Fix Update – 17w45

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So the new saiyan form is SS4. As the G3 custom hair system is not in sight, I decided to use a universal one, like for SS3.
At this point (」°ロ°)」I thought why not.
The hair at moment is borrowed from the Hairsalon site, and is the top rated hair. (If you looked at the Hairsalon site you should have noticed it) But there will be another one at a point.

The new form SS4 is experimental and thus it is not finished and was not meant to be stable to begin with. And server are free to disable it with the DBGT config.
Of course there are still some missing SS4 features but those will come sometime too.

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About the Naruto C change, I cant really put it in the right words even thou i tried in the previous change log.
Let me try to explain again.
Jutsus that doesn’t require hand seals will now be used in a different way including the bloodline limit activation.
You should see an icon in the middle right of the screen regardless what clan you are.
That is a list of jutsus including bloodline limit, if your clan has one.
Also the icon will also change if you enable the usage of 8 gates.
So atm ribcage and kaiten are used with this system.
After you have learned one of them, you will be able to scroll through the jutsus like how you scroll through the dbc ki technique list on the middle right side.
Either you scroll with mouse wheel while holding down the “2nd Fn” key (default: Ctrl).
Or clicking the “pick block” key (default: middle mouse button) while holding down the “2nd Fn” (default: Ctrl)  should work too.
The only difference in this method compared to DBC is that it only uses 1 icon slot atm, not all possible slots.
And to activate the selected jutsu or bloodline limit, you have to press the “Bloodline Power On” key (default: G)


click here to go to the Download site

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.44

  • FIXED – Skill upgrade disconnects from world/server for the skill number 11 in the skill list screen
  • FIXED – Saiyan racial skill – the skills screen is missing the “lvl:7” when its maxed
  • FIXED – SS4 was accessible without tail

JRMCore release version 1.3.4

  • Removed – some debug prints
  • Changed – saga system quest repeat/cooldown rate has now a good countdown
  • FIXED – scrolling don’t always start at the top

JBRA release version 1.6.27

  • ADDED – Saiyan form SS4 – fur is visible in FPS view
  • ADDED – Saiyan form SS4 – if tail color is natural brown the color will change to red
  • FIXED – Saiyan form SS4 – if you had hair 11 then you didn’t had SS4 fur
click here to go to the Download site


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256 Responses to Fix Update – 17w45

  1. Hirolka says:

    It’s still really hard to believe that Super Saiyan 4 is actually here, hard to believe that it used to be that if you wanted to use Super Saiyan 4, you’d download a Super Saiyan 4 skin and play as a Human.

    Now that it’s legitimately here, my race has lost a good chunk of it’s cosplay power.

  2. CryoTheMayo says:

    #GiveGoldenaCustomAura * 2

  3. Sindie says:


  4. #GiveGoldenaCustomAura * 4
    plsdad. Give some Love to non-saiyans for once

  5. Mint says:

    #GiveGoldenaCustomAura * 23723481362395

  6. mreman says:


  7. Oscurum says:

    I adore your work but….

  8. Gabr says:


    Also please fix Acrosians falling out of godform when they lose their tail if you haven’t already

  9. Gonna go vs the grain here but….

  10. Avatar__Eddy says:


    One thing though. PLEASE! PLEASE SSJ5!

  11. Black says:

    Oh my.. so many updates, keep the streak rolling 😀

  12. yoyosama666 says:

    SMH i have been Arco since 1.6.4 and being non saiyan is a struggle

  13. yoyosama666 says:

    Also #G2HairsForMysticForm

  14. i love the ssj4 but:
    (it’s possible use the ssj4 with a legendary but it not go to the quick access menu)

  15. Ryal says:

    When is Super Saiyan 4

  16. Mitohan says:

    So I spent around 5 hours playing with the mod and… Ssj4 looks like shit on hd skins but the eyes go pretty sweet with the hair,

    Maybe in the future you could make a tail forcefully come back when transforming so you don’t loose ssj4 every time you cut off your tail, ssj4 vegeta (although cheated) grew his back from transforming (if I remember)

    • Yeah of anything he did grow it back even though it was cut off, however, I don’t really know how they prevented it from coming back in the first place, probably by cauterizing it…

    • Fuar says:

      They used a variation of the Blutz Wave machine thingy that was initially created for Baby(at least I think it was created for him, last I remember) to turn Vegeta into a great ape. This works because Saiyans transform into Great Apes when they look at a full moon, allowing Blutz Waves to pour into their body(mostly using their tail as a major catalyst for the transformation) and cause the transformation. As Vegeta did not have a tail at the time, they used the machine to make him forcefully transform, thus regrowing his tail. Vegeta, being an Elite warrior that used to have full control over his Ape form easily regained control, went Golden Ape, then finally reached the SSJ4 state.

      Due to this, I believe that it’s perfectly reasonable to have to have Kami regrow your tail (for a very small cost, too)in order to regain access to the form – especially since you don’t drop out of the form when you lose your tail.

      Or maybe Jin could add in something like the Blutz Wave Machine, that could forcefully turn you into a Great Ape even without the tail?
      Maybe even a handheld version, you never know.

  17. KoolaidMan says:

    Also good update Jin I love it 😀

  18. Lord Frieza says:

    I love this mod for what it is and I dont want to be an asshole but…


  19. Mitohan says:


    golden aura can be done if you recolour the rosè aura to be yellow instead of pink, keep the same purple traces then done.

    btw i hope this # thing doesn’t stay for long

  20. Divinz says:

    i have idea!
    Jin can you add Potara Earrings fusion too? that can last than 2 hours? please? thx

  21. kev_spyro says:

    so there are really FUCKING many comments with a # in it so i think i’ll go with it to be part of the community and ask

    sorry that this community is requesting this much after ssj4 but i would also really like those 100k stats tho xd
    (because i don’t know how to change that myself. if i could i would but i can’t ;-;)

  22. kev_spyro says:

    *in here
    sry i don english right xd

  23. FlamesWrath says:

    The reason why so many people are asking for a custom aura for Golden is simple. Jin’s got a hard-on for Saiyans, LSSJ got fixed a week after it was released and now SSJ4’s got a fix for its bug, yet Golden still has no custom aura.

    • yeah pretty much this, I can understand not adding new Arcosioan forms. But just ignoring the blantant issues already there in favor of adding even more Saiyans is kinda a buzzkill. I would have preferred Both Golden form aura and/or Magic Materiazation to happen instead of LSS and SSJ4

  24. Mitohan says:

    I’m usually not the person who asks for help but, is there a tutorial somewhere on making custom side quests since I really want to add beerus and some other missions but can’t seem to understand how…

    Also the mission after frieza (kill the 12 soilders before frieza and cold) insta crashes the world and I have to reload… Hope it’s not just my end

  25. Divinz says:

    Any comments for my idea?
    to add Potara Fusion?

  26. Could you add a One piece Mod

  27. So. how do you go ssj4? PLEASE I WANT TO KNOW!!!

  28. Zero says:

    I see a lot of #GiveGoldenaCustomAura and though I agree can we also add #GiveUltimateEvolutionaCustomSkin. I been waiting for when arco’s can change skin color in ultimate evolution.

  29. Mitohan says:

    Well…seeing as everyone wants Arco now, how about the golden form being the colour of your head instead of purple?

  30. FlamesWrath says:

    There’s a God Form level 10 that doesnt do anything either. You can go up to 5 roughly if you have enough TP and you click fast enough.

  31. KoolaidMan says:

    Highest I’ve been able to get it by spam clicking was 4. Pretty sure it’s just a useless bug though

    • CryoTheMayo says:

      Ah…I miss the good ol’ days when the skills you knew and their levels would influence your power level. Back then the highest you could go naturally was something like 300-400 million BP with Super Saiyan 3 and bugging how many skills you had would raise it by hundreds of millions.

      It would be nice if God Form Level 2 had a use for races other than Saiyans too. I was thinking that since Saiyans get SSG and SSGSS, other races could get something similar. God Form Level 1 would just give you SSG eyes and aura but God LVL2 would grant you the ability to transform from God to say ‘Ascended’ God which would give you an SSGSS aura. The colour of the SSGSS aura would be dependent on your base form (So white if your base aura is white or red if your base aura is red).

      Another alternative would be to make it so that each race has their own effects from God Form, based on their mortal forms (e.g Humans/Nameks get stronger and more draining forms with each SF Level. Arcosians get less ki drain with each SF Level and finally, Saiyans get new forms every SF level. So Humans/Nameks have the strongest god form, Saiyans have multiple God Forms (SSG and SSGSS) and Arcosians have the lowest draining God Form but also the weakest.

  32. Mitohan says:

    Seeing as I lost all my ideas and now have to somehow remember all 30(ish)

    Might as well just push the ones I know out weekly…

    Today it’s tools, yes tools…

    Seeing as rose Goku black has shown you can clearly make tools out of ki (maybe god ki only) so why not allow people to learn the ki tools skill so you can make a rose blade, rose hoe, rose pickaxe and a rose axe, all races could have their own named versions of it and it could be a cool way of mining katchin

    Yeah I know this is short

    • Mitohan says:

      Actually I’ll make the sword version balanced, instead of increasing damage it has a 10% chance to inflict a bleeding damage that in chunks does 50% more damage so senzu spammers can’t infinitely run after initiating a fight, eh, probably my worst idea

  33. Juubi says:


    • Zero says:

      #GiveGoldenaCustomAura, yes.

      #makeattributeslimit100k, yes

      #GiveUltraInstinct, no no 100% no till we find out how one get’s it, how strong it really is, and if all race’s can learn it and much more.

  34. Ren11 says:

    please it would be incredible to add a way to teach the transformations to other players and to be able to create the own transformations would be good as well, as it could give to teach for players tembem, it would be great to add a type of ki attack based on the color of our aura as the black kamehameha, and also the system to create transformations could work like this, you choose the color and hairstyle of the hair, the color of the aura, the effects of the transformation, if it is going to be strong, if it is going to be fast, if it is going to be able to absorb the mobs, may be an idea for the majin, and if it is going to have how to disintegrate the Earth. Besides that
    can have several other things like:

    1-be able to update existing transformations and clear the transformations created.

    2-a new type superior instinct.

    3-Is also a kaioken that does not spend life?

    If you like this idea, please comment. thank you for your time to read my text and thank you. admit it is a good idea !!!

  35. Peixão says:

    first of all, I’m using google translate …

    I was wondering if jin still intends to add Ss Rage another idea I have is that the god form of the arcosian may be the golden form that is equivalent to ss blue, correct the ss4 color of the pure saiyans and lastly add new techniques like : sword of ki equal of the vegito and black and also to create a system of teleportation (the person can activate an option if it wants or not that teleportem to her, or even the player receives a notification of that someone wants to go to her)
    on the ultra instinct you could let the character play alone for 5 minutes after that you would lose almost all life, stamina and ki

    Thank you to everyone who has read

  36. Ken says:

    Hey, Jin I just found a Naruto C bug when you are in a server
    if you try to use kaiten as a hyuuga, it says you need to learn ninjutsu skill, even though you’ve already learned it. Please reply if this is happening on your servers

    • Ken says:

      Nvm, I found out what happened instead of replaying the “you need to learn ninjutsu” message. If you have already learned ninjutsu, You should make it say “You need to learn taijutsu” ,so Jin it would be great if you changed that

  37. Is that all for the saiyans for now? Not being pushy or anything but the naruto mod could use some big updates…. or improve on your core or dbc i dont mind!

  38. Divinz says:

    better work on dbc update to add ki’s,new Portara fusion and time ki and fix ssj4 aura
    if its normal aura example white aura and white hair so it would be great to have ssj1 white aura,not normal white hair and when it transforming to have ssj1 yellow hair and yellow aura
    this idea would be great!
    sorry if i have rush’t things

  39. Skeptical says:

    EVERYONE. The Japanese voice actor of Bulma is now dead. She died.

  40. DragonCrisis says:

    Could youy maybe look at Adding New NPC Ki Attacks like maybe Vegeta’s Final Explosion, or Goku’s Dragon Fist, Etc. That would be Really Awesome

  41. Hey jin. Could you add a new skill to dbc? the barrier or ki shield.
    thanks 😛

  42. Ken says:

    Jin found another bug
    when you hold a dragon radar
    you experience a TON of lagg

  43. lickutung34 says:

    stupid question, but I was wondering do you have plans on adding some of the other broly transformations, like LSJ3 LSJ4 and LSJ God(from that Japanese interactive movie), I would kill to have that, also as a side note can you make it to where after you gain the SSJ4 transformation for the first time you can just switch to it like you can with the god form

  44. lickutung34 says:

    oh and was looking at your card game mod it look pretty cool

  45. Abry says:

    What da fuq is with everyone saying give Golden a custom aura?
    Shouldn’t it be like, #GiveUltimateEvolutionCustomColours? What a misnomer.

  46. 😛 combat update? spice up battles? I watched the tournament and it was..well..rather dull to watch. I know its minecraft..BUT something must be given! like a knockback after a certain amount of hits, faster ki blast (even though you can say training can help them) defensive capabilities, something! Sure looks, transformation and such is good but no real fun if you can just spam a battle. Seems more on the line of who has more health than who has more skill…Still love the mod though <3

  47. Mitohan says:

    Ok so it’s Monday and I’m gonna give the next idea I can remember, also my ideas will be shorter now

    Saiyan zenkai’s is a very iffy topic in dbc for balancing and such so I thought of a way for a balanced zenkai system.

    When recovering from below 10% health, once a day your to gain will go from (whatever your percentage of getting to is) to +50% for 5 minutes and will get 50% more con training for 5 minutes as well, so instead of permanent increase in stats you will get better training and if done correctly, 5000 weights + zenkai + insane mode can almost guarantee tp every hit for 5 minutes simulating a zenkai

  48. so when npc fusion will be a thing? =/

  49. Ren11 says:

    adds a healing effect to the form of ssgod and ssblue. also put the attributes to 100k, besides putting the form of ultra instinct.

  50. Divinz says:

    I have a question and please answer
    How can i and can it be replace it
    what i want to ask is this
    Can and How to replace SSG everything in SSD (ss devil)?

  51. First off I just want tto say that i’m glad that DBC has finally reached the point where it finally has SSJ4. Other than fixing the Golden Arcosian Aura so it’s Gold not much BIG things left. Nameks Magic Materialization can be a skill that gives Namek the ability to go in Creative Mode. Just not the invincibility part obviously xD Ultra Instinct I see being a Skill of course only when we get more info on it. As for more Ki moves and better fighting that will obviously be a thing but not ASAP. I can safely say Jinryuu can start working on Naruto C. Which lets be honest. Will require alot more work than DBC. Mainly because unlike Dragon Ball Naruto uses powers that just don’t mainly blow stuff up. Of course i’m not demanding Jinryuu to. He can work on what ever he wants. Now that I think about it. It’s kinda obvious Jinryuu was reaching a point where he wouldn’t have to focus on DBC as much. He kinda hinted at it since he did start working on that new Card Game Mod of his. Anyways i’m just rambling but the main point we can all expect to see more content on Jinryuu’s other mod. I hope no one gets mad and we all show Jin proper thanks for even making these great mods. 🙂

    • theres a lot to add to dbc.
      androids, majin race, bio androids…
      but, i will say jin can probably take a break from dbc for a while.

      • True but I don’t see them being added any time soon. Besides there wasn’t a huge demand like there was for SSJ4 or LSSJ or Golden Form

      • Divinz says:

        nah i say better finnish first dbc and than start naruto update

        • DBC will never be finished since Dragon Ball Super still going on. I’m just saying for now he can pay a bit more attention to his other Mods since we basically got what we highly demanded. Even Jinryuu himself probably noticed that the Highly demanded stuff has been taking care of. As for races lets be honest most will choose Saiyan, Half Saiyan, Arcosian or Namek. There will be little to no Majins. And Bio Android might be added but Androids I dont see happening because they basically look the same as there race but have an infinite ki source which is a bit Op.

          • the biggest reasons to add majins as a playable race is because of games like xenoverse and heroes. and as for androids and bio androids, nobody ever said they would have infinite ki. or that androids would ONLY be ki users.

            an android in dragon ball would have some ki attacks, sure, but they would HAVE to get their ki pool from draining energy froim their foes.
            one idea i had for androids (cyborgs, robots, and other humanoid machines.) would be outfitting them with gattling guns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and such that are powered by ki. they can’t charge ki though by default. they would HAVE to either a find (or build) a fueling station that they have to maintain (think of it like a bank for androids ki energy), or go out and drain energy from organic lifeforms.
            the stronger the lifeform drained from, the more energy can be gained.
            androids can also have different mechanics like having gero (or briefs if good) perform regular maintenance and such. they cannot eat senzu beans to heal their mechanical bodies, they HAVE to either use a wrench or go in for repairs.

            essentially, i kinda would like to see android players be a lot more cybernetic and machine-like.

          • or, if they were to charge themselves, android charging would be much, MUCH slower than an organics. encouraging seeking out and draining energy from organic life.

      • lickutung34 says:

        I agree 100%, he did say he wanted to work on the other projects after all ‘U’

  52. Other than more Ki moves and a better Combat System and Namek Materialization the DBC is mostly done. Only for now until we learn more of the limitations of Ultra Instinct. So far we only know it has a massive stamina drain. From my point of view Jinryuu probably wont add it until he can figure out a limit for it. Also if people keep demanding SSJ Rage maybe MAYBE jin might add it. But still kinda mean to demand stuff its better if you ask nicely. 🙂

    • FlamesWrath says:

      Ki update, Race update, Space update, G3 Hair update, Pottara Fusion+Namek Fusion, A weakness for Majin, Finishing off SSJ4+God Ki, the transformations Jin hasnt put into the mod yet, Race balancing due to how broken Saiyans are, 100k stat update, Story update, NPC update, City update, cosmetic update (#GiveGoldenaCustomAura.)

      There is still a lot to be done with DBC. It isn’t even 50% completed by what Jin has set himself to do with it.


      • Never said it was finished I said just about. And the races wont ever be balanced considering owner of servers will always favor the Saiyans. There will never be a city update. Jin might add more items but thats about it. As for new dimensions thats entirely possible. Pottara Fusing will probably never be added. He might do some improvements on the fusion that already exist though. Basically things your asking for aren’t that needed ASAP on the other hand Jinryuu’s other mods are seriously lacking content. Like Sao C there doesn’t really need anything said about it. Everyone knows how underdeveloped that mod is. So when you compare that to the current DBC mod anybody can obviously see what needs to be focused on. Same for Naruto C. That mod is under developed to.Then there is the fact Jinryuu madea new mod to. All though I can’t really see myself getting that hyped for it. Maybe if it was Magic The Gathering I could.

      • Also as I said DBC will never really be complete considering that Dragon Ball Super is still airing. That means new skills and forms and new races.

      • FlamesWrath says:

        Not my point. My point was that DBC wasnt nearly as finished as you think it is. And yes race balancing is entirely possible. Have you ever played an actually good server?

        The one I play on is fairly balanced in terms of the races.

        Also I never said that you said it was finished. However what I did say was that it wasnt even close to being finished.

        “There will never be a city update.” It was mentioned before but if it doesnt get added then who cares. I can agree on this not being important.

        “As for new dimensions thats entirely possible.” Space update is confirmed. It’s going to happen at some point.

        “Pottara Fusing will probably never be added. He might do some improvements on the fusion that already exist though.” Blind guesswork. Pottara will definitely be added due to the fact that Jin even said he’d try to add it in later if you look at the post revealing Fusing.

        Just before I continue, sorry if it appears that I’m being horribly rude. I dont intend to come across as such.

        I’ll agree that Jin’s other mods are nowhere near the halfway mark and to be honest I wouldn’t mind if Jin worked on NarutoC for a little bit to get that up to par with DBC.

        Jin’s new mod is going to be exactly like SAOC. Dead with no reason to have it exist. You also never addressed the following updates:

        G3 Hair update, Ki update (This is needed since it’s actually important to Dragon Ball), Story update and the Space update.

        If you dont care about cosmetics then that’s cool. I’m mainly just ticked off that Jin released an unfinished Golden form with no custom aura but fixed LSSJ and SSJ4 so soon after their releases.

        Another thing I forgot was the Combat update for DBC. So feel free to take the piss out of me for that one.

        tl;dr Jin isn’t close to finishing DBC, some of your points are false and some are correct. I wouldnt mind if he worked on NarutoC for a bit but I dont feel like SAOC is worth having any time put into it.

  53. I honestly think the dbc mod is good for now. Just a break from it won’t hurt. I really want to see what the naruto mod will turn out. Unlike dbz it’s not just explosions and transformations and just having high power levels. (probably the reason why most don’t want this mod to get much support till dbc is finished) but most of all, at least for me is the combat system.

  54. Just want to say this. It’s entirely possible for there to be a LSSJ2 and LSSJ3. Its possible but I highly doubt it will happen in Dragon Ball Super which means it won’t happen in Dragon Block C Mod

  55. Mitohan says:

    Is there a config to change the oldkairitual multiplier?

  56. kev_spyro says:

    i wanna bring both of it up again what bothers everyone in the Jin-Community:
    Sorry Jin but we all want it even tho ssj4 is awesome af xD

  57. lickutung34 says:

    I think I found a bug with this update, the tails are not animated

  58. solarium says:

    I think I’m going to wait until the next post but I dunno, all aside from that, guys I know it’s a bit early but I want some feedback on a suggestion I want to make for Ultra Instinct transformation, and it involves two combat modes that have their certain benefits and debenefits. Okay so Ultra Instinct in my mind will work like this, two modes, attack and evade mode, evade mode makes you transparent and you can’t be hit at all, but you can’t attack in this mode and your stamina drains twice as fast. You’re basically invisible, this is the only way I can think of making a way to dodge attacks as ultra instinct lol. For attack mode your attacks are just buffed up attacks but they don’t cost as much stamina, but they still cost some. And maybe like upgrading the transformation itself your attacks can be stronger, and your evading skills can cost less stamina, etc. But for evade mode I think maybe there can be some way that it can’t be fully utilized at times, maybe your attacks will be twice as weak or you can’t attack at all (What I said above was just a thought) but I think attacking and being invincible would be too Op, even for heavy stamina drain. So maybe make it to where there’s a key bind that let’s you switch tactically but also maybe a cooldown? Idk, that’s all I got, so feedback negative or positive is nice and I hope Jin sees this because I think it’s a pretty nice way to utilize Ultra instinct in the game 🙂 Well at least me.

  59. solarium says:

    I think I’m going to wait until the next post but I dunno, all aside from that, guys I know it’s a bit early but I want some feedback on a suggestion I want to make for Ultra Instinct transformation, and it involves two combat modes that have their certain benefits and debenefits. Okay so Ultra Instinct in my mind will work like this, two modes, attack and evade mode, evade mode makes you transparent and you can’t be hit at all, but you can’t attack in this mode and your stamina drains twice as fast. You’re basically invisible, this is the only way I can think of making a way to dodge attacks as ultra instinct lol. For attack mode your attacks are just buffed up attacks but they don’t cost as much stamina, but they still cost some. And maybe like upgrading the transformation itself your attacks can be stronger, and your evading skills can cost less stamina, etc. But for evade mode I think maybe there can be some way that it can’t be fully utilized at times, maybe your attacks will be twice as weak or you can’t attack at all (What I said above was just a thought) but I think attacking and being invincible would be too Op, even for heavy stamina drain. So maybe make it to where there’s a key bind that let’s you switch tactically but also maybe a cooldown? Idk, that’s all I got, so feedback negative or positive is nice and I hope Jin sees this because I think it’s a pretty nice way to utilize Ultra instinct in the game 🙂 Well at least me. And guys please don’t hate on it just because it’s early, I know it’s way too early to be suggesting this but I couldn’t get it off my mind and hey, we have to start planning this transformation from somewhere right? I just thought I’d start the scratch.

  60. SoC isn’t dead. It’s just severely lacking is all. All though instead of Defense in SAO C there should be a stat that increases your healthregen like it did in Sword rt Online. If Jin just adds a Dimension that has 100 Floors, Fix stats and add all shown weapons and add skills SAO c wlll take off in no time. Thats just my thoughts on it. But like always i’m happy no matter what Jin updates because i like all his mods. Well maybe not the card game. A Bleach Mod or Fairy Tail Mod or One Piece would have been more exciting. :3

    • FlamesWrath says:

      To be fair, SAOC could be good. But it’s dead. No other ways to look at it. It hasn’t been updated since August. Which was about 3 months ago now.

      I know people want mods like Bleach/Fairy Tail/ One Piece because they’re loved anime. But Jins got enough on his plate already with DBC and NarutoC. Also all of his other mods.

      If Jin just took a week or two to step back and look at his mods and plan out his schedule, he’d probably have an easier time.

  61. mreman says:

    Is autism a religion of peace?

  62. Skeptical says:

    Umm.. So what happened to the food project Crimson started?

  63. Lypu says:

    Hey jin i dont know if u will se my commentary,but i have some sugestions.First can u add Gloves,HeadBands and armbands like what you did with bodysuit,and we can dye then,that would be cool,second. you could add more npcs like Kuririn,Well i Hope you see this

  64. Sad no one even knew that was the Lyrics for the Despa Vegito song

  65. Ren11 says:

    Please add a transfomation creator because since it has creator of ki attack I think that a creator of transformation would not be the idea besides that, I wanted to ask please to add new races like: the race of Buu, the race android and in that race we could create mobs that were Androids also and they could have our skins and our powers only 10% stronger, also the kaioshins race, the super dragon balls, the race of angels, the race of the god of destruction and also the superior instinct. If you add that, I’ll thank you. this and the best mod of minecraft of all please add at least the creator of transformation, and I would like to give an idea add in the extra armors mod the armors that do not have crafting would be good to have at least a little more space in the dragon block c mod. Thank you for the attention God bless you.

  66. Ren11 says:

    wow this is a book. ha ha ha ha ha 😀

  67. just saying that to transform you would consume ki depending on the ki consume when transformed like ssj2 and it consumes exactly 1000 ki every 5 seconds then when you transform you use 10 ki every second when transforming

    its just a idea and probably just astetic

  68. so about the ki shield/ki barrier thing , to make it simple to create it would just triple dex +forms for 10 seconds or minus

  69. Mitohan says:

    So I forgot to put my next idea in, quick one,

    I’d like to see the energy systems updated, a simple way of describing would be to say instead of ki, stamina and health going down in chunks it would go down on a constant, like ssj3 takes huge amounts of ki right? Why not make it so the bar is quickly going down and holding charge makes the ki go up so you can still charge but not as much

    I really rushed this and nobody is going to get what I mean

  70. dont mind me im just saiying but it would be cool to see a explosive wave attack. that causes an explosion that damages everyone in an area around the player . also in the creation you could change how huge would be the area of damage like the minimun is 3X3 blocks to 10×10 blocks. also if these types of attack are added the final explosion should be a thing too. like deal damage to an area 20×20 around the player at cost of life and energy at the same time

    also when g3 is lauched for the mod it would be cool to see an energy explosion when you transform , just astetic

  71. Divinz says:

    this is my idea!
    Look now! listen!
    About Sj rage,i thing it would better be like kaioken to set disabled and enabled why well because it would be perfect to use with Ssj God with Ssj rage time x150 plus Kaioken x150 times to be stronger than anyone.
    What ya thing? goood ideeeaaa?

  72. Hey Jin, dont know much, but i admire u work man,i was playing the mod and i think ,just think, that needs some upgrade on training mode know what m sayng? put more things like shadow dumb or npcs that we can beat knw? well hope u get this like a constructive critic man love u work, and have some probability of DB SUPER saga come in mod ? i hope u learn my coment, thats is.

  73. OH and Jin, i dont know how this work about the mod, but did u get some help ? like i want to help with something that i can. i love the mod and see soooo much things to make him better than is, and i think that u have a lot of others mod and this can being overloading you if u alone.

  74. Mitohan says:

    I have a an amazing idea that everyone will love but I’ll wait for the next post so I’ll just give a small hint, it’s a new form of training that will cater toward spiritualists slightly

  75. Mitohan says:

    Oh shit did I reply to someone, it’s really hard to tell on this site

  76. it’s been soooOOOOO long since i’ve played! i can’t wait to see what this mod has now xD i’m gonna be a total noob all over again. much Love to you Jin, always been a huge fan <3 <3

  77. Mitohan says:

    Jin: Ok everyone updates are yearly now

    • Mitohan says:

      How did I know I was going to trigger 3 people lmao,

      I swear most of this fanbase is as intelligent as the undertale fanbase.

      Oh I just realized it’s the Minecraft fanbase

      • Ken says:

        I get what you mean I got disliked just for the mere mention of Naruto C
        and also got disliked for trying to help Jin out by identifying some bugs

        • Mitohan says:

          The best part about is that they’re giant hypocrites,

          “you can’t do that, no naruto c we love you jin though”

          *3 minutes later


          *10 minutes later*

          “oh jin we love you now dbc was updated”

          if you aren’t an annoying toddler with a keyboard you basically don’t fit in

          • Skeptical says:

            And when did it all happen? You keep acting as if you are this rational mature adult that sees people who dislike the mod/s as toddlers. You are being inconsiderate of their perspective as you’re only stuck to your own. Imagine you’ve waited for a DBC update for a month, you then finally get it, and realise that all of the time could have went into the DBC mod went into something else.

            Your feeling of satisfaction is cut, you are irritated and annoyed that after enduring the eternal suffering that is waiting with excitement you get nothing but disappointment.

          • Mitohan says:

            And I did sit there for a month expecting DBC, but instead of whining my eyes out I grew a pair and looked at the positives of the new ideas being displayed toward me.

            I’m only 16 and I don’t see myself as mature but I’m mature enough to be grateful for what I get rather than get upset for what I was expecting. Am I happy with every update, hell no I despise ssj4 but still gave a positive look on it with minute texture criticism and moved on rather than cried about it. When I get disappointed with what I see I literally say “well it’s only a game, better than nothing”

            Selfish mentalities annoy me and it’s justified

          • FlamesWrath says:

            The big problem I have with the mod is how Saiyan heavy it is and how clearly Jin is biased towards Saiyans. LSSJ got a fix a week after it was released, SSJ4 was given a fix almost instantly as well. Whilst LSSJ for the other races just doesn’t exist. Not to mention Golden Form still doesn’t have any custom effects that it should’ve had on release.

          • Mitohan says:

            It’s fine to have a problem, as long as you like aren’t bandwagon screeching and validate your points

      • Skeptical says:

        You got 4 dislikes , then you instantly generalise most of this entire fan-base to consist of stupid people. I’ve got way more dislikes, not complaining.

        • Mitohan says:

          By “generalise” you mean my factual proven statements that has been shown multiple times throughout the year and progressively got worse I stand by my statement, you think I care about recieving dislikes in general, I care about when some spazmoid starts disliking out of the blue without any reasoning, then I say what I see, an orgy of retards asking for the same shit constantly and then having a mental breakdown when something not DBC related is spoken of prove me wrong if you can.

          Also by most I mean 70/30 which is true

          • Mitohan says:

            Let me retract that last line, it took long enough but now it’s a 50/50

          • Skeptical says:

            ” spazmoid starts disliking out of the blue without any reasoning, then I say what I see, an orgy of retards” OMG XD
            I just can’t XD. Bruh.. I couldn’t just ignore it, I’ll address how damn hilariously funny this was xD Like god damn I was rolling on the floor laughing xD Man add some more humour into your replies/comments because you’ve got the talent, not joking or any sarcasm, this genuinely made me lose my marbles, which is rare.

            Progressively worse you say? I wasn’t really much on this site lately but I don’t see anyone raging out or something. They are just casual, average joes, know what I mean? They came here to either look at the progress or want something they like , featured in this mod.

            Obviously if someone was waiting 2 weeks for a DBC update, but due to ignorance and lack of knowledge, or patience to get that knowledge, they express their disappointment in these comments, and honestly after reading them, I didn’t see anything that could remotely be considered offensive or this irritating that it would make you utterly despise the sight of them.

          • Mitohan says:

            Thanks lol, I hear that a lot but I try to stray from being too much of myself here since I try to act a little more ‘reasonable’ without as much sarcasm here, I’ll act more like myself from now onwards.

            I don’t know if this a condescending personality I have that kind of personality where I hate younger audiences due to their lack of morality (and most of the time intelligence but not every kid is dumb) and I get an urge to argue with people like that, as you can see I get borderline triggered and basically grow a vegeta vein on my head

          • Mitohan says:

            I also have a habit of looking for an argument

          • Skeptical says:

            Now.. Although I am probably the youngest in this site, I do have to agree that most… kids are just plain retarded. In all ways. Reasoning is off, intelligence is laughable, narrow knowledge, impaired logic, no morality etc. Now I am not saying all of them.. but most that I’ve seen.

            Best source of seeing such examples is Roblox.. now sorry if I go off topic a bit..

            but in my days of Roblox I often find 3 types of … these prepubescent, immoral motherfuckers. 1st type is the one that holds complete morons, that are probably age 6-9 (69.. Lol) and are incredibly easy to win in an argument with.

            2nd type is the one that holds some of the more smart motherfuckers, that are not so easy to mess with or win an argument with, however they are acting like complete douchebag, nuclear-warheaded pieces of time-bomb shits that probably don’t give a shit or any consideration of other people’s lives, they just go and annoy.
            3rd holds normal if not good people. Usually any age can exist in this type.

  78. Ren11 says:

    please add a transformation creator

  79. The next Update should be coming out soon. Since Jin said it was monthly. I hope Jin didn’t have any irl problems though. Also im excited about the new Content Naruto C will get because no doubt Naruto C is getting new Content. We can maybe expect Golden Aura for Arco’s Golden Form. Since after all that seems like a minor fix that shouldn’t take to long to do. Jin has explained before about how he’s hesitant to work n another Ki update but I have faith it will probably be out next year hopefully some time between January and March 2018. All though I do feel like in order for the fights to last longer we should do less damage or get more health. Another thing Lock-On will never be taken out. Because in every Dragon Ball Game you can lock on. So no doubt Jin will keep it as is if not improve the lock on. All in all im REALLY excited for the new content that will be released.

  80. Mitohan says:

    I don’t know why people talk like “give golden aura” when in reality people should say, “animated frieza race transformations”

    Imagine your horns growing as you power up

  81. Ren11 says:

    Look, I would love to create transformations and it would be great to put this in the mod, please add this not only me, but also, other people would love to create transformations and of course bring more popularity to the mod thus leaving the idiot haters without the idea of ​​criticizing the mod because it does not have certain forms of sayans and it would leave the expectation of experimenting transformations that do not exist. so please add that in mod would be amazing !!!

  82. Ren11 says:

    PS: this breeder of transformations serves all races.

  83. Ren11 says:

    if that’s why you have a ki attack creator? since it is based on canonical things the techniques of customized ki and the ssj4 should not also be in the mod, because if we can not create transformations like zamasu, that had its transformation of ssjrosé so that he is a kaioshin (and not because of the bad). and this transformation is exclusive of him for being kaioshin and also, thinking well it would be nice to add as ki option of our character the divine ki and ki of kaioshin and could have their own colors or customized so we would have three races and another ki you love (but how?) ki of angels, the race of bills, zamasu (kaioshin), and also the race of angels. which would already be a graaaaande step for the mod going beyond expected by the fans. and do not forget the race of demons and buu too.

    • FlamesWrath says:

      Because you can create Ki attacks. Like the Kamehameha.

      So why wouldn’t you be able to make Ki attacks? You can’t make transformations since they’re dictated per race.
      Also, it’s not based on Canon. It’s based on what is official.

      SSJR is not based on being a Kaio-shin. No one knows what it’s based off.

      The race update only has 3 confirmed races: Bio-Android (Cell), Majins and Zarbon’s race.

      You’re trying to make Dragon Ball Heroes the mod. Not a Dragon Ball Z mod.

    • Oh boy! Here I go again! I love explaining things to people !

      Jinryuu only adds official things to his mods. SSJ4 was quite official. Besides push comes to shove its still a form that can be achieved.

      Letting players make there own transformations is a horrible idea. Besides your asking things but do you even think its possible to make such a system?

      All though being able to have a different color aura when using Divine Ki does seem nice but I don’t see Jinryuu adding anything Divine Ki related anytime soon.

  84. Hey the saibaman just spawn on saiba’s seed ? because dont spawn on world, thats right or its a bug on my mine or mod or pc idk ?

  85. Yay! My typing skills went up a level! Just want to say I honesty happy that DBC came so far. Its came a long way from us having to use an item to shoot Kamehameha’s.

    To say the least im actually surprised Jinryuu managed to catch up with the latest stuff in the Dragon Ball Series. Now Arcosian fans might say.

    “Well Jin there still alot of stuff you can do for Arco’s just look at the styles for arco’s on Xenoverse 2!”

    To that I have to say Chill xD Jin will probably give us something like that eventually considering Humans and Saiyans have Hair Salon. So just wait a bit k?

    Though I can say Jins not going to slow down progress though. He wilk no doubt add a Space Dimension and Beerus World and maybe the Surpreme Kai’s world.

    We also can look forward to improvements to combats and more Ki creation Styles. Like barrage and Ki Blade and Ki Barrier.

    We have alot to look forward to next year! As for this update this month? Well even Jinryuu has to no doubt do things for the Holidays so lets not make a big fuss if we don’t get something really amazing.

    Lets just all enjoy the Holiday Season! ^-^

  86. Shiro says:

    fuck the norm

  87. Mitohan says:


  88. mreman says:


  89. i want to know how many people want’s ultra instinct in dragon block c

  90. dude says:

    hey do any one of you guys know how i can fix this crash ?

    Error details: Det g�r inte att hitta filen
    Filename on disk: javaw.exe
    Path: C:/Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\javaw.exe
    Exists: false

    i tried some things but non of them works i reinstalled it and some advanced setting stuff but still doesnt work can i get help ? really wanna play with the mods

  91. dude says:

    Error details: cant find the file

  92. Ren11 says:

    Okay, now I understand the problem.

  93. Ren11 says:

    please add 100k of limit to the damage multipliers of transformations and races, the TP and attributes.

  94. Ren11 says:

    please add a custom costumes and a custom hair style for the transformations. you can make a special mod for the fan mades and dragon ball heroes too?

  95. Ren11 says:

    please add chackra mode, sage mode, more variations of sharingan and the tail beasts for Naruto C.

  96. dude says:

    id expect a nice soul to help me not a greedy brat to state his wishes -_-

  97. Some Heckler says:

    For the love of god make is so we can go down a SINGLE form. We need to be able to drop from ssj3 to ssj2 to ssj etc

  98. Tinix says:

    oh gosh already 200 comments? I think there’s nothing left to discuss, do we? (stop pls)

  99. Gabriel says:

    I think the next update may take … more than 1 Month

  100. Skeptical says:

    It’s been 4 weeks. A month. No update either huh?

  101. FlamesWrath says:

    (Or #GiveUltimateEvolutionaCustomAura but #GiveGoldenACustomAura is quicker and easier).

  102. Gabriel says:

    #GiveGoldenACustomAura x50

  103. Mitohan says:

    I’m gonna piss myself laughing if they don’t get custom auras, it’s gonna be the card game idea all over again lol

  104. Skeptical says:

    And there…. time has come… when it’s time for Angry Grandpa to pass away too.. therefore leaving this world by accomplishing what dragon ball did, and that’s by making my childhood great.

    It is with great hesitation and unwilling I have to deliver you the grief news about a youtuber called Angry Grandpa (AGP) who has recently died from Liver Cancer (Final Stage) Just after celebrating his win over the other type of cancer that he defeated. He died in his home.

    Farewell Angry Grandpa, next time I’ll see you it’ll be otherworld..

    I won’t feel the same anymore.

  105. mreman says:

    I just got a crash right after changing the transformation damage multipliers in the config when loading my world.

    Time: 12/11/17 8:52 PM
    Description: Unexpected error

    java.lang.NullPointerException: Unexpected error
    at JinRyuu.JRMCore.JRMCoreH.SklLvl(
    at JinRyuu.JRMCore.JRMCoreH.SklLvl(
    at JinRyuu.JRMCore.JRMCoreH.TransPwrModAtr(
    at JinRyuu.JRMCore.JRMCoreH.weightPerc(
    at JinRyuu.JRMCore.JRMCoreH.weightPerc(
    at JinRyuu.JRMCore.JRMCoreCliTicH.onTickInGame(
    at JinRyuu.JRMCore.JRMCoreCliTicH.onTick(
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.eventhandler.ASMEventHandler_9_JRMCoreCliTicH_onTick_ClientTickEvent.invoke(.dynamic)
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.eventhandler.ASMEventHandler.invoke(
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.onPreClientTick(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71407_l(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71411_J(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_99999_d(
    at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:148)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.launch(
    at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.main(

    A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows:

    — Head —
    at JinRyuu.JRMCore.JRMCoreH.SklLvl(
    at JinRyuu.JRMCore.JRMCoreH.SklLvl(
    at JinRyuu.JRMCore.JRMCoreH.TransPwrModAtr(
    at JinRyuu.JRMCore.JRMCoreH.weightPerc(
    at JinRyuu.JRMCore.JRMCoreH.weightPerc(
    at JinRyuu.JRMCore.JRMCoreCliTicH.onTickInGame(
    at JinRyuu.JRMCore.JRMCoreCliTicH.onTick(
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.eventhandler.ASMEventHandler_9_JRMCoreCliTicH_onTick_ClientTickEvent.invoke(.dynamic)
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.eventhandler.ASMEventHandler.invoke(
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.onPreClientTick(

    • Mitohan says:

      Screwing with transformation multipliers is the most annoying thing,

      try not to make ssb or any other form over a 100x multiplier (100 00) since you’ll get a lot of bugs especially when kaioken overflows with it and basically goes into negative defence.

      I don’t know what that crash log means but make sure you’re using the latest java etc. since that usually fixes it

  106. Juubi says:


  107. Ren11 says:

    i like all things and all of you

  108. Ren11 says:

    but i love DBC and Naruto C please update a fusion of mods this is a good idea (or no i can´t think in good ideas), but you will can fuse chackra and ki yes? make a super sayan with sharingan? but this isn´t canon and you makes things canon with the animes

  109. Make ultra instinct (Miggate no goku) For real its gonna make the game cooler
    im so freaking excited if UI out!! 😀

  110. Juubi says:

    So many people are against Ultra Instinct for seemingly no reason xD

  111. Ren11 says:

    please add a custom suits for players make our awn characters with this suits, and add one new type of ki divine, angel, or other type

  112. Ren11 says:

    please make a hair customized for the forms of super saiyan and also a damage multiplier for the mystic form (potential unleashed). #ULTRAINSTINCT

  113. Tokmay says:


  114. Gabriel says:

    I think jin is putting a lot in this new update … I look forward to playing The Update!

  115. out of curiosity but i’m getting a little concerned for jin. anyone see him anywhere? hopefully hes ok…

  116. xd de seguro no habrá actualización

  117. Avatar__Eddy says:

    I really hope we can eventually get a toggle config for super forms. Choosing which forms we want to keep and not keep.

  118. frankmax12 says:

    a way to use fusion in singleplayer

  119. Black says:

    Rip hope Jin isnt dead….

  120. Divinz says:

    Damn man
    whis is gonna be the biggest update of all time
    i sure thing its is
    waht to you say?

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