Dragon Block C and Naruto C Update News (27th of April 2013):

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Dragon Block C Update News (27th of April 2013):
Many new things added with this update.
I present you Dragon Block C 1.0i!
Now with an RPG system. Do you want to be faster, stronger, more powerful? Now you can select what to upgrade! Be Custom, Be Special!
New Construction Thanks too masterlipi
A New Mob Kami (God).

Pressing J will bring up the abilities menu.

Now there are no ki attack items.
You must learn them yet now from Enma and Kami (God)
If you have learned a few attacks then you must have a hair or scouter.
Then with middle click you can select your ki attacks.
you will see it on the right side of the screen. and when looking down you will see info too.
And dont middle click the ground, cause it wont work then XD

You can gather DBC exp by using ki attacks and from punching too

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there is a new health bar to the right also. If it reaches 0 you will start loosing minecraft health.
Every DBC mob will attack your new health and minecraft health too.

You have an alignment bar. If you kill namekians you will become more evil and your aura will change accordingly. You can see your current alignment when you press J

There are more to write but i will later tell more ^^
If you dont figure out until then XD

If something doesnt work contact me as fast as you can please ^^

Naruto C Current Update News (27th of April 2013):
Naruto C 0.2a has nothing new! only for Forge build 666 compatibility.

Naruto C 0.2! Tweaked jutsu system, 18 new outfits from konoha and an akatsuki outfit.

Naruto C Update News (18th of April 2013):
Naruto C 0.2 is out!
Jutsu system little tweaked. Now you can start pressing the jutsu keys without first right clicking and the older method is still there if you liked that more.
When you pressed the right combination a chat message will tell you what jutsu you will make and its chakra cost.
18 New Konoha outfits from Team 7, 8, 9 aand an Akatsuki outfit is added too ^^

The recipes for the outfits are the following.
1. Make the basic ninja outfit. That is the base for all outfits.
2. in crafting table put the basic ninja outfit in the middle and put the specific color around it.

for example you put in the middle the flak jacket and around it red dyes from the rose then you will get the young sasuke’s shirt.
If you want the Shippuden sasuke’s shirt then put the young sasuke’s shirt in the middle of the crafting table and put around again the red dye from the roses and you will get the shippuden sasuke’s shirt.

There are 16 color dyes in minecraft and 10 color dyes are used now. I will later make a video for it but now it would be too much XD
And it might change!

Go to Downloads for Naruto C

Dragon Block C 1.0f with an early SSJ2 and a new Biome

Current Update News (27th of March 2013):
Dragon Block C 1.0f is ready for download.
An early SSJ2 for testing have been added (no new hair model yet)
New Stony Biome for Saibaimans to spawn in.
Dragon Blocks “not visible for other players after placing them” bug fixed
Saibaimans disappear bug should be fixed.
Some flying and shooting bugs fixed.
And a few minor fixes too.
Go to Downloads for 1.5.1

Welcome to JinGames!

Hi Everyone!

From Today on There will be a website for my works too.

Dragon Block C
Latest News (18th of March 2013):
Bug fixes that!
+Multiplayer clashing bug fixed
+Ki attacks wont slow down in water anymore
+The Dragons wont disappear when looking up
+fixed “on ice dash too fast bug”
+Installer fixes…

Naruto C
Latest News (3rd of March 2013):
Compatibility to Minecraft 1.5!
This is my second mod which i will work on.
It features only a few things yet but it will have tons of features. And this wont die too. ^^