Dragon Block C 1.0f with an early SSJ2 and a new Biome

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Current Update News (27th of March 2013):
Dragon Block C 1.0f is ready for download.
An early SSJ2 for testing have been added (no new hair model yet)
New Stony Biome for Saibaimans to spawn in.
Dragon Blocks “not visible for other players after placing them” bug fixed
Saibaimans disappear bug should be fixed.
Some flying and shooting bugs fixed.
And a few minor fixes too.
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19 Responses to Dragon Block C 1.0f with an early SSJ2 and a new Biome

  1. jomam says:

    what about a higher spawn for those minions of frieza that drop “who is frieza?”? it takes me forever to find them

  2. jomam says:

    and also how do you get or will you get able to transform into super saiyan 2 what do you have to do ?

  3. jomam says:

    forget what i said now i know how to go super saiyan 3 IT IS REALLY COOL

  4. jomam says:


  5. Grecopdro says:

    Make the SSJ2 hair, and your mod’s pretty good!!!

  6. znej says:

    Are you going to add the hairstyles of other characters, for example adding teen gohan’s hair or possibly broly’s? On a side note, are you going to be adding anything related to Battle of Gods?

  7. When I get the scouter it gives me blank screen, I take it out and put me normally how I fix it?

  8. jomam says:

    can you add cutscenes? like in legend of notch?

  9. Shurikin9 says:

    Hi, I LOVE your mod. It is my all time favorite mod and I play it for hours at a time. I love everything about this mod. I just had a couple of questions.
    1. How rare are the Namekian Dragonblocks? I can never find them no matter what.
    2. When is your best guess of when 1.1 will come out? I don’t need an exact date i just need some kind of range so I don’t go crazy waiting for it.
    3. Do you plan on putting the dinosaurs and new hair models in 1.1?
    4. Also, this is a really bizarre question so just humor me. I have OCD (over compulsive disorder) and I go nuts over the slightest things. One of those things is my minecraft skin. I need every pixel to be perfect or I nearly rip my hair out. So could you be as so kind as to tell me where I could find the image files in my .minecraft folder. Or even kinder, send me the images so I can alter my skin to fit the hair model exactly. I’ll give you my email address if you accept. Bye. Sorry to bother you and keep you from working on THE BEST MOD EVER!

  10. PatPlaysMC says:

    Hey ill do a mod review. Can u add like King kias, kibitos kias plant, maybe the other world tournament, or a new biome called WEST CITY and ssj3 or ssh god. Dude then i would never uninstall this mod. Great job so far

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