Community Mondays – New SSJ Idea! (Not SSJ4 or LSSJ)

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Original post by: Dominick Finch

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Ok first things first this is not about SSJ4 or LSSJ. That makes this different than most the questions I answer in a day already. Haha, just kidding guys, I don’t mind the questions. It’s my job to inform you, which reminds me, yes, Ssj4 and LSSJ are in the plans for the mod. So this isn’t about that. But SSJ in DBC is pretty cool but I think one thing would make it better. Skipping transformations. This is something I have very little recollection of ever hearing. I mean I have talked to a few people (possibly even Jin, I don’t remember) about it, but other than that, no one has mentioned it. Now what I mean when you press a certain combination of buttons you power up instantly to a certain transformation. For example when you press your blood line skill key and you press the number two on you number pad next to your arrows you instantly jump to SSJ 2. Now here is where it differs from all the other ideas I have heard on this topic. Most people prefer a gui setting so when they ascend it skips to their selected transformation. However, not only is that a pain, it is also harder to code as it requires gui work. Button inputs, on the other hand, do not require any gui work, and while they could talk some time, it won’t be as tedious as coding each and every option for a specific form. Same for descending. You’re in SSJ 3 and you press your awoken skill button and number pad 1 you descend to SSJ 1 instead of powering out of SAJ altogether. Alot of people also ask me stuff along the lines of: “Can Jin make it so when you descend you only go down one form?”  One last thing I think Jin should make it once you become SSJG or Super Saiyan Red you can transform back into it without doing the ritual all over again. Not sure if Jin ever plans for this to be a thing. I’ll ask him, but if he doesn’t feel like it should be a thing, he won’t put it in. Unless Dragon Ball Super does it. Then he will. But tell me what you think. Like comment subscribe oh wait this isn’t YouTube.


Now to begin covering, the full article is not really a ‘huge’ addition to the mod. It’s not cities, or space, or movie quests, or any of the other countless things we need to have done before the mod can be ‘complete’, but this is a great start. I have always liked to push for accessibility. To me, right now some things are still a bit too confusing. Fusion isn’t really specific, and neither is Super Saiyan God. I want to make a tutorial for Dragon Block C, but right now I feel like after a few updates some changes may make it become outdated. Wasting time is one of my biggest pep peeves (yet I do do it a lot). Either way, this is a great, well structured idea an I love it. Nice job Dominick.


Next up is our news section:

Saturday, April 15th. It will be one of the biggest days, not only for the community, but for the mod. This is the first time multiple servers have come together on this scale. Something so grand can only be called THE TOURNAMENT of POWER. And after this is done we will have the Inter Dimensional World Martial Arts Tournament, something that brings everyone, from every walk of DBC, both Single and Multiplayer, to one massive tournament that can support 256 people. That’s right. 256. The bracket is so big that it took me four screenshots just to get it all, and that’s with numbers, not player names. If need be, we can reduce it to 128, but for now, we can go that high. However, only the final 16 will be recorded on livestream. If we do 256 people, our final victor will have trounced 8 total opponents, each of which was stronger than all those before them. Practically speaking, that means our winner is essentially the best DBC has to offer. That’s insane! 
Also, while this is not official, I may be looking to pay an animator to do sprite animation for both final fights of the tournament, as well as giving them a wish (a post on the devblog that will stay up for a while), letting all know their vision of the mod.

Also! I am going to look for modelers and texture makers to assist me in making the quests. I have hit kind of a wall. I want to make more quests, but I really can’t at this point. Our first Sidequest update will most likely contain most, if not all the movie sagas IF I get help from people. Keep in mind these aren’t the final versions of these quests yet, as there are still some features missing from the final version of the mission system, so I will go back to update it.


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Thanks for tuning in, see you on the next Devblog.


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About Crimson

Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!
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24 Responses to Community Mondays – New SSJ Idea! (Not SSJ4 or LSSJ)

  1. Hey Crimson maybe you haven’t been keeping up but in the dragon ball super manga goku can use ssg whenever he wants he’s used it more than twice without the ritual. I know this is gonna sound mean but try to research on more than just the anime.

  2. Crimson says:

    Yeah, I know, but Jin doesn’t reference the manga, only the anime!

  3. shame. i will prolly be too hooked on yooka-laylee which comes out the 11th :p
    even then, not really a competative guy.

  4. Avatar__Eddy says:

    The concept as a whole is very unique (in a good way). It could work out well, as it relies more on button combos instead of GUI’s.

    I’m no coder. Heck, when I was younger I tried it for a bit and couldn’t handle the complexity of moving a turtle on a screen. XD

    So from that tiny bit of reference, I can understand (even if only a tiny bit) the work that goes into coding a mod.

  5. Avatar__Eddy says:

    And btw Crimson and Jin, you guys have my full respect. You do this without personal gain. As someone who has followed this mod for a long time, I say think you.

    I say this because I don’t think you heard it enough. You two have created one of the most famous mods in Minecraft history, and yet are berated with demands for ssj4 and lssj every single week. Even I have been guilty of this.

    You have my respect for sticking to this mod throughout everything.

    Thank you. Thank you for making this. And thank you for not giving up..

  6. TravelerSoul says:

    This would be a nice feature, definitely would be convenient. It stinks that Jin doesn’t reference the manga, but oh well, it’s his mod. Also, I’m excited for the tournament, (even though I won’t be apart of it).

  7. Mitohan says:

    Add potential unleashed and Majin

  8. TravelerSoul says:

    Potential unleashed isn’t a transformation, it’s simply using 100% of your power, which is in the mod. As for majin, whether you mean the form like majin Vegeta, or the race like majin Buu, they will both be added and have been spoken about in the devblog before, just do a little digging.

    • Mitohan says:

      grabbing 65 tp and hopping over to kami doesn’t feel amazing does it? that should definitely not count as 100% also most people follow the quotes from elder kai vaguely implying that the “mystic/unlock” thing counts as his transformations as one which would work better in the mod. MAYBE jin could fiddle with something to make the mystic/unlock power to be a ssj3 with the drain of a ssj2 and the look of a base form.

      I’d be happy as well if jin just added electric when at 100% power which just made my argument pointless didn’t it…

  9. TravelerSoul says:

    It doesn’t currently feel rewarding, not really, but neither does getting 100 tp and getting actual transformations. There will be mobs like elder kai and guru, although I forgot how it was said they are going to work, whether it’s a stat boost, tp boost, or people who teach potential unlock, but the phrase “potential unlock,” simply means someone is now able to use their full power, like Roshi’s buff “transformation.” Now, what you are thinking of when you say elder kai said it was like a transformation, is that he said that Gohan could access his newfound power similar to how he, “does that super saiyan thing,” but never actually admitted that it was a transformation. Personally, I don’t want humans to have a transformation, I want to have a way to be balanced without copying the other races. Even if it was something as simple as humans get a boost in power whenever they’re at 100%. (yes, I do main as a human.) Also, yeah, that last statement did kind of make it pointless…. But that would be a cool thing to add nonetheless!

    • Epsolon says:

      So you’re saying you want humans to have a mechanic where they upgrade their human potential stat then it transfer to their base instead of having a full release transformation but have a buff form and god form as the only forms

    • Mitohan says:

      If jin added block movement when powering up and light when ssj it would make things feel much better, maybe even some crack animations that damage the blocks around them like how frieza does when he powers up, it would feel so much more worth it.

      (also a way to place ki in the hand similar to zamasu to swipe people’s weak ki blasts away could be good as well)

  10. MArroch says:

    will the tournament happen in 1 server and give us training time
    or we fight all with same stats

  11. is there going to be new sagas ?

  12. Khalil says:

    SSG should be only reached with the ritual since it’s currently the only thing that needs co-operation with others

  13. superciano06 says:

    can we get into the tournament or is registration gone?

  14. Happy Fappy says:

    Modeler and texture maker here!
    Call me 😉

  15. Happy Fappy says:

    To be honest we dont know what is still planned or dropped,
    because when you have the guts to read all of crimsons posts…
    You can see how much there there is listed, but Jin doesnt stat himself what will and wont be in it, like a confirmation!

    I really dont mind the updates some weeks, I just hate waiting every week to see what might be added that update, hoping there will be something new like maybe ssj4 or you know something little extra

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