Dragon Block C Latest News (2nd of May 2013):

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Latest News (2nd of May 2013):
I changed the version counter letters to numbers. Not everyone knew the meaning of those letters so it will be easier with numbers from now on.

DBC 1.0.10 is out! Many bug fixes! New construction. The Snake Way with Kaio and his Kaio’s Planet. Learn Genki Dama and Kaioken Only from there and only if you are not evil >D
Experimental Outfit Damage system. It will cause problems with my HD texture packs as its not updated yet.
Outfit glitch with my Naruto C mod is fixed too!
Many Balancing in Using the Ki attacks. You cannot charge while Firing ki attacks.
Colored Stones are indestructible for testing.
Added new items. Tech Chips with Tier 1, 2 and 3.
Upgradable Scouters from Tier 1 to Tier 3
Scouters at Tier 1 will explode if it scans 20k BP or more.
Tier 2 scouters scan limit is 600k BP and for Tier 3 it wont explode.
Changed BP calculation.
3 new outfit parts. Goten Jacket and sweater, Basic Turtle School Jacket, and Martial artists Shoes.
And a few changes in recipes.

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7 Responses to Dragon Block C Latest News (2nd of May 2013):

  1. jomam says:

    does the snake way ever end? if not how do i find king kai?

  2. jomam says:

    also i had alot of rage because emna was not spawning and he only spawn ONCE and there was no snake way

  3. Hey I have a 1.6.4 private server with the newest version on dragon block c. Every time I log on snake way is missing. is there a config file that i have to enable to make it true? I have also tried restarting the server but it doesnt work Did I get a bad world?

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