Community Mondays – Training (on a Wednesday because Monday was Christmas)

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Original post by: Gheorghiță Graure

I have few new ideas for new training methods because the actual one is so boring just punching things… And zenkai boost idea for Saiyans
Ok first the Zenkai is like this: When you are fighting with someone and you are dying like when your character has 0 HP and it struggles in pain for few seconds before he dies and then if you eat a senzu bean or you don’t die (somehow) you get the zenkai boost
it is like a status effect increasing your stats 20 – 30% or if you want it will boost your stats (not being like a multipler and basicly get bigger stats increasig by 5 – 10%)
Ok now new training method would be:
⚫ Being able to do situps, pushups and phisycal exercices
⚫ Training in time chamber and with gravity device also would boost the TP given by pushups and what I said before
⚫ Killing things(not only punching them) to give you like their HP number / 2 (For example if a pig has 10HP when you kill it you will get 5 TP)
⚫ Get TP by walking in a gravity zone and if the gravity is too high for you like if it is more than 50 bigger(it could be configurable) than you dexterity you will die and if it is with 10 bigger than your dexterity you will only get hurt and when you walk you will get faster increasing the TP gain and a little bit the dexterity
And I want to say more but this should be necessary added !

Don’t feel bad, not everyone is great at English!

Getting on, yes I have talked about this in the past. While Jin doesn’t currently want me talking about the future of his mods for reasons I won’t go into right now, I do have a lot of plans myself when it comes to training. I originally made a post with mini games for training, and no promises, but Jin is interested in making things like push ups and sit ups for the mod. Personally, I believe training in DBC is far too grindy right now and it can turn a lot of people away from the mod. The prospect of punching/blasting the same odd 6 npc’s until you are strong enough to take on the seventh just isn’t that appealing to most people. This is why a lot of servers include Custom NPC’s or other various mods to give gameplay more spice so people are more inclined to stay on longer. I’ve finished some DBC side quests, but side quests aren’t much of a fix to this problem overall. Side Quests and even a revamp to the main quests are the same kind of training but with different stories. You will just know WHY you are punching this npc.

So yes, mini-games would be the easiest way to remedy this problem. Currently, only one of the mini games I have suggested got into the mod, whilst the other is Jin’s own creation. I created a formula for the concentration minigame (clicking the balls) whilst Jin had the idea for the Shadow Dummy training. I do want to see a system in the future that forces a more diverse training style once more mini games come out. And for those who haven’t seen mini game formulas before, here are a few rough drafts I photo shopped for Jin! The only one that couldn’t work right now is Push ups, since the GUI’s can’t be coded to easily accept button inputs instead of clicking inputs, at least not right now, and Jin doesn’t want to go through the effort of finding a method for just a single mini game.

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As for Zenkai, I doubt it will ever make an appearance in the mod. Zenkai is a Saiyan only boost that happens at near death, and I can’t see that being a popular addition with non-Saiyan players. It would also be a pain to balance, as Saiyans would have to be nerfed into the ground to make having a Zenkai boost fair, and that’s just a big ordeal I don’t think anyone wants. Also, with this new training stuff I hope places like Gravity chambers and the HTC can become more valuable by increasing the difficulty of the mini games but rewarding more tp!



Also! Congratulations to Dragon Ball Fighters for winning the winter Tournament of Power! Sorry to everyone that I couldn’t stream but my internet isn’t the best lately and it was around Christmas time when a lot is going on around my home.


Also for the 3 of you who read my writing, Chapter 6 of my book is looking to release sometime January. Keep an eye on the devblog, I’ll announce when I release it.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, and see you all next year on Dragon Block C Devblog! Thanks for sticking with me guys!

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About Crimson

Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!
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6 Responses to Community Mondays – Training (on a Wednesday because Monday was Christmas)

  1. Jeirin says:

    Hope the book can reach its due date.

  2. Hirolka says:

    Dev Blog?

    I haven’t seen this place get updated in a long time…

  3. A new dev blog?
    * S C R E A M S *

    I’m one of those types of people who love this mod, but never actually plays it just because GRINDING TAKES YEARS S
    Which is why i stalk this website for any mention of something to remedy that.

    Having mobs give some of their max health as tp if you defeat them would make the mod a lot more enjoyable, but it could be expanded into a percent amount you gain that depends on your mind stat. (replacing punch tp gain, which really doesn’t do anything)

    I think that being around higher level players should allow you to leech a tiny fraction of their power.
    (Goten was seven and a supersaiyan, HOW GOTEN)

    I feel like Ki attacks/Skills have lost potential, with their level caps.

    Ki Attacks can be reworked to have a base damage number, which is dependent on the users ki based stats during the time of creation. (They would scale with you as you get stronger, but only very slightly)
    Ki attacks would start out very weak, but have the diminishing returns of leveling them, as well as the level cap, removed.
    Though, getting a lot stronger and making a entirely new attack would have much higher base damage, while not as strong initially as the old attack, it would have huge potential to level it comparibly.

    The level cap of skills can be removed, with diminishing returns on the energy cost reduction and power gained every level. (With milestone levels giving new forms or abilities)
    Certain minigames could reduce a skills cost, say, as that concentration level goes up- the cost of energy type skills are reduced.

    (Also, a simple fix to the pushups not being implemented is to have four buttons to click, having it easier to implement but still a unique minigame)

  4. Sam Noé says:

    Neat minigames, really looking forward to see them added !
    But I think that somehow training is meant to be “grindy” even in real life.
    I mean if you’re a martial artist, you must practice a lot with your fellows mates, but also keep up physically by doing pushups, situps, that kind of stuff…which is repetitive, nothing to do about it. If you’ve ever hit the gym you know what I mean.
    So while being able to train by actually fighting with friends would be funnier, it’s still the lesser part of training.
    But here’s it’s a video game, so while I consider grinding necessary at some point, (can’t do a fighting RPG -like mod without a bit of grinding), of course I’d like to have and find funnier ways to do the things.

  5. I think the mod would be more fun in general with leeching, though.
    Leeching makes it so you can actually catch up to people if they spend more time playing than you, which might open up a lot more people willing to play- being able to catch up at a faster rate.
    Though, leeching wouldn’t mean you would instantly catch up to someone, just at a much faster speed.
    If you become the strongest person on the server with a close second, they’ll still need to train quite a while to catch up to you.

    While leeching would be a nice mechanic, it’d break Custom NPC servers progression, potentially. So a config to adjust the rates of it or disable it completely would be very very useful if it was ever added.

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