Fix release – 17w05

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Hopefully this update will fix most of the current problems.

I’m sorry but I forgot to write that no release this weekend.


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JRMCore release version 1.2.31
+ Compatibility with new DBC changes
+ FIXED – energy release – old bug when release goes over the actual limit specified by skill potential unlock (for both DBC and Naruto C)

DBC release version 1.4.26
+ FIXED – race arcosian – attributes wont reduce in reverse forms
+ FIXED – race arcosian – crash when using power reserve in new forms
+ FIXED – kaioken – cost problems in new forms thus costs have been rebalanced
+ FIXED – namekian giant form – aura increased

JBRA release version 1.6.15
+ FIXED – arcosian ultimate form – first person hand didn’t change
+ FIXED – some minor color problems


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31 Responses to Fix release – 17w05

  1. Hirolka says:

    I guess let this be a lesson, when Jin says that a release will be unstable if it comes out early, he means it.

  2. OMGisGreen says:

    Jin, the groups in the mission system doesn’t work :/

  3. Tyler Smith says:

    i know i ask everytime but can we please have piccolo’s training weights?

  4. Kinda was hoping an aura change for ultimate form frieza’s race…
    i kinda wanted it to have it’s own seperate aura which is a gold color with lightning sparks.

  5. Dailas says:

    Dear Jin,

    Thank you for this amazing update! I congratulate you on making it better and better. And since the saiyans were the most powerful race, I understand that you want to have everyone equal and that is awfully nice of you to do that. But there is one thing that kind of bugs me. I am not trying to sound like a complete and total a** but I think a lot of people can agree that the Golden Form for the arcosians, although that is awsome, shouldn’t it be just as powerful as a super saiyan god? I mean, in the Dragon Ball Super series, frieza beat the crap out of Goku, and he was a Super Saiyan Blue! So if you could spare some time to read this, and please at least think about my comment, I would really appreciate the golden form to be or more powerful than a super saiyan god.

  6. Dailas says:

    Thank you. Sincerely Dallas.

  7. Mitohan says:

    it should be more powerful than blue BUT should burn through a ton more ki if jin is gonna make it realistic

  8. I wonder if we will get new races this year?
    also, while It is clear dragon ball heroes *ISNT* cannon with the anime, I still think elements could be borrowed from it.
    actually, a lot of things from games could be borrowed. why? because in terms of flora and fauna, the anime really doesn’t have a lot going for it. I mean: minecraft mobs are pretty bare, and are literally no match for you if you are strong enough… hell… even the ender dragon can be destroyed in a single hit. which is why I think ideas could be borrowed from the games for more mobs that gradually are added and scaled to your power as you progress in the story. hell, why not have a rare chance of being attacked by phantom versions of bosses you already defeated? (like, they would be a LOT stronger than they initially were. and have their own auras)
    yeah there’s cannon… but… this is a *MOD*…. i think jin can bend a bit with where he gets ideas from (so long as they are at LEAST proven for expanded media)

  9. They have one more bug, the eyes of the Half-Sayajins are not changing the colors of the eyes

  10. Skeptical says:

    This “Races should be equal and fk saiyans” reminds me of feminism.

  11. not equal, but i should have reasons to pick other races besides saiyans.
    every race needs at LEAST a disadvantage and an advantage over the other races.

    …let’s be honest, if a saiyan was strong enough they would dominate a server til some other saiyan comes in.
    it is a vicious, neverending cycle. I still think either more races should be added (like majins, bio androids something that can at LEAST compete with saiyans.) or every race needs more balancing to compete with saiyans.
    cannon or not, this is STILL a game… and games need balance in pvp.

    I love being a saiyan, but i’d hate to go on a server populated with nothing but high-powered saiyans.

  12. Braxton says:

    Hey Naruto C has bloated outfits for me? Like they’re nowhere near as much of a perfect-fit as DBC’s outfits, NC’s are all Bulky and really fat/awkward looking, is this just a glitch I’m getting? Also, Naruto C’s headbands all erase hair now, and that’s a pain in the ass

  13. BatVenomPL says:

    Shouldn’t arcosian’s ultimate form BE god form?

  14. Veoxyz says:

    For this year, i would wish, new races (like majin, cyborg(like the androids and cell)), new clothes( like god of destructon, angel clothes, some normal clothes), better movement settings, attack damage like losing a body part ,race specific abilitys(like saiyans become stronger before death and after death, namekian healing ability), more weights(like piccolos), better weight training(like becoming faster and carry more weight, etc)
    Sincerely Veoxyz

    PS just do it if you have the time

  15. FranticEcho says:

    can’t wait to try it out :DDD

  16. Mitohan says:

    I think kaioken should have an enterable number so it can compete but obviously would drain like hell if not trained properly so when you hold G it will open something to type in up to 500 max maybe you type what kaioken you want then hold g for a certain amount of seconds so if you type 400 in the kaioken bar before it will tell you the amount of time you need to hold g down for it to activate

  17. Mitohan says:

    also fly level 10 should be almost free rather than expensive af which is why I never go above 5

  18. Jarrod says:

    so extra stats for humans and namekains were removed?

  19. by “more races” here is a simple wishlist:
    bio android (cell race, custom skin, recolorable. imperfect, semi perfect, perfect, super perfect)
    majin race (custom skin, recolorable, with alternate male/female models… normal, super, and pure)
    pure android race (as in, not cyborg, but rather completely artificial, cybernetics would be a seperate feature)
    demon race (see mira, towa, demigra, and dabura)
    god races (will have godly ki by default, will prolly be optional whether they are selectable or not)
    supreme kai race
    god of destruction race
    angel race

  20. Jess says:

    If people want before death or after death saiyan boost, then it would only be fair if arcosians get a higher tp boost and or bp boost with meditation. Since technically arcosians should be the op race, with proper training they should be op!

  21. Hello can you help me solve the server data is that i entered a server and i can not choose a race help please

  22. Hi jin I really like the dbc mod because you do not put something so we can create a transform

  23. Veoxyz says:

    Jess, why only arcrosians? XD
    Is that your fav race?

  24. Aesliip says:

    Yea so I’ve been playing with the fixed update on a server and weird stuff is happening, it gets super laggy when others join, sometimes they lose their ki techniques and above all else if people lag out and re join it clones them lol

  25. kev_spyro says:

    Hey Jin i don’t know if you are already working on something for the mod but i would like if you could more Saga Fights like Majin Vegeta and Ultimate Buu and after that Kid Buu and some story fixes because some of the fights are not in the right order i think and some fights are missing…

    But take your time if you already are working on something

  26. Masquerade says:

    I’d like to update the family c mod
    make childs to have skills and to fight with saga mobs 😀

  27. Omni says:

    @BatVenomPL I believe their ultimate form SHOULD be god form. We don’t have reason to believe it’s not as it did match ssj blue. But we shall wait for an explanation from Ryuu~

  28. doldol04 says:

    What’s The Acrosian’s Second Ki Number Meant to be?

  29. leon says:

    Okay, So I know this would be hard to manage, But fighting animation is something I believe this Mod needs, DBZ is a fighting anime, so this mod should mirror that, When a character punches it shouldn’t just be one arm punching back, But Kicks,Spins,Punches, all the of the things that make DBZ stand out, Plus this would help with RolePlay purposes, I also think in the future it would be cool to see Ki blast animated also, When you fire a Ki blast, it should be shown powering up, The ki blast should be shown in your hand, Another thing would be to have Charging animations, Lastly a interesting feature would be a Custom character npc, The npc’s should have the abilities of dbz characters’ with Ki blast and fighting animations aswell, But you can add your own skins to them. I know your busy and all, But in the future I believe this could prolong the game playablity, Also Roleplaying could be easier and more life like, PLEASE, when you get a chance try adding this to the DBC mod….if possible. I also posted this in forms, But I wanted to make sure you saw it.

  30. I know he is going to work on other stuff and it isnt planned yet, but do you think the races could “absorb” god form if used (base god not blue) like in the movie so while in the form when you use a certain stat that stat will increase?

    Or for namekians you can absorb other NPC’s to gain small additions to certain stats? (warriors give attack, dragon clan ki) but could at one point start to wear the body down and need to release them or something?

    Also last thing, at one point will we see an upgrading section for transformations (to upgrade the forms themselves) that could be very expensive but could cut down time/ki used to transform/ki used while in form, etc.? (like calm saiyan, or sync with nail?)

    just thoughts i wanted to put out there

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