Fix release – 17w08

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Usually the new stuff causing the most trouble I know.
Anyway with this it should be fine.
If not let me know asap, I know you will.

There might not be anymore release this week thou, but we will see.
The latest on Sunday a status info will be posted that’s for sure.

Also I started thinking on reducing the whole stat increase equally by dividing them with around 5.
Since the attribute limit has risen there can be very high numbers when there is no need to.
By dividing them with 5 would mean no one would get weaker neither stronger, its just apperance and only the numbers telling the stats would appear smaller where the results will be the same as before. Its just a little too much where we talk about 100 thousand or even millions of damage IN Minecraft.
So let me know what you think about this and on the poll below the release log.


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JRMCore release version 1.2.33
FIXED – Ki attack damage problem
+ FIXED – Arcosian one hit kill problem
+ FIXED – Config – Damage multipliers were resetting after a restart
+ FIXED – Mission system – Some players couldn’t login to server after editing missions
+ ADDED – Mission system – NPC kill protection – basically not any NPC will do to progress kill objectives (Check in Mission Systems page to know more)

DBC release version 1.4.28
Changed – Action menu – minor text change
+ FIXTRY – Swoop/dodge glitch – yet another try to fix this the double tap (not working as it should) issue, I’ll await feedback on it


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Is it okay to divide stats by around 5 equally?

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15 Responses to Fix release – 17w08

  1. Hirolka says:

    Sorry, but I’d rather my stat sheet tell me upfront what kind of crazy numbers I have.

    I earned them, so I deserve to see how many digits can be crammed in it before it goes crazy.

  2. i wanna see my super powered character have high-ass numbers. if just feels good seeing an attack stat in the thousands.

  3. Kstanv says:

    I saw a post earlier saying that each attribute should have its own cost, so when i upgrade STR its first cost is 5 and its next cost is 6 but for like CON its still 5.

  4. Nox says:

    Kstanv, thats retarded, then everyone would be equally balanced and not have their own specialty.

    Jin: “+ FIXED – Ki attack damage problem” Is this making ki actually useful now? If not, wanna, like, buff ki? Ki is literally half of the Dragon Ball Universe (the other half would be yelling), yet it is completely useless in this mod. We should be able to specialize in Ki or Strength, like before.

    *disclaimer*: anyone who disagrees is fucking stupid and needs to go choke on bleach (cept Jin, cuz Jin).

    -Nox Out

  5. jplion123 says:

    I still get “Shutting down Internal Server” when trying to get into a singleplayer world, anyone have a fix for this?

  6. Ryal says:

    @Nox People will still whore SK punch builds regardless of how stat increases work. The only difference is players will dump extra tp on the small stats once their strength/constitution gets really op.

  7. Khalil says:

    Nah its ok Jin and if possible even more since all those stats in Minecraft are ridiculously high.

  8. The internal server bug is still occurring on servers

  9. idk how to make a forum so i’ll say it here ive been thinking to myself and been wondering why there is a SS form and FullpowerSS form? and then it clicked and then i also thought why dont you add a secondary form to everything, so ok for me it would go SS, FullpowerSS, G2SS, G3SS, SS2, ControlledSS2, SS3, ReleasedSS3. somthing like that?

  10. jplion123 says:

    There’s a FullpowerSS Form because in the anime there was SSJ, Mastered SSJ, and Fullpower SSJ

  11. mreman says:

    Also I would like to point out a bug that doesn’t allow half saiyans to change their eye color whenever I try to the color just stays the default black.

  12. Is there any chance that half-saiyans will get the SSJRage transformation for their god forms instead of SSJG and SSJB?

  13. Please Update mission of naruto and more popular

  14. Nox says:

    @Ryal, I don’t give a fuck what these little shits would build into. I just think that there should be a choice, like I said here: “We should be able to SPECIALIZE in Ki or Strength, like before”

    Oh and also: “*disclaimer*: anyone who disagrees is fucking stupid and needs to go choke on bleach (cept Jin, cuz Jin).”

    -Nox Out

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