Community Monday – Voice Acting & Magic

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Original post by: Falwrin


well , its maybe going to sound dumb, but why don’t we have a voice setting?
if thats too hard instead we could use different types of voices for the same attack and instead of using the original voices i’d like to hear something “not soo copyrighted”, for example i take the chanting of the Abridgen parody, beside being comical most of the times the chanting usually are very well made and serious
example stand here
with the kamehameha we could use 4 different chanting that would alternate randomly each chant , to make it sound less repetitive

So eventually there will be voice acting in the mod. Probably nothing too serious, maybe more like naruto C, but I for one have 3 different parts. I have a light hearted voice, a normal voice, and of course, my roshi voice. (Those who were there for that stream know the strangeness that is my roshi impression. So I talked with Jin about recording hundreds of different voice lines for two to three part attack names. It would work like this. use this table to create a combination you like!

First Word Second Word Third word (Optional)
Fighting Bomb Attack
Fire Fall Blast
Death Ray Beam
Super Inferno Cannon
Raging Blast Disk
Blazing Explosion Ray
Special Beam Bomb
Exploding Cannon Barrage
Moon Blade Cutter

After selecting your attacks name from premade words, then it would be voiced. If you wanted to use an attack name that isn’t available, then your character voice would just shout “Ha!” as they fired it or maybe nothing at all. It’s all about customization.

Original post by: Abomination870


Okay if you where a Namekian and you had 15tp you could buy the clothes beam from Kami. If you bought the clothes beam you press ; and that opens a tab and you can pick any clothes you want like Goku’s and the Z sword Gi. Then you point at the player you want to have the clothes then press z or if you want to put it on your self press shift z but it takes 200 ki away.

While not much has been talked about, Magic is a planned part of the mod for Namekians. Now you aren’t going to go on and create your own dragon balls (as far as I know), but you will be able to do practical things like healing, cloths beaming your friends, etc. I know it’s rather a short topic but I don’t want to speculate on a feature that isn’t even in the planning stage yet. Just know that it is coming. One day. Some day. Oh and before I go, just know that magic won’t be JUST for Namekians.


Alright, sorry I missed last week fridays post. Life has been a bit tough lately, and I will try to keep up the schedule. At least twice a week on mondays and fridays is all I want. I thought I had it a few weeks ago but I ran into a roadblock. Anyway, see you in the comment section!


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Community Monday – Animation (SSJBlue Aura suggest)

Original post by: Bronygamer

Now it is a simple and small feature/detail, but hear me out. You know the way SSJBlue is different from other ssj forms? It has white particles and a yellow aura outside of blue aura. That’s what I want and what would be awesome to be added. And normal ssj’s having a transparent aura in the middle, just outside, as for ssjblue having a full blown aura just as Jin shown for all forms, it should be exclusively for god forms. And another feature that would be nice, is having tiny particles flying around ssjblue as the white dots, and small yellow aura laying on top of blue aura, just like kaioken is. When applying kaioken, the yellow thing disappears and the red one appears, as kaioken is on top of ssjb.

Just something I wanted to point out for a while, and have done in the past (not on the devblog as far as I know): The animations for DBC are far from done. Most, if not all of the animations for DBC are placeholders until Jin reaches the ‘polish’ state of development. I know you want everything to look cool, and Jin did his best with the new aura update, but don’t expect animation work too often. Features come first. Just wanted to get that out there, I am planning a bigger post this friday, my internet has been down for the last few days so I have been having trouble.


Community Monday – Let’s go!

So I forgot the friday post already because I went camping, therefore it is time to punish myself. We are doing a community monday for each of the suggestions on the first page of the forums. (My responses won’t be too long due to the sheer quantity of things I have to respond to. Oh, and no double ideas! This means if I have talked about it in a big post on the devblog before, then I am going to skip over it, possibly save it for a day I can talk about it on its own. My ideas are constantly changing and improving so we will see.) EDIT: There are some posts that don’t really fit as mod suggestions, but still kind of belong on the suggestions page, like someone suggesting ways to make ones game harder. Those won’t be here either

Naruto C [Clan Suggestion]

Post by: Juubi


Otstuski Clan:
The Otsutsuki clan would have a config option (off by default, just for servers.) however when enabled they would be able to obtain the sharingan, byakugan, or the rinnegan. They would also have limitless skill slots. (Not jutsu slots though)
This would mainly bring more customization, so if you didn’t want to be a part of a specific clan, you could still go without all limits.

Kaguya Clan:
This one would be hard, as Shikotsumyaku would be a kekkei genkai, VERY different from the others. However by default the Kaguya clan would have stronger defense and offense, as well as Shikotsumyaku being an ability that gives constant thorns and extra damage to attacks. Making it around a 45:55 Defense to offense ratio.

So one thing I would like to mention is that, unlike Dragon ball z, Naruto C won’t, or at least, shouldn’t, be limited to classes. It is highly likely that there will be far more starting clans in the mod, giving you more options and a lot more diversity than DBC, due to the fact there aren’t really any races in Naruto.

Combat Mechanics 

Original Post by: Master Kashou


Just an idea to add something interesting into fights. in the shows everyone fights but everyone also get hit so hard that they fly into the nearest mountain and or building. that. i want that. not as flashy but perhaps every third or fifth hit the attack would have a knockback effect so the target goes flying a little ways away. this would make ring-outs in an WMA style fight actually possible. the effect is direction specific in vanilla minecraft which means that if you are flying and your enemy gives you a knockback hit on your head while they are looking down, then you are going to get meteor smashed right into the ground. this also means that you can knock your enemies into the air if you manage to get a hit in from an upward angle, like an uppercut. just a thought on how to spice up melee fighting.

Knockback is something that I think could make a big difference in DBC fighting. Not anything extreme like juggling your opponent in the air, but custom created melee attacks to create distance between you and your opponent, either to open up an escape or buy time for a ki attack. The best part is that current dbc mechanics can help play skill into this, seeing as flying can stop knockback, if you are thrown airborne you can stop yourself midway. I enjoy the idea. However, not sure if directional knockback (Up, down, side-to-side) will be a thing.


Original post by: The Big Boss


I think it would be pretty awesome if some other transformations would be added, such as ultra super saiyan or even super saiyan 4 and ssj god. Maybe even fusion, if it could be implemented. In my opinion I think that the character’s leveling up is way too op because its just ssj then ssj2 and ssj3 in very little time. It would add some variety by getting some new transformations, but thats just my two cents.

First thing I want to get off my chest: Ultra Super Saiyan is in the mod. You unlock ASSJ and USSJ before SSJ2 (they are the buff muscle forms Vegeta and Trunks used) Secondly, it has been confirmed time and time again that ssj god and super saiyan 4 will BOTH be added to the mod. Lastly, I do agree that as the mod is, the default cost for SSJ, SSJ2, and SSJ3 is a bit too cheap. Going on a server and seeing a super saiyan is no big deal nowadays, it’s everywhere. Making it more difficult to obtain is something I don’t think anyone will disagree with.

Custom Race: Saibaman

Original post by: Splarmf


How i think saibamen could work… It can be maybe like a hard mode kind of. Saibamen can be weak but maybe could have an advantage. I dont know what this could be but it can be something what can make saibamen useful. Maybe u can spawn in saibamen urself with a cost of Ki and their BP is half of what urs is. U could add a transformation but i think since its like a hard mode u dont really need to add one. To make them more balanced they could be weaker in everything but maybe an uppder hand in stamina maybe. I think it will be a good challenge if u add a saibamen.

Hey, all I can say is, this is an original idea. Haven’t actually heard anyone want to play as a Saibaman before. So you have that. Props to you.

A “Precise Power Scaling” 

Original Post by: Scarlet Dragon


I’m gonna try keeping this suggestion short and sweet.
So you know how sometimes, you wanna fight someone weaker than you, but you’re at a point where either
A: You’re so much stronger that you have to drop to such a lower % that they can literally run circles around you.
B: You just want to fight like a snail and make the whole thing unfair.

Well I propose the Precise Power Scaling Skill to fix that!
What it will do is allow you to manually lower your stats to anything under your original, meaning that you can literally have a fair fight with anyone.
Mousing over the stat will show the little pop-up displaying your original stat number compared to your current, just like transforming.

The reason I feel we need this skill is simple, lowering your % just doesn’t mesh right with your stats.
You could be at a million BP at 5% and dealing just hundreds of damage each blow, but anyone with a Scouter will see that your BP is so high and anyone with Ki Sense will be told that you’re still a threat even though they could take your 5% easily.
Not only that, but can you really call it fair fight if your BP and damage is even, but you just so happen to have over 50000 HP than your opponent?

Being able to buy a skill and manually lower yourself is an easy way to let friends fight each other without having to worry about one of them being leaps and bounds stronger.

Now this seems to come up as more of a balancing thing as far as percentages go, but more control over lowering ones percentage wouldn’t be too bad of an idea, especially if its just an optional skill you could pick up for cheap. I think this is a neat idea, but my only gripe is that lowering HP and ki pool shouldn’t be a thing with percentages. Notice in the whole Freeza fight. Sure he was taking damage from everyone, got his crap kicked in by Piccolo, but Freeza never really seemed to be taking much damage. His real ki and stamina pools were far larger than what his transformation was giving him. Think taking a cooking pot and dumping it in a small pool, then pouring it out on the ground. That’s freeza second form. His third form would be  more like using a bathtub, and then final form would give him access to all the pool, allowing him to dump as much as he feels at any time.

My Ideas for Whenever All the major stuff comes out

Original post by NinjaSamuraiX


Percentage Lock
Whenever you feel like sparring when someone but you’re too strong, you can press a button to lock your percentage. For you to know when it’s on, the percentage bar turns gold. It toggles on and off, simple as that.

Ki Lend
Whenever you’re low on ki or need a temporary power boost, you can have ki lended to you. It can work by a GUI popping up whenever you select someone with lock on and press a key for lending that asks what you want to do with the ki. You can either send energy to increase the target’s power for a short amount of time or to give your own ki to fill the selected player’s. You could also lend ki for a spirit bomb or for an ssjg ritual.

There could be some type of command that edits your eyes whenever you transform. In the vampirism mod, whenever you become a vampire, you can edit your skin to make your eyes red so I know this is possible.

Firstly, Percentage Lock is a wonderful idea that has come up before, but has sadly been overshadowed by the people suggestion fusion/god ki/transformations. Ki lend is another idea I like, but when I talked to Jin about it, he said he currently has no clue how he would code it. That was a long time ago, so things may have changed, don’t get your hopes up. As far as eyes go, if you use a custom skin, your eyes actually become emerald. Look for it next time!

Ko Mechanic

Original Post by: Teza


o here are a few ideas that i’m sure have been said already, but nevertheless I think they would pose a great role in the mod. Above all else these are practical ideas.

Pre-death death.

What I mean by this is to simply pass out before you die. Now many factors could go into this, for example say someone 100x stronger than you decides to put you on their hit list and one shot you, perhaps you have only a 10% survival rate(Meaning you will pass out instead of die) and a 90% instant death rate.

I think the relative strength of your opponent should decide your instant death. Of course stats could also play a part perhaps your survival rate could be upgraded with DEX. Ki attacks would have a higher mortality rate because they are essentially finishing moves.

To add to this perhaps in single player or while fighting saga mobs, if you are KO’ed the mob will de-spawn with a cheeky quote. Multiplayer is an entire new beast, and even if you survive your life lies in the hands of your opponent, they could decide to kill or spare you.

This could give an advantage to evil players allowing them to kill there KO’ed opponent with ease whilst goodie-two-shoes won’t be able to. Senzu beans would now have their intended use and be fed to unconscious players with a right click to fully restore their health.(Their pride would still be pretty low. Ha-Ha)

Another thing could be that while your unconscious you could mash space-bar or something to wake up faster. KO’s could be cumulative meaning each time you get KO’ed in a fight the longer you stay down. Eventually when you wake up you would still be near death, but you could Transport away.

Adding this mechanic could allow for death to be more serious, because you have more chances to survive.

Any questions or thoughts? Comment below!

Surprise surprise! This is 100% confirmed to be one of Jins future plans for the mod. As part of combat, when ones health falls to zero, instead of dying, they enter a ‘knocked out’ state, where the opponent can then choose whether to help them up with some energy, or be an evil murderer and send them to otherworld. I am pretty sure I know which one is going to be more popular too…

Update idea

Original post by: Leafy


Hello Jin.
Ive been playing Dragon Block C for a while and I REALLY love it. My idea is that you add Missing things form Dragon Ball (Like Gokus magic staff and the old blue Gi ) and also Things from Dragon Ball GT and Super. It would be also a great idea to have a better training system like in the show. Thank You, Leafy

So yeah, more outfits, the power pole, etc! It’s all on its way. I will be working on the textures when Jin wants to add more outfits, so don’t worry about that! The training system is also a work in progress.

Aura Particles

Original post by: mors_mortis


This might be a pain to code but I think it would be cool if Particles could “burst” from the user when charging.

Two ways these Particles could appear are as follows:
1. Spyral, where the Particles spin around the user when charging.
2. Rising, where the Particles rise from beneath the user when charging.

There could be others but that’s all I can think of for now but you would gain one of these effects the same way you would change your aura color.

The aura animation, as well as most animations for the mod will be in the ‘polish’ stage. After everything is set just how Jin wants it, he will work on making things look prettier. So thats about as far into the future as we can get.

Caslevania C

Original post by: Andrew Kinney


Ok… playing dragon block c, with it’s rpg nature made me think to myself “how cool would it be for jin to take the rpg system and rework it into a castlevania mod?”
for those uninitiated or too young to remember, back when konami was good… they made a little known series called castlevania.(or demon’s castle dracula in japan) in it dracula is essentially the opposite of god (aka hes the ultimate evil in this universe) and commands an army of demons, undead, and mythical creatures alike. the grim reaper is LITERALLY his best friend. dracula has command over fire, can steal and gain dominance over souls, and can turn into a bat, mist, or a wolf; as well as other demonic powers. the only thing that can kill dracula (for a while, he comes back every century or when mankinds inner evil kicks in) is a holy whip called the vampire killer, or something holy related. This whip is weilded by a legendary clan of vampire hunters called the belmont clan. each game is (usually) a different belmont to control. there is also dracula’s estranged son, alucard, whose mother told him to help humans, that eventually leads him to help the belmonts destroy dracula. alucard has a lot of what his father has, and is an accomplished swordsman. then, there is a character in the far-flung future of 2039, who somehow gains the power to rule over the souls of creatures he slays. this person is soma cruz. this future, is well after the final defeat of dracula (who was slain forever in this timelines 1999) soma can wield a large variety of weapons, including mythical weapons like death’s scythe, lonigus (the spear of destiny) and claimh solias, the shining blade of irish mythology.

all of these can be worked into their own part of castlevania c. you can be a belmont (vampire hunter) dhampire (someone similar to alucard) or dominant (someone similar to soma cruz) in a bid to take down draculas forces, who are starting to leak out of portals to where dracula’s castle was sealed….
the rest is up to jin as he sees fit, he can do this when he isnt so busy with other mods… i just wanted to throw out an idea that might sound fun.

Never played Castlevania myself, but I am pretty sure there is already a mod for it. Sadly, I don’t want to even bring the thought of another mod to Jin’s head. He already has enough to work on.

Gloves Slot and Godki aura

Original Post by: Yummymister


I came up with an idea yesterday that’s pretty cool… no… 2 suggestions. Judging by the title You could probably guess that I’m gonna say one of the developers should add a gloves slot next to body suits and remove costume cloves/wrist bands… and also add a cape slot MAYBE… I also think that raw Godki (Super Saiyan God, Beerus’s power) should be The normal Aura with the old aura inside of it… and evolved Godki (SSGSS or Golden forms) should be the same thing but with a few small explosion particles around the player (at least x3 smaller than the player’s aura) spawning 1 at a time rapidly…

Well since it isn’t just god ki I will take a crack at it. First and foremost, another work in progress feature is the dbc custom armor system Jin has. Bodysuits and training weights and what have you, aren’t done. Jin will most likely add a gloves slot later on, I believe (although I am not 100% sure) that I heard him mention it. As for the aura’s, I said it before, animations probably won’t be coming out in anything but basic form for a long time now.

Phew. Alright, sorry if some of those weren’t as long as you hoped. I had to finish this all in a half hour. I went camping over the weekend, things happened, stuff went south. I’m ok now, back to the regular schedule.

Community Tuesday – Armor and Clothing Creator (ArmorC?)

Original post by: TheStarHawk

saw this recommended in the newest update’s comments, I’m just going to write a way that I think it could efficiently and effectively work in a way that is simple, easy to use, and can be popularized.

So, step one, make an armor creator, which could be simply made with an armor stand and a crafting table. Set it up so it has its own unique GUI which is split into these sections

Head (helmets, possibly hats if they can work like the hair, and glasses)
Body 1 (overshirts, jackets, armors, etc.)
Body 2 (shirts, under armor such as chainmail, etc.)
Hands (gloves and wristbands)
Legs (pants and belts)
Feet (boots, socks, and different shoes, like slippers)

Now, each of these sections have a 2×2 grid in which you may place items, when you’ve placed the items, click on the icon for the section. This should pull up a list of items you can make with these items, as well as the amount of each ingredient required (displayed red if enough isn’t present).

Now, these new armor or clothing items may be used as is, or combined (by simply putting them in a crafting interface) to put them together, boosting armor rating and style naturally. For example, you may put an undershirt with a jacket, create a certain color combo for a gi or combat armor you want, go full on knight with iron and chainmail. Also, you could wear a hat and glasses, a certain color belt, or just whatever.

However, I do realize this would be extremely timely to do every single texture, and code every seperate item. Although, I do not know if there is a way to create the item or armor and textures by simply laying them over another one. Still, I have no idea how each combination would be coded, unless you personally coded every combination. If possible to find a workaround like I mentioned, it could very easily be expounded and added on by you or anyone else who wants to contribute.

So yeah, those are my ideas, albeit I lack the knowledge of how to adequately make it easier to create and expanded in the future. But hey, if someone can do it, it would become I have no doubt that it would be popular for asthetic reasons alone. No more changing your texture for clothes… well actually with Jin’s mods you’re naked if you use his textures… so even better I guess?

So this actually reminds me that customizable Gi and armor is a plan for both Naruto C and Dragon Block C. Details on it are a bit hazy right now, but it is likely that the crafting grid/color wheel will be used (A unique crafting grid is unlikely, but plausible!). I can assure you that we would not have to work on each individual color, and you can have any color of the rainbow you want, if all goes according to plan. Alas, this is one of those far future plans, and won’t be implemented until more outfits are put in. It would best if I didn’t spoil too much of the fun of future updates!

Fun Friday – Combat Revamp

Haven’t seen people so excited for a post since Fusion. I’ll probably skip Community monday and just do community Tuesday to give people more time to see this. Anyway, the Combat Revamp encompasses all of your balancing and fighting needs to make DBC more fun to fight in. Let’s start talking ideas shall we?


First up on my chopping block is blocking. Right now, I barely see anyone blocking. I don’t doubt that some people do it, but fights in dbc tend to be rapid punches, and stopping your attack for a little bit less damage doesn’t help in most tournament scenarios. Here are a few suggestions I would have to fix blocking:

Punishment: A player that hits someone whose blocking will use more stamina for their hits, making it so wailing on them will tire you out and leave you vulnerable. This isn’t without it’s weaknesses though.

Preparation: Just like blocking a hit in real life, the more prepared you are for it, the easier it is stop. The multipliers work like this:
1 second: Blocking instantly only boosts your defense by 25%
3 seconds: Holding the block would boost your defense up by 50%
5 seconds: At 5 seconds you get the regular block increase of 100%
10 seconds: In case you are about to be hit by a spirit bomb and you really want to prepare for it, this gives a 150% increase to your defense.

Now you may be asking what the downside of this is? Getting hit while blocking resets the timer to 1. Meaning you can’t hold down the block and constantly raise your defense.

Cost: With these new features, it would be reasonable to ask that  blocking cost stamina each time you are hit, not too much, perhaps a fixed amount just to make it so blocking forever is ineffective, but in short bursts it helps a lot.

After 3 seconds of punching, and before 3 seconds of punching.

Another thing I hear people complain about is stamina: It doesn’t last long enough.  This suggestions doesn’t require fancy little categories as much as it does explanation on stamina as a whole. For balancing purposes, I get why stamina is as it is, but fights in DBC are generally quick, and if the block gets added as a way to deplete stamina , then I think it would be fair to double, maybe triple the current stamina pool, whilst decreasing the regen time to make it slower. Not as slow as ki or health, nor limited to only regening at a certain percentage. I think this can help persuade players to use block intelligent ways in order to put people down to bottom stamina, where it is a struggle to keep up.

(Oh and just a little side note, if stamina is increased, perhaps things like running and jumping should rely on stamina, not ki?)


New fighting Features

Now I am going to avoid talking about race balancing (because that starts a whole new argument all together). Let’s get into a few other little fun things. Nothing too long because It’s late and I am tired.

Limbs: This is part of the android system. Sustaining heavy damage in battles has a chance to remove a limb. You have to either wish for a replacement (unless your a namekian) or get an android part to replace it. As well, limbs will allow things like kicking and headbutting. I kinda want a system where if you use the same limb to attack as the opponent, then you will ‘clash’ (dealing less damage to both of you).

Snap vanish: Instantly break Lock-On and appear somewhere else. Limited by bp, you can’t snap vanish against someone who’s far stronger than you.

Afterimage: Sacrifice stamina (or ki?) and completely negate an opponents attack, teleporting behind them after the attack. Breaks lock-on.

Instant Transmission: Unlike Afterimage, this doesn’t break lock-on, but teleports you behind the opponent for no cost (has a cast time)

Now you may ask: What about fighting styles? That is something I thought about too, but alas, I need things to talk about on the devblog! So we shall save those posts for another day! Tell me what you think in the comments, and post your own ideas too!

Right now the word count says 666, I am stopping here for this purpose.


Community Monday – Ki charge & Config rants

Post by: Tacoboy

Okay so as we saw in the new update when we press X the menu thing will pop up and will let us choose between blue up ssj or ssj2 AND i taught HEY what if we could do the same with the ki charging problem some people had sense it could be easier! instead of having to go to the files and change some things what if you simply just click a square where it says “ki charge” and it will let you use the old way of charging ki PLEASE JIN CONSIDER THIS some of us don’t really know how to change the files and such

So one of the things I hear people complain about quite a bit are the default settings for the mod. Now to server players, this isn’t a big deal. A server has configs you don’t like? That’s fine, you can find a new one, but the single players aren’t so lucky. They can’t hop world to world, but the truth of the matter is that the way they play DBC, is how it is intended to be played. Consider it the ‘vanilla’ option. This is what DBC is technically supposed to be, and how Jin wants it. Do I disagree sometimes? Sure, but in the end Jin reminds me that this isn’t xenoverse, nor  budokai, nor any Dragon Ball game that has come to be released. This is a survival game, so at it’s base, you can’t get ki back easily.

Another complaint people will always bring up is “It shouldn’t cost so much ki for useless tasks.” Mainly talking about things like ki attacks. Right now, as they are currently, not forever, ki attacks only do about twice as much as your punch damage, on average. This isn’t how it’s always going to be though. This will change in the future, but the ki charge does not look like its going to change.

I know some of you disagree with this way of thinking, but at the end of the day, Jin is not out to make the next Xenoverse, he is out to make something the Dragon Ball world hasn’t had yet.


Now that I got that out of the way, I am going to be perusing the forums for tomorrows Community Tuesday. If you got an idea you want me to see post it in suggestions!

Friday Fun Stuff – Transformations, and New Devblog Schedule!

I have a couple of ideas floating around in my head that I want to put down over the next week or so. As such, none of this is confirmed for future updates. There is no promise that these will ever make it to the mod. That being said, the big bit about the new devblog schedule will be a promise, one that I will do my best to keep unless I end up in the hospital.

Custom Transformations
So, to start off on a fun note: Custom Transformations. Ever wanted to go Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 4 x 100? Well with this, servers will be able to make just that! A server owner, with a little fiddling in the configs, can add transformations to their server. Jin is not sure exactly how he can make this just yet, so don’t get too hype. This could let you make transformations that aren’t yet in the official mod, like super saiyan blue. (Or as I like to call it, Blueper Saiyan). While the exact details on how this would work in the config are up in the air, I was curious to see what you guys think about something like custom transformations. Do you think it would add diversity to the servers? Or do you think that it may lead to even more balancing issues?

New Devblog schedule

Monday: Community Mondays
Tuesday: Community Tuesday (May not be consistent if I don’t find anything to talk about)
Wednesday: Wednesday server time (I will slap an ip for a server, and a time, and I’ll be playing on it from the specified time until the end. Hop on and talk to me! Just remember that my IGN is CrimsonAcer. You can suggest next weeks server in the comments!)
Friday: Fun day! As it is now, we will do things like have streams, community server times, maybe even play vanilla minecraft things together like hunger games. On occasion instead of those, I will be posting large idea posts like Combat Revamp (Hint Hint)

I will do my best to follow this new schedule. It doesn’t ask as much from me as the 7 day a week schedule did, and I hope to get our community more tight knit because of it.

Community Mondays – New Forum section?

SHH its a monday, I swear.

Post by: Mintrer

What about we’re able to edit our comment/post whenever we want to? These time/usage restrictions are annoying. *You can only edit your comment twice*. Why tho?
Maybe, if you want to prevent spam, make it so it only shows the last 2 edits below the post. Also, being able to delete the post would be handy aswell.

Something else:

You should also make it so you can edit/delete main post/devblog comments. Seriously, we need that.

Wow, this is the first time i make a suggestion not about the mod. Gj mint


So this is something super short because its kinda been on my mind for a while now. What would you guys think of a new section of the forums to talk about general things: I.E. the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, or what you ate for breakfeast. Just a quick question because this post brought it up to me again. Anyway, sorry this is so short, I am still wondering what I should talk about this friday.


Second question: How many of you are single player, and how many of you play on servers? If you do play on a server, which one do you go on most often?