Christmas is here – 17w51

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Somehow I managed to put this update together.   __φ(..)
I know, better later then never XD

I don’t know what to write atm about so this year, there will be probably another post.
With my plans regarding updates and other projects I’m really behind by a lot, but thats not new right? 😛

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Anyway this update contains some cool stuff but many things need still some more work, like the visuals…
So Arcosians received finally their custom colors and an aura ^-^
There are a few new outfits and there will be more to come in the next update!

Also the Legendary status effect received some major changes.

I hope you’ll like this update!
Have fun!
Peace!    ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ


Please Note that Damage Multipliers above 10 000% the original limit WILL cause glitches and numbers will get messed up! That’s something that can’t be fixed and it wont be anytime soon!
Since that is one of the reason why multipliers weren’t increased yet, neither the attribute limits.


click here to go to the Download site

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.45

  • ADDED – Arcosian ultimate form’s custom colors – The gui can be accessed from the skills menu as a green button, afterwards It can only be changed again with a wish.
  • ADDED – New wish – to change the arcosian ultimate form’s colors
  • ADDED – New aura – for arcosian ultimate form
  • ADDED – 9 New outfits – mostly outfits from DB Super
  • ADDED – Otherworld received 2 new tree types – Mahagony and Sakura trees (coded by Matu, Textures by LadyBubblez and LucidBounder)
  • ADDED – New Items and Blocks – from the new Mahagony and Sakura trees (coded by Matu, Textures by LadyBubblez and LucidBounder)
  • Changed- Item Dragon Radar – its not lagging anymore like it did and it has a slight different look

JRMCore release version 1.3.5

  • FIXED – Some rare crashes
  • ADDED – New config – Legendary – transformation boost
  • ADDED – New config – Legendary – boosted transformations
  • ADDED – Char sheet – transformation body endurance – Incoming damage reduction for transformations, instead of increasing constitution for it. This was already added for balancing reasons but it was never shown in gui. It is now. If it is not liked i will make a configurable sooner.
  • ADDED – Status Effect Legendary is now available to all races and it works similar to the Majin seal, except it can configured to only support specific transformations.
  • Changed – Damage multiplier configs – the maximum 10 000% multiplier has been increased to a maximum of 100 000%. NOTE that high multipliers will cause glitches and numbers will get messed up!
  • Deprecated – SS Green transformations became unused as of this update, and will be removed at a point or changed for a different use
  • Removed – leftover debug prints

JBRA release version 1.6.28

  • FIXED – If disconnected while SS4 from server, when logging back it crashes (was unsuccessful)
click here to go to the Download site

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107 Responses to Christmas is here – 17w51

  1. Tinix says:

    NICE! Now you can relax, Jin. Don’t push yourself too much, we know you have problems with your life, as we all do. So try to take care of them first, okay? Keep up the grat work, have a nice holidays ~(˘▾˘~)

  2. Tinix says:

    great*, sorry. Typing in the mornig drives me to errors 😛

  3. Hirolka says:

    Whoa Jin you’d better slow down, if you keep adding stuff like this, what are we gonna keep complaining about?

    But seriously, thanks for the Christmas present!

  4. sans390 says:

    I can not download the mods

  5. thank ye kindly! now. off to enact my revenge against the saiyan monkeys…
    oops… looks like the frieza part of me is still very strong <3

  6. wait. dont celebrate yet. jrmc isnt being detected, despite it being in the mods folder.

  7. Aron Roa says:

    So, i downloaded the mod. I saw the huge difference of file sizes. But the new version only had 2.3 MB while the old 1.4.44 had like 9.3. I thought maybe Jin deleted unnecessary files. So i placed everything in my mods folder. JRMCore latest, JBRA-Client Latest and 1.4.45 DBC. I loaded it, and it said that The core was missing. like “jinryuujrmcore: any” How do i fix this?

  8. CryoTheMayo says:

    Please have my offspring Jin.

  9. Aron Roa says:

    Is this problem only for me? Any of you experienced the same thing? Hope i can download it properly soon 😀

  10. it should work now, I changed download hosts.
    I’m sorry for the inconveniences!
    I have no idea why it didn’t download right.

  11. KoolaidMan says:

    Thank you, Jin! I appreciate the work you put into this so much :D!
    Please take a break for the Holidays and enjoy Christmas! We all hope you have a good Christmas as hopefully everyone in this website does too!

    Also hope you’re feeling well usually a lot of people get sick this time of year.

  12. BirdyJoe says:

    I don’t mean to be a pooper, but I really feel like you should have a option in the jrmc core settings to allow servers to either let players give arcosians ultimate form custom colors or stay gold. Other then that, love the update! I really hope you consider this Jin! Like others have said before, there’s really not much proof that frieza could do this aside from 1 simple statement in the movie; Manga wise the line doesn’t even exist!

  13. BirdyJoe says:

    Also, Jin Idk if you ever noticed but you made the mouth of the golden form also yellow even though it should be purple! Not sure if it was on purpose!

  14. BirdyJoe says:

    Sorry, last part was talking about your resource pack!

  15. DEEZNUTZ says:

    So I’m confused, I tried legendary and all it did was give me the status effect and the green sign, I tried to go Lssj and it just transformed me to regular ssj but only with green hair, aura, and eyes, then I pressed G again and then went ssj2 same thing, and then went 3(only again with green hair). So is Lssj just gonna be like that now? Wheres the huge badass broly form? Maybe a bug but idk. Other than that great update Jin!

  16. may i just say this update was pretty rad? not only do we get friezas race visuals (mostly) fixed, we also get some sweet new threads!
    thank you for adding gt gokus gi! now super saiyan 4 can look like super saiyan 4! with everything except the top gi on!

  17. Zero says:

    Umm I think I found a bug. When you choose your golden form color and except it, you still look for every form until you redo. Even if you go back to your first form you still look the same as your ultimate evolution but just a tab bit smaller.

  18. In time, the birds will cease their chirping
    In time, the winds will overflow with deceit
    In time, the flowers will hide their buds
    In time, the moon will forget its cycle
    In time, the sky will be captured by the night
    In time, the sea will freeze over

    He’s coming. Hell will be exposed.
    He’s coming to attack. Even dreams will freeze.

  19. Zero says:

    Ok so I did a few tests and it seems when you choose your ultimate evolution colors you seem to stay in that form. Even if you go to minimal form you still look like your in ultimate evolution.

    But I might have a fix, maybe. So when you choose your ultimate evolution color and you zoom out with F5 your still in it even when your in base. Seem’s all you have to do is press V and it fix it. Idk if i’m the only one who has ran into this but at lest there is a fix.

  20. Dude, just do not ruin the LSSJ, please, it’s already an agony for me to be without the form, at least put the option of being able to use it

  21. Please do not take out the LSSJ!

  22. Time for UI {Ultra Instinct} Jin u should make UI and do some trains with whis and make beerus planet to be able to train any time and Make some new mission and also Jin We know how u feel with this job and If u want JIn to add ultra instinct Like this Post 😉

  23. Fenrir_ says:

    Very nice, Jin! I wish you a merry Christmas!

  24. Ahmed Dh says:

    jin thanks for this update but where is naruto c’s update?

  25. matuteharcos says:

    Hope you like mah Tree’s :3

  26. Lord Frieza says:

    where are my female bigger booties?!?!?!?!
    anyways, great update

  27. FlamesWrath says:

    Thank you Jin, this is amazing. You gave me a way to blow off LSSJ from existence. Now to begin my crusade to retake the holy land from the filthy LSSJ scum!


  28. Drawme David says:

    Es una gran actualizacion pero no se si yo el unico pero no puedo meterme en el inventario o escoger raza porq al hacer seme cierra el minecraft no puedo ni ver mi skin y solo tengo el mods de dragon block c mas ninguno alguien me ayuda

    • Drawme David says:

      It’s a great update but I do not know if I’m the only one but I can not get into the inventory or choose race porq when doing seme closes the minecraft I can not even see my skin and I only have the mods of dragon block c but none of them help me

  29. Ahmed Dh says:

    where is naruto C’s update?

  30. Fakhér Dh says:

    Hey jin where is naruto C’s update?
    so if you are going to do it please add sage mode and more clans like uzumaki senju namikaze sarutobi and more clan jutsus and please 100 healing mark …and of course the tailed beasts and their transformations

  31. Med Saibi says:

    JIN please why did you forgot about naruto c?
    mmmmm…ok please can you make a new update
    if you accepte please add more and more clans with their clan jutsus
    like inuzuka clan can use fang over fang with a dog
    and sage mode…tailed beast with transformations healing mark like sakura and tsunade and when you use the 8 gates the character’s body don’t change
    now about the clans can you add uzumaki sarutobi inuzuka akimichi nara yamanaka namikaze…….etc those clans only for hidden leaf and there are many other clans from other hidden villages please don’t ignore them

  32. Wesi Hopi says:

    jin NARUTO C whyyy whyyyyyy didn’t you do an update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Wesem Bye says:

    Naruto C
    jin i know that you have problems in your life but i though there is a naruto C update anyway please next time add many thinks do it please

  34. Ahmed Dh says:

    Naruto C??
    i though there is a naruto C update?

  35. Quade Waerea says:

    Thanks for the Christmas present Jin <3

    Hope you have a great one!

  36. Ken says:

    Hey, Jin imma just have to be honest with you. I think you should drop Sword Art Online C for One Piece C (O.P.C) because even though sword art online is one of the greatest shows people have ever watched it doesn’t really relate to dragon block c and Naruto c
    like dragon block c has races and Naruto c has clans but all sword art has is swords and yes it does have potential but it doesn’t really have much to go on but one piece has both races and jobs like you can make yourself a fishman and a pirate or a human and a marine via the character creator. Anyways its just an idea you should think about Sword art online C or One piece C or maybe you should make a poll and put it to a vote (it may surprise you)

  37. Robert Wyatt says:

    Jin, please switch the Fly-mode toggle text. All the other modes have it so that the text displays what *will* happen when you click it, but the fly-mode toggle displays what it is currently doing.

  38. Bsharprules says:

    Jin, I am unsure if anyone told you, but if you have the legendary status effect, you cannot use kaioken. Not sure if that is intentional or not

  39. only thing thatd make the outfit update better would be if we got the purple battle suit frieza is seen wearing in his initial appearences.
    i think it is just a torso piece though.

  40. Skeptical says:

    Guys. Some update on the manga continuation. I have upgraded my shading ASTRONOMICALLY. I could say that my new shading style could mop the floor with the rest that I have drawn. Also my perspective and overall art increased slightly. Expect some great stuff guys, those die-hard fans that no matter what still enjoyed the manga and want more.

  41. Masquerade says:

    This update was awesome but i have some new ideas for family C because all the things should be updated… what I mean are the childs… and I hope that you will see this, Jin !
    Ok…. the things should be added to family C are:
    ⚫ Forms for childs
    ⚫ Add some NPCS to be able to marry with.. and have kids..
    ⚫ Be able to learn your child ki techniques and skills ..
    ⚫ Train with your child (I know you can but a button must added when you right click on your child to say Training, and when you want stop the training basic right click on your child)
    ⚫ Your childs be able to have childs… (with the NPCS that would be added)
    ⚫ Better model for childs
    ⚫ The jrmc config (damage multiplers, TP gain etc…) to be respected by childs… If you know what I mean…
    ⚫ Hunger bar for childs and less health regen
    ⚫ Better following and some animations like punching etc….
    ⚫ Pressing a button to see your child’s stats without right clickin’ on it
    ⚫ Childs being affected by gravity
    ⚫ Bigger stats when they born (like you when you make your character)
    ⚫ Childs abily to use nimbus and spaceships
    ⚫ Childs help you with saga and saga mobs
    ⚫ Being able to revive your child and meet it in otherworld
    ⚫ Childs can activate the dragon balls and pick a random wish
    (Those are my ideeas I hope those things will be added this is my wish !)
    Sorry for bad english
    Merry Christmas ! ^-^

  42. Sam Noé says:

    I don’t wanna be a party pooper, but do you plan on making Ultimate for every Arcosians’body types ? It’s a very low priotity now but still I felt like asking.

  43. sans390 says:

    jin do not want to bother or anything else …
    could add new training methods to singleplayer maps

    • my idea for that is simple: add leveled mobs into the wilds.
      i got this idea from the legacy of goku series.
      different thugs, mechs, majin martial artists, saibamen, etc that are added to a pool of mobs that grows as you level.
      each mob yields a different amount of tp based on your strength vs theres.
      if you kill a strong enemy, your tp gain will skyrocket. but if the enemy is weaker than you, you will gain fewer tp.
      this will encourage players to seek out stronger mobs.
      heck, maybe special mobs could be added once certain saga requirements are met. what i am talking about are stronger recolored versions of the different villains you defeat in the story. they will be stronger than before and have halos on them. they will have the “ghost warrior” prefix (ghost warrior nappa, vegeta, frieza, cell, babidi, buu, dabura, etc).
      beating these guys will yield high amounts of tp. but they are all scaled to YOUR stats.
      so you gotta ask yourself. is the tp worth risking life and limb for fighting off ghost frieza? even raditz might prove challenging!

    • Masquerade says:

      Yes ! This would be great !
      I have an idea for new training method and zenkai for Saiyans
      Ok first the Zenkai is like this: When you are fighting with someone and you are dying like when your character has 0 HP and it struggles in pain for few seconds before he dies and then if you eat a senzu bean or you don’t die (somehow) you get the zenkai boost
      it is like a status effect increasing your stats 20 – 30% or if you want it will boost your stats (not being like a multipler and basicly get bigger stats increasig by 5 – 10%)
      Ok now new training method would be:
      ⚫ Being able to do situps, pushups and phisycal exercices
      ⚫ Training in time chamber and with gravity device also would boost the TP given by pushups and what I said before
      ⚫ Killing things(not only punching them) to give you like their HP number /2 (For example if a pig has 10HP when you kill it you will get 5 TP)
      And i want to say more but this should be necessary added !

  44. 6 Star Ball says:

    SOOOOOOOOOO…. Jin the “Side” quest menu has been bugged for a while now. I create side quests for the server I’m apart of and even after they have been unlocked they won’t/start. Can the next Quick Fix, fix this problem?

  45. BlueNexus says:

    I’m still really excited for that card mod.

  46. if you are legendary you can’t use the kaioken and the fusion… you can activate but it don’t works… it works like it is off… fix that plz jin

    • Zero says:

      Well if your legendary and can’t use kaioken and fusion…I say that’s good as legendary is strong. It should be you can’t use fusion but other’s can to have a chance to win.

  47. Ken says:

    Try out my one piece server so you guys get why people are so hung up on it.
    Technic Modpack Name: Anime Universe Server

    • Mitohan says:

      1 like and 9 dislikes on your poll says otherwise, I’d like to see a decent one piece mod but Jin will not make it, even if there’s a possibility he will, I’m 95% sure it won’t happen for at least 2 years

      • Ken says:

        first of all it wasn’t a poll and second of all what is wrong with you ppl it was just a suggestion a S-u-g-g-e-s-t-i-o-n a.k.a what I was thinking at the time hense “Jin I think you should” I didn’t say “You Should”

        • Mitohan says:

          God damn you’re one defensive one, did I say you couldn’t suggest? The question is what the hell is wrong with you lmao

          • Mitohan says:

            I think you should and you should are the exact same thing by the way

          • Ken says:

            Hold up I’m sorry if I sounded defensive I’m just trying to understand your way of thinking like if my comment was a DBC comment you would scroll past it but since it is a suggestion about one piece you decide to reply to it? like…I know it wont happen that’s why i said and this time pay attention here mitohan key word (I Think) SO that’s right people dislike me for saying whats on my mind yes I think Jin should replace sao with onepiece but does that mean hes gunna do it NO so calm down with all this hate on whats not DBC

  48. Skeptical says:

    Hey guys. The new DBM page is finally out. Check out the new shading style I created! (remove stars from .com and others )

  49. moonnut says:

    Great job Jin. I’m hyped for Trading Card C too!

  50. The only thing I look forward to and hope comes one day is an expansion of the /jrmctech command. More moves to make custom mentors would be sweet.

  51. sans390 says:

    I do not know if it would be a good idea but …
    could add a command like: /dbctransformation set 2
    could be cool :v

  52. Tyler Smith says:

    Hey Jin if you see this could you please try to add the Broly crown thingy as like a training weight or maybe special restraining item? (yes, I like Broly, judge me as you will everyone).

  53. this update made incredible holidays good for you. I expect the next updates in 2018 I hope you have something with this new transformation of goku and the superior instinct and also new sagas and races would be incredible races of androids or gods of destruction or something of the genre It would be incredible, but I’m not the one who does it, I hope to be in 2018, happy new year.

  54. mreman says:

    I just discovered a bug that completely removes the regular super saiyan form and just keeps the super saiyan full power form for both slots for super saiyan grade 2 and super saiyan 2 when the full power super saiyan state should only be on the super saiyan 2 slot and the normal super saiyan form should be on the super saiyan grade 2 slot.

  55. Kstanv says:

    When in LSSJ I cant stack Kaioken

  56. Ruan Aiub says:

    Jin please make a mod Of one punch man

  57. Divinz says:

    This is my FINAL! idea
    How about to put in config file or a skill where you get always at the beginning.The skill is that while you have white hair and when you go in Ssj mode hair turn in yellow,but how about you have a a skill or put option in config file to turn false and true.when its false you can be Ssj yellow,when its true you can go in Ssj White with your white hair same with black-(normal)-hair.How about it?

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