I know it was long since i updated Naruto C but finally here it is.

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Hey there Everyone!
Finaly I finished Naruto C and the new main features are added and ready for testing.
I want everyone who finds a bug to send me a message about it asap here http://main.jingames.net/contact/ so I can release a quick fix for it.

Naruto C changes
So new features include mainly a jutsu creator, skills, learnable jutsus including a new experimental genjutsu and an easier way of using the handseal keys.
-jutsu creator: You will only be able to make elemental jutsus (not mixing elements!) in a form of wave, ball and disk like in dbc for now but ofcourse it will change to more naruto like ones.
-new jutsu management: the new way of managing the jutsus means you will need to learn first the jutsus and only then can you use it successfully even if you know the other combinations. You will be able to create 4 jutsus and there is now a new page for another 4 jutsus to learn some pre-made jutsus including new ones like the experimental genjutsu, bunshinjutsus and old jutsus as well thou might not work the same.
-skills: few basic skills are also added including learning affinities, 11 in total currently not including the doujutsus. (Medical ninjutsu don’t have any effect just yet)
-chakra control: running on water now works waay better then before and in addition you can now ‘climb’ any wall and even hang from the ceiling.
-new sounds: I hope no one minds my voice cause you will hear it a lot. For now you can only change the pitch of the voice 1 time from the attributes menu, but I plan to use a command for it as well.

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JRMCore changes
-minor bug fixes, changes
-fixing some issues with transformation upkeep costs but still needs work.
-the energy release wont decrease if the energy decreases below 25%, it will go to 0% if run out of energy.
-energy regeneration now only will be 100% if the energy release is at 0% and at 50% the regen will be 0%, that means at 25% release the rengen is 50%. Above 50% release the regen will stay 0%.

There have been made many changes to Naruto C and probably will work with DBC as well but these mods are currently absolutely Not balanced try them with this in mind.

New Families and Years hurray updated! And of course JRMCore and JBRA too!

If there is any crash or missing resource or any abnormal activities or just wrong grammar, Tell me asap so I can fix it and release a quick fix for them ^-^


JFamily C Release v1.1.4 (1.6.4) (30-10-2014)

Main codes rewritten.
+ You can now procreate with the other gender and have some npc children who takes order from their parents (compatible with DBC).
+ Whole new Family system (it could be a new beginning for something…).
+ You can configure npc lifespan and grow time, and the pregnancy time.
There are more to be added later, like seeing the child attributes and/or upgrading them.
Currently the npc can level up when fighting mobs (might not attack every mob yet but that will be fixed).
The child can get stronger from levelling of course. But if they die you will loose the child.
Be careful because the child may walk away if it is not contained, so always make sure to get it to follow you.
The child doesn’t really like to swim yet. As I said, there still is a lot of work on the Family C mod yet to come. 😉

JYears C Release v1.1.4 (1.6.4) (30-10-2014)

Half way rewritten.
+ Time goes as it should normally, and you get the day message every morning.
+ You can now configure the lifespan and the grow time, somewhat. (Server sided of course).
+ So some bugs were fixed and work how they were planed to work.
+ There are new features planned.

Now I will start workin on Naruto C again finally! XD

Only some status information

family c:
main codes rewritten, procreation works and have some nice features. Children can be given some order but its not yet so complex thou, you can tell them to follow its mom, dad or someone it is told, can be defensive and aggressive, it will have its own stats that can be auto upgrade or manually. A whole new Family system (it could be a new beginning for something).
years c:
years get rewritten code too, well I have some new features for it plans but that still have to wait, sorry.
naruto c:
well I dont know how to say. not that much will be added but will be better then it was. Or I might forget to tell something?
It has its plans, not that much progressed but I will post a poll about something regarding this.
Many codes are getting rewritten from the older mods because a few months, still in this year, my mods will be compatible with mc 1.7 and 1.8 too.
I was ill in august for close 2 weeks, so that one took my time away, and it seems Im getting ill again, but this seems bearable for now.
I still dont have a release date for the mods. but I will announce it here if there will be. I’m Sorry about being slow, there are some private reasons too.
Just mentioning, please do not spread any rumours, if there is anything I will post it.

Dragon Block C PT v10 released

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– (DBC&JRMCore)change saibaiman spawn and henchman spawn to around the players when they have that saga.
– (DBC&JRMCore)group and mission system, main saga should progress for everyone in the group if members are at the same saga part. More group functions upcoming.
– (DBC&JRMCore)side mission system added. Only 1 side mission at a time can be launched. Currently 1 test mission. Later on more short mission will ba added and finaly Movie mission too.
– (DBC&JRMCore)Make ki attacks with selectable sounds.
– (DBC&JRMCore)Kami lookout safe zone config option added, by default it is enabled. dbc mob spawn, energy punch and energy attacks in lookout are disabled.
– (DBC&JBRA)fixed the wrapped tail bug.
– (JRMCore)jrmc heal command added.

Dragon Block C Downloads: http://main.jingames.net/minecraft-mods/dragon-block-c/

Many fixes and few new features!

Many fixes and a few new features, like the long awaited saiyan tail wrapping mode.

– (Core&JBRA) Crash and error fix (it needs testing so it might not be fixed)
– (Core) changed BP calculations again
– (Core) creative players wont die from now on (hopefully)
– (Core) fixed decreasing release, default Ctrl+C (Fn+Release keys)
– (DBC) Death Penalty removed, instead one can set difficulty from character sheet and only King Kai will be able to reduce it. increasing difficulty will earn players exp boosts
– (DBC&JBRA) set saiyan tail wrapped mode, Kami can cut down tail, half-saiyan can born without tail, cut down others tail with disk with 25% chance, tail regrows if cut down by disk with 33% every morning, forced tail regrow that costs 100HP and 20TP for now
– (DBC) The power of being alive. Your power will grow continuously if you stay alive but if you die this additional power will reset (currently not fully working)
– (DBC) Time Chamber and King Kai Planet has now a gui that tells how much exp one can earn and when one is eligible to earn exp, it will get slower as you gain more and more Power (above 20,000BP will continuously increase the exp gain time). And every exp gain will damage energy and health by 50 for now. Only a specific amount (set in config)  can be earned this way
– (DBC) After 20mins in the chamber, you will need to wait outside another 20mins, to enter the chamber for 20 mins again
– (Core) from now jrmctp the TP giving command can be negative too (dbca and dbctp commands are removed, use jrmca and jrmctp instead)
– (Core) jrmca command now can set all to specific amount not just max. /jrmca set all (amount) [playerName]

Downloads can be found as usual at: http://main.jingames.net/
Dragon Block C Downloads: http://main.jingames.net/minecraft-mods/dragon-block-c/

And what videos would you like to see from me? Please, if you want tutorials, explanations or anything I can do or help with, then let me know by contacting me here: http://main.jingames.net/contact/

Sorry guys for v7

Things not run as planned. Like v7 crash when more then a specific number of players join a server and some random crashes and errors.
I hope I could fixed them in v8. So please try it out and tell meg

– (DBC) fixed Planet Vegeta saiyan mobs spawn
– (DBC) configurable Death Penalty system added
– (DBC)  And another BP fix try
– (Core&JBRA) Crash and error fix (it needs testing so it might not be fixed)

Downloads can be found as usual at: http://main.jingames.net/

And what videos would you like to see from me? Please, if you want tutorials, explanations or anything I can do or help with, then let me know by contacting me here: http://main.jingames.net/contact/

DBC, Core and JBRA Update. And I might have more time from now on

My time for developing just increased a bit, so it might happen that I will release new updates in 1 or 2 weeks.
Currently bear with me again with this little update:

– (DBC) dino meat refills 5 point from 20
– (DBC) new BP calculation (it will still change later)
– (Core) server sided config to turn off the hitbox size change, so big characters can get through a 2×1 sized door
– (Core) new gui to check news, server info, and mod updates. Because of this when logging in, the chat message news, will be removed for the upcoming updates for my mods.
– (Core&JBRA) and a possible lag reducing, player data sending system

And please, if you want tutorials, explanations or anything i can do or help with, then let me know what videos you would like to see from me, by contacting me here:

Dragon Block C and Years C updates

Overall News:

Hi everyone!
Long time no update, and sorry about it. To make it up, for DBC there are 3d modelled swords (they are tests and will change) and wave attacks are now fire ready!

About my life, it is in a mess for days now, since easter i get bad luck but i dont belive in luck (paradox).
But there is a ray of hope i will post later on and write about it, if everything goes right.
And what is already in move is that I try to quit my current job and again i will be able to work on mods full time. And thats a good thing, but life is against it XD
The company i work for wont let me quit so easily, i will need to work another 3 weeks and because of that i got some problems.
The hope i was talking about will introduce an Official DBC server that i will visit frequently to gather bugs XD

I hope everyone will look forward for it.

Years C News:

Aging height works correctly, out of water jump works as it should, very young childs can run in 1 block height tunnels, And there might be new bugs.

Dragon Block C News:

Many bugs are fixed, and new bugs might be introduced. XD
Main new features are the new config options in JRMCore and in DBC.
Sorry i will write every new feature later on, till then see if you can find them 😀