me for a long ass time and would really appreciate it if someone explained it to me.

    • There is no official “buff form”. There is a full power “form”, where going to 100% power output gives you a power boost if you’ve accumulated power points. It works the same way as Full Power Frieza in the buff form, just without the appearance change.

      • mreman says:

        Actually there is a buff form for arcosians. That other thing you’re talking about is potential unlock. It’s the same technique guru used on krillin and gohan to unlock their potential. As for the arcosian buff form it was confirmed in the anime of dragon ball super that it is a transformation due to the fact that Frieza taught frost the form. The form works the same way as golden form as the form eventually burns out of power in long fights like the one with goku and Frieza back on namek.

  50. sans390 says:

    plz make namekians fuse with namekians npc

  51. azure202 says:

    when I come to this site I read the patch notes and I am happy, then I open the comments and grab some popcorn because now I am laughing my ass off.

  52. Ren11 says:

    I trolled !!!!
    I will post this last comment to clarify the things of the other comment.
    1 # The colors of battle armor and gis. In this I meant that you could paint the armor and gis with the minecraft inks and the crafting would be simple just put the color next to the piece of other clothes.
    2 # Divine Ki. It would be so, when we select the divine ki for our personages would have some modifications like for example:
    Superform would make godform thus transforming the ss into ssg and ss2 into ssgss and so on.
    And those are the things I wanted to clarify about the previous comment.

  53. FlamesWrath says:

    “One thing is sure for DBC, custom transformations ”
    I seriously want to know if there’s a way to dislike the main post. Fuck that. Just fuck that in general.

    • why? finally this gives the idiots who keep asking for fan-related forms to just MAKE their own. ie. they will shut up.
      look, im as against fan-made forms in general, but at least here it gives those who want them a means to make the forms themselves instead of pestering jin over it.

    • Zero says:

      Like andrew was saying, it make’s the one’s who have fan made form’s to shut up so that’s good, AND they can make UI all they want so maybe that will keep them quiet.

      At the same time’s this might help out human’s and namekians as we both know there the weakest race atm. I wont lie when this does come out….i’m going to make 100% full power form for arco’s lol

  54. FlamesWrath says:

    It just shouldn’t be a thing for Dragon ball anything to make your own custom transformations. It comes off as horribly wrong.

  55. Mitohan says:

    *golden frieza peeks in*

    • Mitohan says:

      Ok so nobody really got that joke, flames said that it doesn’t fit to have custom transformations when golden frieza picked his transformation (don’t argue I know my shit) so it makes sense I guess

      • Mitohan says:

        It only won’t make sense if you’re the generic dipshit who plays as goku

      • FlamesWrath says:

        Golden Freeza said that he picked the colors, not the transformation. And yes I will argue because you’re wrong.

        • Mitohan says:

          And most of the custom transformations we want is just a reskin though, and being able to pick the colour of your abilities makes it a custom transformation

          You can pick a blue skin for a saiyan if you feel like, for roleplay purposes I don’t see how making a reskin for the highest transformation is massively lore breaking when 2 transformations just popped up in 40 minutes, you’re mad over nothing tbh

  56. Divinz says:

    The most better idea is that you can turn in config file hair color chnage in false and true.
    When its true you have in base for m purple hair and when you turn in ti Ssj 1 2 3 you have Ssj purple hair
    When its false you have purple hair and when you turn in to Ssj 1 2 3 you have yellow hair.
    And please add ThIS Potara Fusion and Time Ring And Zamasu npc and Omega Shenron from Dragon Ball GT Boss

  57. Divinz says:

    And one more thing is that i got one more idea that all the races can have now animation like mobends or 3d animatiuon mod in dbc mod with all my idea i just said for ssjrage and hair and a boss shenron when you are good and when you are evil you have different boss thats Baby and neutral you have buu boss

  58. about this update, did jin add emerald great ape? it hasn’t been in any of the changelogs thus far.

  59. Aboodxnauthy says:

    [I know this won’t happen but it’s a cool idea]
    Can you make a character switching machine

    Like if you want to change to Goku maybe you will have the

    power level and his skill set, it will be even greater if you combine it with the story mode and a GUI roster for each character.

  60. Harpor(Hp) says:

    Skeptical, are you brony? If so you appear to be more mature dude

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