Fix Update – 17w31

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Well this week was mostly fixing, there are still a lot to be done.
Anyway next update should have again some content for DBC and Naruto and maybe for SAO too.

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Since the BP scaling change to make it better for the “in game power comparing” many didn’t like, I made Client Settings section in the training menu.
There you will find a Battle Power scale change where you can use either the Normal and a High with a higher scale that used to be.
In addition I made the numbers a lot easier to read!
The Client Settings will probably be moved to a better place, since the Training menu is not the best place for it.


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JRMCore release version 1.2.46
+ ADDED – for Char Creator – hovering over the face options will enlarge the model and turn off light!
+ ADDED – In game “Client Settings” have been added, and found in the Training menu atm
+ FIXED – After resetting or startnew pressing V right after, would bring up an empty sheet instead of the Char Creator
+ Changed – Some large numbers are more readable, so not everything. (Slowly every number shell be more readable)

DBC release version 1.4.40
+ ADDED – In Training menu in the “Client settings” – you can change your BP formula from Normal to High to have stupid amounts of BP. (since its only visual thing nothing more)
+ ADDED – Great Ape transformation sound!
+ FIXED – missing transformation auras
+ FIXED – wrong aura ring color when transformed
+ FIXED – auras being a little more up positioned when transformed
+ FIXED – legendary mode is not working if kaioken is enabled

JBRA release version 1.6.25
+ FIXED – the SS Green (the form as of now named in dbc) the pupils for the 2 states have been switched

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58 Responses to Fix Update – 17w31

  1. Tyler Smith says:

    Sweet! can we get some Mystic fixes soon though like having a separate multiplier for it in the configs?

  2. Hirolka says:

    Thanks for having such a quick fix for this Jin, we and my pals are having a field day now that our BP is back to the cool high numbers!

  3. FranticEcho says:

    I’m actually very happy about the aura ring and great ape fixes! They were two things that I was waiting for. I just have one question. Why does the legendary form have 2 transformations? The first one makes you a little bigger and turns your hair green, while the second makes you a lot bigger. I’m not saying this is wrong or that I don’t like it. I’m just curious on why you decided to add 2 transformations.

    P.s. If the 2 transformations have something to do with Dragon Ball Super then I’m sorry because I don’t watch the sub. I’m only on the dub

  4. Is it possible to have onebyone attribute cost again? I dont play much of online so the balancing isnt so important on my part. I feel it would be just for fun setting.

  5. SSJ4X100 says:

    Jin you legend, you finally added commas to the BP, I’v been wanting this for so long.

  6. SSJ4X100 says:

    Not just BP…ALL THE NUMBERS!!!. Jin….Legend

  7. SSJ4X100 says:

    You even added a “Million” Next to the BP. This is for some reason the best update by far in a while for me. It may not have been hard Jin but you found…To make this greater than it already was!

  8. Khalil says:

    Jin did you fix the stats bug?

  9. why we can’t go kaioken and why we can’t fuse? lose the blue and mystic make sense for me (to much rage for concentrate the ki) but why kaioken and fusion?

  10. Mitohan says:

    I really wanna see a decent way of getting god ki and a better fusion system because a lot of the good features are all being left at stage 1 then moved on

  11. Nu'Dist says:

    Awesome stuff Jin! Love the updates.

  12. mreman says:

    Am I the only one by any chance that would like the max amount of stats to go up to 100,000?

  13. shun87000 says:

    Can you fix the fusion config and superkaioken config bug i have both on but none work with the recent updates

  14. mintrer says:

    Decimals on all numbers is dope, but it seems like that doesn’t apply on skill costs. So waiting for that, plus an option in SAOC to make mobs stop dropping so many swords.

    Maybe also an option to make mobs have double HP but half/ 1/4 damage? I really wanna use saoc with dbc >_>

  15. frankmax12 says:

    The mission is still bugged when you do mission ascend to ss as a lssj it crashes the game

  16. frankmax12 says:

    Also still waiting on ssj4

  17. Tyler Smith says:

    Yeah that’s an annoying crash bug

  18. Well all the transformations of Dragon Block C have a way of using KaioKen, because the LSSJ / SSGreen can not.

  19. You could do an update for this error. (If this is an error)

  20. CryoTheMayo says:

    Love the addition of being able to set how we see power levels Jin! and thanks for the Aura fixes.

    But I gotta ask as an Arcosian player, if maybe we could get an update for Golden next? I for one would enjoy seeing us get a proper Golden aura and True Golden, maybe even the ability to customize our colors? I notice your update notes say that you added in missing transformation auras but I haven’t noticed any, so maybe Golden was supposed to get an aura this update but you need to fix it?

    Either way, thanks for the update Jin!

  21. Tyler Smith says:

    Since content for dbc is happening could you implement the crown that controls broly’s power it can be done simply by adding another training weight that is the crown

  22. DEEZNUTZ says:

    TBH I kinda wish Lssj would be like a regular transformation that you can switch from. Like It be dope if you can learn ss green as skill, and sell the skill for a really high price just like ssjblue. Cause I want to switch between Lssj to regular ssj-ssj3 and in general would be more convenient, instead of typing in a code everytime you want Lssj and then waiting for the time limit to expire. Would also love to have the sheild sphere that broly had when he liberated himself and his father from friezas blast, and the ability to shoot out like 30 ki blasts from the body once you get overflown with energy. Otherwise Lssj is awesome. Can’t wait to see how you do ssj4.

  23. kev_spyro says:

    hey jin about the sao mod: i would like if there soon was a config for the mobs with like an area multiplier thats customizable that if you say the multiplier is 1 the mobs will get maybe from 20 to 40 and in the next area from 40 to 80 or something

    i would really appreciate that

    even though i always appreciate your work and also please take your time and its just a question if you could do it sometime

  24. FranticEcho says:

    I would like to go back to what MaskedR0gue300 said and agree with him. Jin PLEASE put the one by one config in. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about it in the forums… a few times xD. It will make the game SO much more playable and MUCH less annoying when I wanna upgrade stats

    • mintrer says:

      Well, you could bump up the tp gain a lot but also increase the cost of skills even more…
      just an idea, works for me, why wouldn’t it work for you

      • Lord Frieza says:

        because one-by-one is better then just turn off your game and go make the tp gain bigger…. tho you would still make the tp gain bigger because you get sick and tired and want to speed run lol
        P.S. I just realised that when it’s one-by-one the costs is only getting bigger for one upgrade and when you level up something else and other wont cost more so that means it everything costs less\
        p.p.s. sorry for bad english
        p.p.p.s. does anyone know any autocorrect programs for PC?
        P.P.P.P.S. plz understand me lol xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  25. Tyler Smith says:

    One by one config sounds nice but can we please get mystic fixes?

  26. Tyler Smith says:

    Also super hyped for ssj4 and G3 hair

  27. im hyped to have fusion with npc

    it may work like a transformation but with time limit. like you fuse with goku or vegeta and you get 30% more stronger but only 5 minutes clearly not compared to player fusion

  28. mreman says:

    Will we ever see the superpowers in Dragon block c? Like the ones from dabura and majin buu, and frieza? such as the ability to turn things into candy Or stone or possibly telekinesis?

  29. samuelDT says:

    When will the next update be?

  30. Ken says:

    If you can would you mind adding instant transmission and a way to lock onto someones energy signature for the next update

  31. I feel that ssr is stronger then ssb (Rose is stronger then Blue) when it comes to the majin mark like should there be some effect that boosts you for being good?

    • mintrer says:

      If you really think that, you could just change the configs to make ssr stronger than blue.

      And being good makes you able to talk to the most important teachers, plus it gives you access to senzu beans and such. There’s no need to buff being good even more.

      • Mitohan says:

        Evil people need an alternative way of getting god form, it’s pretty dumb that you have to die

        • mintrer says:

          Yeah, they’ll probably introduce beerus and whis into the game so anyone could get godform. Only getting it from king kai is stupid and makes good people have an even bigger advantage.

          • Mitohan says:

            whats stupider is that you have to die to remove majin or go to king kai…which requires dying, also i think this upvote and downvote system is pretty fucking stupid now because IQ lacking people are still just disliking without any reason whatsoever

          • Mitohan says:

            ooooooooh i just realised! they are Z tards that rim lick the og dbz only. how did i miss that lol

  32. i’d like to think rose should be it’s own seperate form from blue.
    i mean, i am playing an evil vegeta…. and i kinda wanted to still have ssb.

  33. Tyler Smith says:

    Super looking forward to mystic fixes and ssj4

  34. Lord Frieza says:

    the only things that are going to make me happy are those: fixed ultimate evolution, command or config for arcosian PP. looks like I’m asking the impossible xD
    either way do what you want Jin, I aint and neither anyone is forcing you to do (except for the dumb or impatient ones)

  35. kev_spyro says:

    hey, also, when we’re talking about fixes, could you mabe fix a bug with the lock on? oh and i want you to ask if you could make the ssj 3 transformation time a bit longer maybe like this: you can go up with the transformations to lvl 10 and at lvl 6 you would take 20 sec’s to transform into ssj3 and with every level 5 seconds less ok?

  36. Mitohan says:

    ways of getting god form:

    •Kill/Defeat Master whis/beerus,
    •Ki control minigames similar to concentration but you need to click like 10,000 blue balls without any red or black clicked
    •God ritual can half the minigame to 5000 clicks
    •learning form a master (anything apart from king kai ffs, add black for evil people)
    •maintain ssg for the full 20 mins from stronger people without food or senzu
    •fighting players around the same level can ‘help’ with ki control as well just as goku and vegeta did in the manga and anime

    I know some of these ideas are way too easy but anything apart from dying, becoming good and then evil again

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