Legendary – 17w30 (qickfix#1)

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Okay so, the SAOC mod will also continue slowly, cause I really want to make an RPG mod too. But yea I have thought on making an original RPG mod, and no not like the DBC and NC one, but something similar to the D&D systems.

About DBC, I don’t know how can people tell me that no more new saiyan forms when saiyans have many forms and it keeps increasing… While other race rarely have a new form or never.

About Server list site, it has gone through some changes. Server application rules have been added and some more info.
Furthermore moderation become a lot faster now.

A new site will be added soon! Finally a place where the change logs can be checked, and I will try to implement a portion of it to JRMC so that at least 5 of the latest change logs can be viewed in game as well. Yay for progress… I wanted to make this site a very long time now. Well next to a lot of other things but hey, there is progress. XD

Also I know that the sites are down quite a lot, hopefully in a week it will be fixed.


EDITED on Aug. 2:

A quick fix has been release for JRMC!
For those who used the latest version even thou its unstable, it is essential!

JRMCore release version 1.2.45
+ FIXED – some random crash from previous update
+ FIXED – for NarutoC the action menu not appearing if DBC is not installed (while action menu has been started to be used for NC with the Eight Gates)
+ FIXED – manual attribute upgrades when reaching above 32767 go minus.
+ ADDED – New command – for character reset the JRMC’s Reincarnation => “/jrmcrei (playerName) [keepAttributePercentage] [keepSkillsBoolean] [keepTechsBoolean]”
+ ADDED – for Status Effect Legendary – Players can receive it now randomly. Every minecraft day there will be a roll based on the 2 new configs!
+ ADDED – New Config – “Status Effect – Legendary – Chance to get it” => The chance (in percentage) for a player to receive the Legendary Status Effect every 20-30 mins, regardless of race even thou only saiyans can use it atm.
+ ADDED – New Config – “Status Effect – Legendary – For every day a Lucky player” => Above this amount a player will be always selected to receive the Legendary status effect, regardless of race even thou only saiyans can use it atm.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.44
+ Changed – increased attribute limit to 50.000
+ ADDED – for Mission System – the unlock function now supports mission IDs within a mission/story file. Check for more in the Mission System page
+ Changed – Barber menu – player model position has been moved a few pixels downwards and left

DBC release version 1.4.39
+ Changed – old kai’s ritual is placed in the learn skills for king kai
+ ADDED – new Status Effect – Legendary! Only for saiyans, if they have this effect saiyans can use yet a new “powerful” form with some drawbacks. Till next update use the command: “/jrmcse set legendary 1”
+ Changed – BP calculations formula became flat simple! No more ridicules BP amounts without reason… and it never even scaled with the real in game power levels, only with the spent TP.
+ ADDED – new Outfit – Black Supreme Kai set

JBRA release version 1.6.24
+ Compatibility for new changes

Naruto C release version 0.6.4
+ ADDED – new skill – Eight gates (atm with no sounds and is a replica of DBC’s Kaioken, later functions will change)

SwordArtOnlineC release version 0.0.4
+ ADDED – 26 new weapons (only acquirable by mob drops)
+ ADDED – 2 new outfit but these don’t have stats yet (only acquirable by creative)
+ ADDED – animations for holding different type of weapons (currently, short swords and spears have animations and only for “Sword Art” power users)

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HD Resource Pack Addon version 0.6 (only 256x)
+ FIXED – battle armor corrupted texture causing crash
+ FIXED – arcosian 3rd form missing horns

click here to go to the Download site


HD Resource Pack Addon version 0.6 
You can download it from here:


Legendary or Berserk? Meh…
The new Status Effect Legendary is only for saiyans as of now and if they have this effect saiyans can use a new “powerful” form with an additional buffed version for more power, in exchange for all other transformations and kaioken.
Death will result in loosing this effect and also it has configurable player limiter on maximum how many player may have this effect.
If a players manages to acquire this effect above the limit, the player will loose it soon right after. So even commands can not give it to more players then the configured limit.


Ridicules BP amounts are over?
Maybe, at least for now. The BP calculations formula became simple.
The main problem with the old BP formula was that it never scaled with the real in game power levels, only with the spent TP. So for players it was not easy to compare themselves to other players, but with this lower scaled formula it is not hard to guess if one really has a chance or not. Of course nothing is perfect, even this is just experimental and so the current one will change soon too but not as much as it has now.

Another reason for the change is the TP spending formula the old one used. Where if someone got stronger and stronger, mainly with attribute upgrades, it resulted sadly in fps drop on weaker PCs. So since the demand for higher Attributes has risen the BP formula had to be changed again, and it is now a lower number with a better comparability. (the BP probably will never be accurate to the series, and as we noticed it doesn’t need to be, this is DBC a fan made mod, and not even official games have accurate BP readings)


SAOC only
I know its not the best but with these arms and legs I think this is a miracle too XD


Status Info – 17w28-29

Sadly no update this week either, but around next weekend there will be.
(Next post about it will be around 31th of July on Monday, with either the update or another status info)

The G3 custom hair system will be harder to add then I thought.
If I have some images that I can show off, I will put up some polls about it to know if you like it or not.

Roughly what to expect for the next update:
– few fixes overall
– some minor stuff
– increase in attribute limit to 50.000
– LSS form that will be for now a temporary form that you can loose if you die and only a limited number of players may have it at a time.
– new experimental feature to make mod outfits
– BP calculations getting a new formula. The current one was based on TP. The amount on how much was spent on skills and attribute upgrades resulted in the BP. Since the demand for higher Attributes has risen the BP will change to a more practical one? oh well you’ll see… (but the BP probably never will be accurate to the series)

– new items

– a new skill


NarutoC Story – 17w26-27

Finally Naruto C receives a story!
While its in experimental and only till the end of Chuunin Exams Arc, I hope everyone will still enjoy it.
It will be continued if people like it. But the even the current one will  probably go through changes later.

With the Naruto C story the Mission system needed a couple of new features, and while I was at it I added a few more.
Like the unlock and repeat that is present in every mission file since the beginning.
The Mission System page is updated with the new changes as well!



click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.43
+ ADDED – for Mission System – Random Reward option. check the Mission System page on how to use it!
+ ADDED – for Mission System – for gather item objectives the metadata support is added (since it was not added yet)
+ ADDED – for Mission System – for the Objective parameter P (which was used for “Pno” only) has now a new function “Pspwn” that will disable the spawn button for killing objectives and forces players to kill the asked NPC from a different source (like naturally spawned one)
+ ADDED – for Mission System – repeat function – in a mission file you can find a repeat field, you can give a number where 1 will be 1 minutes and the players will have to wait the in game cool down time to play the story again. Or write “-1” and the story will be not repeatable until story version change
+ ADDED – for Mission System – unlock function – in a mission file you can find an unlock field, you can write other mission file names in separated with only a comma “,” and these missions need to be completed atleast once to unlock the story (thou changing the version number for the required mission files will result in the need to complete those missions again)
+ FIXED – for Mission System – the Level requirement objective doesn’t show the level to reach as it supposed to
+ Changed – for Mission System – objective StateIn conditions are now more similar to the one in the config since it wasnt… more on this in the “Mission System page”
+ Changed – for Mission System – the gui where you would choose the “reward” the mission description appears too. This is a temporary change for various reasons, I will be interested in feedback on this.
+ Changed – Char Sheet GUI – below the Spirit attribute there is now a new line called UC with a number. UC means Upgrade cost, so basically the attribute upgrade cost shows now there instead of at every upgrade buttons tooltip info.

DBC release version 1.4.38
+ Changed – transformation Mystic wont allow you from now to transform again and so ending Mystic form.

Naruto C release version 0.6.3
+ ADDED – Naruto C Story! till the end of Chuunin Exams Arc
+ ADDED – 24 new enemy npcs used in the new Mission System
+ ADDED – new Item – Scroll Of Seals – right clicking with this will teach you the kage bunshin no jutsu. Right now this has absolutely no meaning, but you can guess that on your own learnable jutsus and skills will be soon removed and given to items like this and teacher npcs.
+ FIXED – throwable weapons like kunai and shurikens hitting the user
+ FIXED – missing item names
+ FIXED – SL (shinobi level) only showing 1

click here to go to the Download site



For Naruto C atm there are 2 unique NPC models, Gaara and Shukaku.

Fix update – 17w25

Here are fix updates, I hope it helps a little.

Also I updated my resource pack but only 256x yet.
You can download it from here:

More About the Resource Pack update
Textures are unfinished and not optimized at all and were made to see if it works correctly.
The following races are fully HD: Human, Namekian, Saiyan, Half-Saiyan
Experimental HD Textures for Arcosians only for Body Type 1.
By “unfinished” and “not optimized” I mean that I still need to work on them and probably redraw most of them.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.42
+ FIXED – SSB and SSG ritual hairs swapped…
+ FIXED – M symbol’s percentage change config not working correctly
+ FIXED – New skills were not working correctly, mainly on servers (Ki Fist, Ki Protection, Ki Boost)
+ Changed – (it was changed already in the previous update) – in jrmcconfig the damage and ki cost multiplier config’s name for Saiyan and Half-Saiyan had a changed in them where the “&” was changed to “and” so from “Saiyan & Half-Saiyan” to “Saiyan and Half-Saiyan”. Please everyone make sure who changed these configs, if you want to use your old multipliers rewrite the new configs to match your previous lines. The previous one is still in the config file but will not work at all so you can remove it afterwards if you don’t want to get confused.

DBC release version 1.4.37
+ FIXED – with death some action menu switches got reset as well (like fly, arcosian mask or saiyan’s tail mode)

JBRA release version 1.6.23
+ Changed – few lines because of my Resource pack update

HD Resource Pack Addon version 0.5 (only 256x atm)
+ ADDED – HD textures for the custom character maker partly

click here to go to the Download site



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Majin symbl & Mystic – 17w24


The next post will be the Resource pack addon.
And the next mod updates should be at most 2 weeks later.
About the content of the next update, I will fill you in later.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.41
+ ADDED – New Config for DBC “Status Effect Majin” – you can change the bonus power percentage for the Majin seal
+ ADDED – New Config for DBC “Skill Potential Unleashed Purchase Modifier” – you can change the purchase cost when buy this skill

DBC release version 1.4.36
+ Changed – some skills from teachers have been removed
+ ADDED – Majin seal from Babidi
+ ADDED – New Skill Potential Unleashed skill – unlocks Mystic form.
+ ADDED – Skill God form 1 lvl upgrade, but only saiyans are effected right now
+ ADDED – Death now always result in loosing all status effects (mainly Majin)
+ ADDED – New Skill Ki Protection – Right now Goku and Cell can teach it – it gives extra defense in exchage for ki
+ ADDED – New Skill Ki Fist – Right now Goku and Cell can teach it – it gives extra melee damage in exchage for ki
+ ADDED – New Skill Ki Boost – Right now King Kai can teach it – it gives extra Ki to the Max Ki

JBRA release version 1.6.22
+ Compatibility for new changes

click here to go to the Download site



New Skill Potential Unleashed skill – unlocks Mystic form
Every race is supported but the power of this state is heavily depending on the player’s race and skills.
For now King Kai gives it when 100% good.
No ki will be drained when in this state but there is one drawback, the skill will loose a level every around 30 minutes, until it gets removed.

Majin seal from Babidi
All race is supported.
Babidi can turn your mind and take control so to say, death or king kai can cure this state.

Skill God form has 2 levels now
Only saiyans are effected right now, for other races wont do anything.
Skill God form received an upgrade making saiyans able to have access to SSG first then SSB.
this SSG is not the same as the ritual SSG in function.

Status Info – 17w23

The Update will still come a bit late.

It seems that I will have a little coding help for the summer.
I‘m not sure just yet how much the mods will benefit the help, but I believe in the progress I can reach till the end of the summer. 

Also here is an insider before the update:



Furthermore I couldn’t spend enough time to work on the Resource pack update and since I delayed it for a long time now…
Please make a choice about it. Thou I know the answer, I just ask cause why not 😛 (stupid reason I know)

So for my resource pack addon I worked on the HD “custom skins” (as you might have seen in quite a few times in my videos and screenshots), but I didn’t finish the arcosians ones (only 1 body type has HD from the 3) AND neither the female skins… (female ones use the male skins for now)
Anyway let me know if you want it like that or will wait for the rest of the arcosian skins.
(The Arcosians skin is the hardest to make actually, but those who tried to make HD textures for them they already should know)
Also I dont know when I will have time to work on these again not to mention everything could have been done a lot better I know.
So if I get to it again I will update most of the current stuff too, like mouth and nose, even eyes and body.

Do you want my Resource Pack addon?

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Status Info – 17w22

There were too many experimenting without success relative to time, so I had to reorganize some stuff. Thou actually my experiments were successful but only partly and needs more time.

The changes to the hair system needs more serious recoding. That means it wont be available for now thus SS4 is still waiting for its appearance, but there has been progress with it without doubt, just needs more time.
Reason: I first wanted to make a simple change to add the SS4 but It was not working how I imagined, neither for SS3.
So then I looked into making the G3 version, but it is not even close to testing phase.
There are polls at the bottom of the post and please vote.

Anyway the next update will be on around a week later, because many new features are not in playable state.
What will be working probably for DBC:

  • Majin seal from Babidi, all race will be supported.
  • Potential Unleashed state aka Mystic form. Every race will be supported but the the power of this state will be heavily depending on the player’s race, stats and skills.
  • Skill God form will receive an upgrade making saiyans able to have access to SSG first then SSB. but this SSG will be not the same as the ritual SSG in function.
  • Changes to Action menu
  • At least 5 New skills
  • and more?

See ya next time!


G3 hair system, should it have more hair blocks?

  • yes (80%, 2,695 Votes)
  • no, the current amount is enough. (20%, 692 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,387

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Status Info & Update – 17w20

Status Info and a Minor Update!

Well I didn’t plan to do updates this month, but because the explosions are not working correctly on servers that increase the transformation multipliers above the defaults this release is needed and hopefully fixes the issues.

For those servers that experience issues with explosions try changing the new config “Energy Attack Density Modifier” and set it to “0” from the default “5”. If its not enough then try to change the other new config too.
If the problem still stays then I will try to make further changes and then please wait for the next update.

Since I made more work for myself then I can handle, and having some real life issues, I must delay the “Planned Stuffs” that I have written in 17w17 post.

Not to mention that Naruto C is still lacking the update I wanted, so for Naruto C users, please be patient and bear with that little visual eye coloring feature that was added.

Also something I need to write about is that I had to add a few sentence to the Terms of use for my works (mods, sites, softs etc) to make things more evident, and sadly many don’t even know about that a license even exists. I just want to mention if it was not clear to begin with that the terms of use applies to everything I have created.
Anyway it should be obvious that using my content/assets that I created (textures, codes, sounds etc) without asking me for permission is stealing and its against the law.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.40
+ ADDED – new config “Energy Attack Density Modifier” – Explosions size with increased density stat will be affected by this modifier, Lower reduces, Higher increases explosions area of effect
+ ADDED – new config “Energy Attack Large Blast Size Modifier” – Change this modifier to change the Large Blasts Size

DBC release version 1.4.35
+ FIXED – senzu visual glitch – when there is still a senzu in inventory but it does nothing when used
+ FIXED – fusion bug – If someone Fuses near You even if You have fusion turned off You get no fuse timer
+ FIXED – medical moss was not growing on its own

Naruto C release version 0.6.2
+ ADDED – bloodline limits now support their own eye colors, for now just some basic coloring, but resource packs can change that.

JBRA release version 1.6.21
+ Compatibility for new changes

click here to go to the Download site



Minor Update – 17w18

Well this update is not about what I originally wanted it to be but for various reasons I had to do this.
Anyway next week I will do another minor update probably.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.39
+ Changed – attribute upgrade tooltip info – now it tells if its maxed or if you don’t have enough TP or if you are fused.
+ Changed – config “Energy Attack Destruction Power” to “Energy Attack Explosion Intensity”
+ ADDED – new config “Energy Attack Explosion Size” – can make explosions larger
+ ADDED – new config “Energy Attack Size Limit” – limiting the size of the attacks, where large attacks can cause lagg to an extend to crash.
+ FIXED – energy attacks crash issue caused by previous update

DBC release version 1.4.34
FIXED – a fusion issue where sometimes players weren’t able to upgrade attributes (I hope atleast this fixes the issue)
+ Changed – Ki attacks and ki explosions visual appearance. Note that I’m only experimenting with this for now

click here to go to the Download site


Explosion with
– All attributes maxed
– Ki Power 1.8 mill using SSB configured to 1000%
– JRMC config Energy Attack Explosion Intensity 4
– JRMC config Energy Attack Explosion Size 10
– JRMC config Energy Attack Size Limit 10
– Custom Ki Attack – Large Blast with damage 100% and Effect Yes
– Release 100% and ki attack not overcharged

For me it took 2 second do create this hole and depending on computer this can get a lot bigger. Like changing the Explosion size for more since its a multiplier.

Quick Fix – 17w18

This is a quick fix for the previous update.
Check the previous post for the update information for the previous release.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.38
+ FIXED – In previous update the race statistics bonuses were changed unintentionally, now its restored

DBC release version 1.4.33
FIXED – Skill KiSense – previous update’s lagg fix activator was not working, it should be good now
+ Changed – Ki attack visual and explosion sizes are now bigger
+ Changed – Ki attack’s explosion bubble now shrinks first instead of disappearing right away when its close to disappear

click here to go to the Download site