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Q: Can I use your mod(s) in my mod pack?
A: Sorry, but no. I work on these mods very hard everyday and if you do that, that little support I get from my downloads will be gone. So I’m sorry, but I can’t allow it. At least not these days.


Q: How to degrade java 8 to java 7?
A: Follow these instructions on this page: http://main.jingames.net/how-to-install-java-1-7/


Q: Are u going to add . . . . . . . . . .?
A: Was it in the Dragon Ball series? Then it will be added, because its on the list.
I don’t mind getting suggestions, as they are also a good way to remember things from time to time, and it is also really helpful if you make one that explains on how that would work in game, but remember that I’ve seen the whole series and every movie a lot of times.


Q: I have idea about…. Can you make it?
A: I have many pages of ideas and plans with me on what to implant in the Mod and when. Sooner or later every wanted feature will be added. I want to add as many features as possible.


Q: When do you release the next update for…?
A: I want to finish every update as fast as possible, but I’m still learning about things so I can only say, please be patient.


Q: Why was Freiza’s race named Arcosians?
A: Freiza’s race sounds stupid for my taste for a race name…
When I decided on using the Arcosian word for Freeza’s race, there were no reference on what his race could be named, so I had a limited choice. This sounded the best for me for his race, since that word at least was used in the anime once. Furthermore it was only a filler so the name itself shouldn’t have much connection to the original story.
Because it sounded arcticish, It was a good choice i think. Then after a year or 2 came the Xenoverse which used Freiza’s race as his race name…. then I was just “why Akira why”, so I kept the arcosian name as is for my mod. BUT if a normal name will be given for them (and I’m waiting for that a looong time now) I will change it asap.
But no matter how i think of it, “Freiza’s race” as a race name is just a joke for a race name because Akira couldn’t figure out a normal race name yet.
Anyway since the original arcosians are technically not existing cause its a filler term for a race, that is why I used it. So I myself don’t consider those arcosians that were named in the filler existing thus I use it as freiza’s race name.
Naming freiza’s race arcosians was only my logic cause

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– I Know many of you would like to help, and I greatly appreciate it, but I before I ask people for help, I want to improve my own knowledge as much as I can.
– I will need help in the future but that is not now
– So please understand that I don’t need help, but IF i ask for help I will count on everyone who would like to contribute

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