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Q: Can I use your mod(s) in my modpack?
A: Sorry but no. I work on these mods very hard everyday and if you do that, that little support I get from my downloads will be gone. So im sorry but I cant allow it. At least not these days.


Q: How to degrade java 8 to java 7?
A: Follow these instructions on this page: http://main.jingames.net/how-to-install-java-1-7/


Q: Are u going to add . . . . . . . . . .?
A: Was it in Dragon Ball series? Then it will be add cause its on the list.
If you still give your ideas and might have something that i didnt planned that i will tell. But i saw Dragon Ball Z 18 times in my whole life, movies too.

I got more then 50 pages full of my ideas for the mod …. and i wrote everything i could about DB series.


Q: I have idea about…. Can you make it?
A: I have many pages of ideas and plans with me on what to implant in the Mod and when. Sooner or later every wanted feature will be added. I want to add as many features as possible.

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Q: When will be the next update?
A: I want to finish every update as fast as possible like you want, but i have time issues like problems that needs to be done. I need to learn more (i like to learn ^^), im searching for a job and many other things that take my time away. I can only say, Please be patient.


Q: Why was Freiza’s race named Arcosians?
A: Freiza’s race sounds stupid for my taste for a race name…
When i decided on using the arcosian word for freeza’s race, there was no reference on what his race could be named, so i had limited choice. This sounded the best for me for his race, since that word at least was used in the anime once. Furthermore it was only a filler so the name itself shouldn’t have much connection to the original story.
Because it sounded arcticish, It was a good choice i think. Then after a year or 2 came the Xenoverse which used Freiza’s race as his race name…. then I was just “why Akira why”, so I kept the arcosian name as is for my mod. BUT if a normal name will be given for them (and I’m waiting for that a looong time now) I will change it asap.
But no matter how i think of it, “Freiza’s race” as a race name is just a joke for a race name because Akira couldn’t figure out a normal race name yet.
Anyway since the original arcosians are technically not existing cause its a filler term for a race, that is why I used it. So I myself dont consider those arcosians that were named in the filler existing thus I use it as freiza’s race name.
Naming freiza’s race arcosians was only my logic cause


– I Know many of you would like to help but i Now im in learning mood and i want to learn as many things as i can about modding before i ask for help ^^
– I might or will need help in the future but that is not now ^^
– So please understand that i dont need help but IF i ask for help I will count on everyone who would like to help ^^
– If i have stoped working on this mod I Will post the full source for everyone to get, but it wont happen soon ^^
– if somebody have ideas on what should be in the mod, feel free to post them ^^

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