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Hello everyone, this is Crimson here. Welcome to the Developer Blog! Here I, and sometimes a few other people, will discuss what we are doing for DBC and other works! So I will introduce myself for those who don’t know. My name is Crimson, and I work on various things around the mod, although the main thing I work on for the mod is writing. The current Buu saga was something I came up in five minutes for Jin so he put that in as a beta Buu saga. I also work on side quests, and at the moment, mainly the movie quests. As for the work I have currently put into the mod, the current Goku house and Cell arena I made with a friend of mine, and I built Roshi house by myself, but it was edited by Jin to be a bit more neat looking. So sit tight and get ready, as I will make posts often about things I want to add for the mod, and I will listen to all of your opinons!