Sunday Stuff – Tutorial Begins!

It was a while ago but I did say I would make a tutorial. I am finally getting around to it and it looks like option C was most popular, but people more avidly defended Option B. But I decided: Why not make all of em? So that is what I am going to do. Check back here periodically to see what I have finished and such, may take a bit considering Jin has to approve my Pages on the website since I am not an administrator.

Funday Friday – Mod Tutorials

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Hey everyone! Not a really long Funday Friday today but I have a quick question for you. I am setting myself up to make a full-blown tutorial for new players on DBC so they know what it is exactly they are doing. However, I would like to know how in depth I should go, and whether or not I should make tutorials for the other mods too (SAOC, Naruto C, Family C, etc.)

So for instance:

Option A: Not very in depth. I would just explain basic controls.
Option B: A little in depth. I would explain controls as well as the overall themes (Otherworld, NPCs, transformations, Ki attacks etc.)
Option C: Super in depth. I would explain controls, the themes, stat differences between races, base multipliers for each transformation, controls, crafting recipes, etc.


So let me know what you think is the best for new players to the mods.

Fun Day Friday – Majins, Mystics and Kais, Oh my

A rather requested topic I never covered in full is: How will Mystic and Majin (the power up, not the race) be covered?



Mystic form, Ultimate form, or Old Kais Potential Unlock, is a state in which a person takes after having their Potential fully awoken by Elder Kai. Jin has stated to me in the past he wants Ultimate to not be a transformation, but rather a state of ‘being’ like a permanent power up. However, thanks to recent revelations in Dragon Ball Super, this might actually change. Now, if you want to watch Dragon Ball Super on your own and haven’t quite caught up to the part where Mystic is talked about again, then go ahead and just skip this post for a bit. That being said, let’s get into it:

Teachers & Requirements:
While I would love to have a world of the Kais, I am not sure Jin is really feeling that idea, and he may simply choose to ignore it all together and make King Kai the one who gives it. Now, onto my personal thoughts. Unlike other skills, I believe Mystic in particular should require a few things before it becomes available. First should be a certain level, configurable. Remember, levels are attained from overall stats. I think that having a certain level be required to get Mystic can help avoid the confusion of percentages.  As well, the player must of course, be 100% good.

Idea 1:
So my first idea based off the last system for Mystic, is for it to be a state, based off Jins original wishes. How this would work, is that it would allow one to achieve 200%, like how it was before the update made potential unleash go up to 100%. Mystic allows someone to essentially break this cap and go upwards of 200%. This allows it to be stacked with things like Super Saiyan, god form, etc, which some people won’t like, but it is just the first idea of how this goes of course. Oh, and a quick mention, the max without Potential Unleashed would only be 150%.

Idea 2:
The second idea for Mystic would be to have it be a stackable transformation, with a set percentage and appearance, but with the little to absolutely no ki drain to maintain. Maybe having other transformations on top of mystic will increase their ki drain cost, but other than that this is the simple secondary idea for it. This is based on how Gohan, in Super, attained Mystic again like a form, by going beyond Super Saiyan. Perhaps anyone can attain or lose it just as Gohan had?


Majin, or Babidi’s Potential Unleashed, is a technique in which Babidi the wizard draws out the latent power of an individual and binds them to do his bidding. Unlike Mystic, Majin is rather unmentioned in the community, spoken of only in a few posts, and most of them are accompanied with Mystic still. Majin doesn’t even seem to function that differently from Mystic, being just another power up, but I for one want to change that, and make it be something really cool and unique for the mod, if Jin is down for the extra work that would needed to be put in.

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Teachers & Requirements:
Like Mystic, Majin would probably have a certain level set for it before you could learn it. However, I feel this should be lower than Mystic by default, seeing as Babidi was willing to hand it out to anyone foolish enough to seek power from him. It is never specifically stated how much of a boost Majin is, but it let Vegeta fight on par with Goku for the first time in a while, even showing superiority in several moments in the fight. Majin won’t be a free power up like Mystic however, as of course, Babidi wants to make you his personal slave! So here are my ideas on both  the power ups and how to overcome these restrictions.

Idea 1:
Unlike most transformations and power ups, Majin comes with a delightful bonus of an angry gremlin like wizard who wants to completely seize control of your mind and body. Now, this first idea would be hard for Jin, as mainly it would rely on the willpower stat. If your willpower stat isn’t up to snuff, you can’t use the Majin power, because your character would know that using it would break your mind, and therefore won’t use it.

Idea 2:
Unlike the first idea, this will have Majin simply rely on leveling it up. Randomly you will freeze as Babidi tries to seize your mind. The higher you level the skill, the shorter these spasms will be until they stop all together. This means players who want Majin would have to save up some TP in order to reduce or eliminate the effects.


So, not a super long post, but hopefully one that can whet your appetite til I can think of more to say. I don’t want to go too much more into detail in case Jin has a new idea he wants to talk about.


Streaming Right Now!

Hey everyone, I am going to be streaming for an undetermined amount of time! Just showing off some development stuff and what have you! I’ll answer questions as best I can and generally just talk with everyone. I know it’s rather early in the morning, but I figure it’s best to start early.




Stream Cancelled because my dog got hurt ;-;

Community Tuesdays – Individual Abilities

Just a side note before we begin, I got to spot longtime devblog fans by reusing last years April Fools post. I wanted to see how many people noticed it. Thanks guys 😛

Original Post by: CurtisSeaf

Click here to view the original post
When Your Character On Either DBC, Naruto C Or Both(Heck. Maybe Even SAOC) Hits Level 100. Wouldn’t It Be Amazing If They Could Have Their Own Ability? First off, I would love to point out that someone said Level instead of BP, as Levels are cross platform, and don’t serve much of a purpose right now.

For Example:
-Cell Had His Absorbing Ability(?) Sadly, this won’t do. Absorbing seems to be a Majin/Bio-Android specific thing.
-Ginyu Could Switch Bodies(This Is WAAAAYY TOO OP THO) True.
-Goku Could Use Intant Transmission Instanst transmission is already designed to be a skill, but I see where you are going with this.

You Could Give Players The Option To Select Attributes To Add To The Skill. Like Make It Do Damage Or Heal, Maybe Give Some Of Your Characters Power To Them Temporarily.

Welp. I Hope This Idea Comes Through. Thanks!


So, that idea, in short, basically suggests we add something skills that are limited and only obtainable by level. Before I go further, yes, we are planning to add more skills to the game. Something like this though is iffy. Having a specific skill learnable by level is fine, but limiting it, saying you can only pick this OR that, would put a bad taste in some peoples mouths. What if someone wants to use instant transmission AND Body change as a combo. Anyway, I want to see what you guys think of this, let me know in the comments, I read all of them. Stay tuned for next weeks post!

Community Mondays – New SSJ Idea! (Not SSJ4 or LSSJ)

Original post by: Dominick Finch

Read the original post here

Ok first things first this is not about SSJ4 or LSSJ. That makes this different than most the questions I answer in a day already. Haha, just kidding guys, I don’t mind the questions. It’s my job to inform you, which reminds me, yes, Ssj4 and LSSJ are in the plans for the mod. So this isn’t about that. But SSJ in DBC is pretty cool but I think one thing would make it better. Skipping transformations. This is something I have very little recollection of ever hearing. I mean I have talked to a few people (possibly even Jin, I don’t remember) about it, but other than that, no one has mentioned it. Now what I mean when you press a certain combination of buttons you power up instantly to a certain transformation. For example when you press your blood line skill key and you press the number two on you number pad next to your arrows you instantly jump to SSJ 2. Now here is where it differs from all the other ideas I have heard on this topic. Most people prefer a gui setting so when they ascend it skips to their selected transformation. However, not only is that a pain, it is also harder to code as it requires gui work. Button inputs, on the other hand, do not require any gui work, and while they could talk some time, it won’t be as tedious as coding each and every option for a specific form. Same for descending. You’re in SSJ 3 and you press your awoken skill button and number pad 1 you descend to SSJ 1 instead of powering out of SAJ altogether. Alot of people also ask me stuff along the lines of: “Can Jin make it so when you descend you only go down one form?”  One last thing I think Jin should make it once you become SSJG or Super Saiyan Red you can transform back into it without doing the ritual all over again. Not sure if Jin ever plans for this to be a thing. I’ll ask him, but if he doesn’t feel like it should be a thing, he won’t put it in. Unless Dragon Ball Super does it. Then he will. But tell me what you think. Like comment subscribe oh wait this isn’t YouTube.


Now to begin covering, the full article is not really a ‘huge’ addition to the mod. It’s not cities, or space, or movie quests, or any of the other countless things we need to have done before the mod can be ‘complete’, but this is a great start. I have always liked to push for accessibility. To me, right now some things are still a bit too confusing. Fusion isn’t really specific, and neither is Super Saiyan God. I want to make a tutorial for Dragon Block C, but right now I feel like after a few updates some changes may make it become outdated. Wasting time is one of my biggest pep peeves (yet I do do it a lot). Either way, this is a great, well structured idea an I love it. Nice job Dominick.


Next up is our news section:

Saturday, April 15th. It will be one of the biggest days, not only for the community, but for the mod. This is the first time multiple servers have come together on this scale. Something so grand can only be called THE TOURNAMENT of POWER. And after this is done we will have the Inter Dimensional World Martial Arts Tournament, something that brings everyone, from every walk of DBC, both Single and Multiplayer, to one massive tournament that can support 256 people. That’s right. 256. The bracket is so big that it took me four screenshots just to get it all, and that’s with numbers, not player names. If need be, we can reduce it to 128, but for now, we can go that high. However, only the final 16 will be recorded on livestream. If we do 256 people, our final victor will have trounced 8 total opponents, each of which was stronger than all those before them. Practically speaking, that means our winner is essentially the best DBC has to offer. That’s insane! 
Also, while this is not official, I may be looking to pay an animator to do sprite animation for both final fights of the tournament, as well as giving them a wish (a post on the devblog that will stay up for a while), letting all know their vision of the mod.

Also! I am going to look for modelers and texture makers to assist me in making the quests. I have hit kind of a wall. I want to make more quests, but I really can’t at this point. Our first Sidequest update will most likely contain most, if not all the movie sagas IF I get help from people. Keep in mind these aren’t the final versions of these quests yet, as there are still some features missing from the final version of the mission system, so I will go back to update it.


Thanks for tuning in, see you on the next Devblog.


Fun Saturdays – Tournament!

So I have talked about it a lot in the past, a cross-server tourney! Boo-yah! But before I could finalize my rules or get another group of people set up to host one, some servers went ahead and did it for me. Introducing the first DBC:

Tournament of Power!

Hosted by, Asura (Zeito_Kurigaia), Crimson
Organized by: Kazuya Hatamiruu (cowslayer4)

Featuring fighters from these servers:

Dragon Block GT

Fury Gaming

Saiyan Craft

Dragon Block Nova

Dragon Block Xenoverse 3

Dragon Block C Super

Dragon Block C Fighters

Project Kai

Dragon Block: Legend of Z


Today is the preliminaries, and I will be streaming the fights as well as answering questions about the mods in the twitch chat!

Join us to watch the fights!


Community Tuesday – Duel System

Quick Update: I am changing my Community Monday/Tuesday Format. Instead of posting the original post and running through it below, I will instead bold my input on certain paragraphs/sentences. I will also try to post thoughtful comments in Italics on the post if I feel someone brought up a good point.


Duel System
Orignal post by: Bronygamer

Hello. I am God, and I will write an idea that will end all tyranny of stronger beings attacking weaker beings all the time. I myself was a victim of such act, therefore I could not stand it, at all. Let’s admit it, being laughed at, insulted and disrespected for being weaker, but then killed because the person killed you felt like it, is an indescribable feeling that all of us have to cope with. Some of us are more affected more than others, resulting in minor mental issues (Mostly in pre-teen age group), some even cry because of that. Well fear not! I am gonna try and help you out by writing this decent-sized post.

The opening is trying to grab you by being relateable. I have seen it on man servers too, sometimes just in chat or having it happen to some of my friends. The problem being that on servers, the only way to grind sagas is to follow the warps usually, and you can have bored high level players there also trying to grin, and they will kill anyone in a hundred block radius because they can. I particularly don’t enjoy this because it leaves a bad taste in ones mouth when it comes to DBC, and can make new players feel like this is just a community full of warp camping jerks who have nothing better to do with their time than stop others from progressing.

However, Harpor(Hp) had to argue against this point specifically, saying this in the comments: I see this as a bad idea, simply because when someone kills me it just makes me want to become stronger so I may defeat them, me and some players i know use it as motivation, also the dbz world isint fair and dbc shouldnt be either, the mod is based on survival, so youre supposed to strive through the agony of being killed and develop tactics and separate grinding spots so you can progress on the server, in my opinion its what makes the mod fun.

To some, having a real, tangible player become your villain and motivation is a prime reason to get stronger, and actually adds play-ability to the mod. Anyway, we have spent too long on the first paragraph, let’s move on.

Time to begin!

The PvP/PVE system:

This system is rather simple, but EXTREMELY helpful. The way it works is that there will be a key that says ‘PvP status’ and it will have a menu that I drew specifically for this post:

PVP idea by God/BGM4447

The picture mostly tells the post by itself. Please add this, Jin. Don’t make weaklings suffer.

The PvE/PvP time cooldown (after you change to each, the cooldown could be configured from .1 to 100 minutes).

When a player hits and gets hit a certain mob in PvE mode, he will be one on one meaning that no other player could hurt the npc until after it’s dead or the player hit it is dead (configured in Config by server whether to have this option or not)

Ok, now we skipped through a bit. This picture has a lot to cover, so we are going to move through it block by block. 

The Upper Left Block: This basically is a ‘tutorial’ on how to duel a player. By pressing a certain key, players may send invites to the player they are looking at. The fact someone invited you will be displayed above the players health bar (or where their health bar would be without ki sense). This means you can see if someone challenges you. Below this you can see a scroll through list of challenges.
Now Jin and I have talked about a Duel system in the past and I have a general idea of how he wants it to be. I can tell you right now the scroll bar won’t be there, because Jin can’t make the GUI take anything but click inputs at this point, at least not right now. A button press to duel someone may not be how it is done either. It may be done all through a GUI, with a chat message displaying that someone challenged you.

The White Blocks: These are the terms of the Duel. Both declare when the duel ends statwise. One also displays an option to weaken the stronger fighter to be equal with his opponent. The last White block simply explains that if the players do not set their options for Ki, Health and whether or not the stronger player is weakened, to the same thing as their opponent, the duel will not begin.
Now setting what health the duel ends at doesn’t seem likely, Jin will probable just have it end at a configurable percentage. Ending it on ki won’t be a thing either, unless Jin feels like it should be, but personally, I don’t see the point. A duel/spar should help you learn how to manage ki better in actual fights. As I said, Jin will probably have it set so that the most you will have to do is press a button and the duel will begin, everything else, like health max will be configurable for simplicity purposes.

Green Block: This is the only block that confuses me. It seems to talk about how the duel cannot end until certain conditions, but it just confuzzles my brain for some reason.

PvE vs PvP: This block is the most interesting. Jin has talked about coding a way that by default, unless players are grouped, you cannot kill anothers saga mobs. It is also planned, or possibly even added already, that random killing players will make you evil. A duel system has been talked about many times, and I have tried to surmise it the best I can, but it’s hard to say exactly how its going to be before Jin tries to code it. Of course I would love a PVP or PVE mode, but I am just not sure it is possible at the moment.


That’s it for this Community Tuesday, tell me what you think about Bronies post in the comments below!