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This is the Dragon Ball Fan Book written specifically for all of you who enjoy playing this mod! I hope you enjoy this and leave feedback on whether or not you would like to see more! I like seeing feedback! Anyway, have a nice day everyone, and huge thanks to Jin for featuring this on his site! Oh and I know I released a Prologue a while back. Scrap anything you remember from it. This is the the one true story, only the things here will matter in the end. Thank you guys, and also special thanks to those of you from the community who pitched in to make the characters for the book, I hope I have wrote them to your liking. Also, please leave comments when you can, I love seeing feedback and it persuades me to get the next chapter out faster. – Crimson

Chapter 1: Taton’s Fall

Chapter 2: What Needs to be Done

Chapter 3: The Battle 

Chapter 4: There Are No Children 

Chatper 5: What Makes a Hero

Chapter 6 and Epilogue: Do you Believe in Destiny?


Darwin’s Cook Book

42 Responses to Dragon Ball Fan Book

  1. King Heat says:

    Very smexy Crim. Also I frigging lost it when Darwin started talking about fried namekian legs.

  2. Stevazu says:

    Interesting Story…
    Can’t wait for the Next Chapter!

  3. Plagearon says:

    Amazing story! I love it!

  4. Ecanoya says:

    Woo! I like how you wrote me! That’s usually how Ecanoya is when I come up with stories. (I’m lazy so no matter what the story is, Ecanoya Takara is usually the main character.) You honor my name with this portrayal of it. Nice work so far man!

  5. Crimson says:

    Hey guys, releasing this chapter has been a blast and the positive feedback from everyone is overwhelming. I ask that you spread this around the internet and get its name out! I want to see lots of comments down here so I know that a decent sized group wants me to continue it!

  6. anthonymika1 says:

    Is there gonna be a second chapter soon?

  7. Plagearon says:

    Yeah, do another chapter! this fanbook is amazing! GO CRIMSON!

  8. kurt0623 says:

    Well… this book is awesome! it could be nice if i were there as maybe one who doesn’t appear so often, but only if they need help or something. The name used could be Kurt…

  9. Harambe says:

    I want my character to be in it 😛

  10. Suprcow96 says:

    It took me a couple tries to actually read the whole thing, but once I did, I found it to be very well done.

    The best thing I found about this chapter, is simply how effective it is. For a story with a basic writing flow and very objective-like style of writing to it, the effectiveness is drop-dead amazing.

    However, the effectiveness didn’t really kick in (for me) until the main setting was set, which occurred roughly a fifth to a quarter of the way in. It was when it was described that the planet they lived on was Soluris, which was a Sun-sized planet, and the city in which they lived in, Taton. The most intriguing thing about that whole setting description was the fact that both Ecanoya and Crimson never stepped outside the city walls, which sort of gave me the impression that the city was absolutely massive, containing a wide variety of different cultures and alien species all taking place on an enormous planet.

    It was the setting that dragged me into the story, and next thing I knew, I was enveloped into a story, experiencing all of the feelings that would be indirectly portrayed in a simple writing, solely describing events taking place. It is as if the story did the events, and I experienced the feelings. The best part, is that following and remembering the events of the story is easy to follow, and placed neatly in the plot.

    I believe that’s the story’s strongest element, that being effectiveness. In the grand scheme of things, the plot and characters are actually basic, and going off to a certain point where it could be called “cliché”, but the simple effectiveness of the story, with everything neatly placed is the true root of this fic. There is little to no literal internal conflict, only being expressed in basic sentences, but its effectiveness allows the reader to already feel it happening.

    I must say, it may not be the best Dragon Ball fan fic I have ever read, but it’s certainly up there, and the potential of this story is quite astounding. Awesome job!

  11. Crimson says:

    Hey guys, I know you all love DBC and everything, but please keep your comments related to the book or other comments. Thanks 😀

  12. Plagearon says:

    Crimson, any more of your amazing chapters? I believe in you! GO CRIMSON!

  13. Crimson says:

    I am trying to make Chapter 2 as big as humanly possible. It will be an entire saga’s worth of writing.

  14. King Heat says:

    Beware smexies, things might get a little “hot” later on. | : )

  15. Crimson says:

    Don’t question it, it’s Sam

  16. TravelerSoul says:

    So, when will the next chapter come out

  17. Crimson says:

    Soon, in October probably. I have finally gotten around to working on it every day. It’s going to be at least six times the size of this chapter.

  18. TravelerSoul says:

    Your kinda running out of time to make your deadline crimson.

  19. Ryal says:

    Don’t worry dbzfan, he made the deadline. I promise you. 🙂

    Just for the record, the chapter is insanely long, enough to rival the length of a novel. So the wait will be worth it.

  20. Dakorias says:

    Crim you should really get some people to make a DBC server out of this. I would be all for it, as well as want to build for it.

  21. jj Crim, worth the read guys.

  22. FlamesWrath says:

    Hey crimson. Could you add me to the story? If you do I would like the name “Flames”

  23. FlamesWrath says:

    This book is amazing. You could really post this on a fan fiction site or something. You’d probably be able to get a lot more people to read it then.

  24. MysticRamen says:

    Can wait read all 5 chp yesterday after reading the devblog

  25. King Heat says:

    Chapter 5: Another lovely chapter as always Crim and I very much enjoyed how things are progressing as well as the different dynamics between me, my sons, the ORBLA, and other forces.

  26. Harpor(Hp) says:

    Sam, tell pyra to fight me |:^) I’ll show him hard work can surpass natural talent.

  27. King Heat says:

    l0l. Hes probably finishing reading the chapter rn, so im sure he’ll be seeing for himself.

  28. Rpmstyl14 says:

    Goodjob Crimson you’ve got me hooked.

  29. God's Flame says:

    Series is pretty good,but have you ever thought about puttting majin buu in this?

  30. MysticRamen says:

    just rereading this i see much more detail then the first time i read it and it just makes it better

  31. MysticRamen says:

    Sorry to hear about your computer hope you can fix it.

  32. NishiGamer89 says:

    I love the book! Excelent! All the details of the texts makes the book more and more interesting!

  33. MysticRamen says:

    I cant wait to see whats next so many ideas are going though my head as to what could happen. So I hope you have luck that with all your doing and have fun.

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