Dragon Block C and Naruto C Update News (27th of April 2013):

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Dragon Block C Update News (27th of April 2013):
Many new things added with this update.
I present you Dragon Block C 1.0i!
Now with an RPG system. Do you want to be faster, stronger, more powerful? Now you can select what to upgrade! Be Custom, Be Special!
New Construction Thanks too masterlipi
A New Mob Kami (God).

Pressing J will bring up the abilities menu.

Now there are no ki attack items.
You must learn them yet now from Enma and Kami (God)
If you have learned a few attacks then you must have a hair or scouter.
Then with middle click you can select your ki attacks.
you will see it on the right side of the screen. and when looking down you will see info too.
And dont middle click the ground, cause it wont work then XD

You can gather DBC exp by using ki attacks and from punching too

there is a new health bar to the right also. If it reaches 0 you will start loosing minecraft health.
Every DBC mob will attack your new health and minecraft health too.

You have an alignment bar. If you kill namekians you will become more evil and your aura will change accordingly. You can see your current alignment when you press J

There are more to write but i will later tell more ^^
If you dont figure out until then XD

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If something doesnt work contact me as fast as you can please ^^

Naruto C Current Update News (27th of April 2013):
Naruto C 0.2a has nothing new! only for Forge build 666 compatibility.

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11 Responses to Dragon Block C and Naruto C Update News (27th of April 2013):

  1. jomam says:


  2. BBot4Life says:

    I prefer the older version tbh. I find this one irritating because i have to find kami (having trouble with that). Also there isn’t a way to give xp anymore so tournaments and training on the server is pointless.

  3. AutomaticWig says:

    I got a mac os x and every time i put a hair on it bugs and i can see through the world

  4. OzanBagir says:

    I don’t have any ki attacks.. It really bugs me, can you help?

  5. OzanBagir says:

    It does irritates me that you can’t charge or fire/use your attack while moving…
    Just Saiyan!

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