Community Monday – Voice Acting & Magic

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Original post by: Falwrin


well , its maybe going to sound dumb, but why don’t we have a voice setting?
if thats too hard instead we could use different types of voices for the same attack and instead of using the original voices i’d like to hear something “not soo copyrighted”, for example i take the chanting of the Abridgen parody, beside being comical most of the times the chanting usually are very well made and serious
example stand here
with the kamehameha we could use 4 different chanting that would alternate randomly each chant , to make it sound less repetitive

So eventually there will be voice acting in the mod. Probably nothing too serious, maybe more like naruto C, but I for one have 3 different parts. I have a light hearted voice, a normal voice, and of course, my roshi voice. (Those who were there for that stream know the strangeness that is my roshi impression. So I talked with Jin about recording hundreds of different voice lines for two to three part attack names. It would work like this. use this table to create a combination you like!

First Word Second Word Third word (Optional)
Fighting Bomb Attack
Fire Fall Blast
Death Ray Beam
Super Inferno Cannon
Raging Blast Disk
Blazing Explosion Ray
Special Beam Bomb
Exploding Cannon Barrage
Moon Blade Cutter

After selecting your attacks name from premade words, then it would be voiced. If you wanted to use an attack name that isn’t available, then your character voice would just shout “Ha!” as they fired it or maybe nothing at all. It’s all about customization.

Original post by: Abomination870


Okay if you where a Namekian and you had 15tp you could buy the clothes beam from Kami. If you bought the clothes beam you press ; and that opens a tab and you can pick any clothes you want like Goku’s and the Z sword Gi. Then you point at the player you want to have the clothes then press z or if you want to put it on your self press shift z but it takes 200 ki away.

While not much has been talked about, Magic is a planned part of the mod for Namekians. Now you aren’t going to go on and create your own dragon balls (as far as I know), but you will be able to do practical things like healing, cloths beaming your friends, etc. I know it’s rather a short topic but I don’t want to speculate on a feature that isn’t even in the planning stage yet. Just know that it is coming. One day. Some day. Oh and before I go, just know that magic won’t be JUST for Namekians.


Alright, sorry I missed last week fridays post. Life has been a bit tough lately, and I will try to keep up the schedule. At least twice a week on mondays and fridays is all I want. I thought I had it a few weeks ago but I ran into a roadblock. Anyway, see you in the comment section!


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19 Responses to Community Monday – Voice Acting & Magic

  1. Ooo I like 😮

    *unsuspecting words to increase characters*

  2. Hirolka says:

    Oh man, I can’t wait to make my Blast Blast Blast disc attack.

  3. Burden. says:

    Great idea, but a bit unnecessary.

  4. Khalil says:

    Blazing Inferno Barrage!

  5. Crimson says:

    Sweeeet. That’s an awesome attack name!

  6. Skeptical says:

    We should voice-act attacks ourselves, create files and stuff, as it’s automatic and god knows how it’s gonna work.

  7. JackFrost213 says:

    But then some people could go onto a public server and have disturbing sounds for their blasts and there are kids playing mc ya know? Also it would be hard to put a no cussing rule if everyone was recording them selves and every time they used a blast others would hear the profanity. Not saying you would do that but people always try to test the limits of everything.

  8. JackFrost213 says:

    But then some people could go onto a public server and have disturbing sounds for their blasts and there are kids playing mc ya know? Also it would be hard to put a no cussing rule if everyone was recording them selves and every time they used a blast others @God

  9. JackFrost213 says:

    Sorry for double post, my phone made it look like it erased everything but it didn’t ?

  10. mintrer says:

    You mean, i could make an attack called “Exploding explosion”?
    Yeah, the voice acting system WILL be sick af.
    And for magic, i just hope its balanced… Don’t wanna have weaklings making battle armor stronger than diamond quickly with no real cost, y’know?

  11. mintrer says:

    Also. When will we get the armor balancing update? Armor in this version is the shit. We need to have it nerfed, like, a ton.

  12. Mitohan says:

    ^ definitely true I think we also need a vanity armour system that doesn’t destroy your armour every 15 seconds

  13. Skeptical says:

    ^^ it WILL not be cool af as it’s not implemented, don’t make it sound like it’s fully 100% sure to be implemented, and not entirely sure if it’s gonna be cool.

  14. Harrison says:

    It would be really easy to do personal voices for your own attacks if they desired to add that. I am basing it off of this: In custom NPC’s you can create a model for an NPC, and it can even be an HDSkin! The way I upload stuff like that PERSONALLY is by selecting URL and then putting the picture into my dropbox and copying the link. You could easily recreate that but with audio files. Just have them record whatever they want and EVERYBODY hears it! When you give a custom NPC a ranged weapon you can add sounds to it (I know this from making NPC’s that use DBC audio files) but it doesn’t work off of url’s. I believe it is MORE than possible to add this and wouldn’t really have may complaints. Personally, I would get a kick out of recording something like, “Spirit Kamehameha,” “Burning Attack,” (I miss it being in the mod) Or maybe something like “Nudity Beam!” (the last one was a joke but is still very very possible xD).

  15. Harrison says:

    Btw when I said Nudity Beam was possible I meant putting a recording for that in there, not so much the move itself xD. But WHO KNOWS WHEN MAGIC COMES ALONG LMAO. #NamekianNudityBeam

  16. So does that mean we could use magic for example to turn someone into candy?

  17. It would be pretty cool for custom sounds, yeah
    Now, people are like ‘What if people are making attacks with themselves saying swears and such?’
    Well, there could be three types of sounds for servers to pick from in configs.
    Default sounds (None modified)
    Server modified sounds (The only modified sounds you can use are the ones in a server folder filled with custom sounds to use)
    Fully modified sounds (Anyone can import a .ogg file (Maybe even a .mp3 or .wav) and use that in their own ki attack.)

    And you might say ‘oh well fully modified sounds will just be filled with swears’ oh well, that’s why there are two other options to choose from.

  18. Harrison says:

    A majority of the people who play minecraft with mods and would understand how to go and find the audio file are old enough to swear and hear it anyways xD. Nothing wrong with it anyways.

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