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Happy birthday to me! In keeping with birthday tradition, it’s time to bestow a present upon all of you! So for a long time now I have thought on the mission system. This system was the reason I was brought on the Dragon Block C devteam (which was just Jin Ryuu and _Ryuu_). It’s the reason I got to meet so many wonderful people in the community. Now it’s closer than it has been in a long time and I have a lot of hype to live up to. I think, though, I have perfected the ideas for the system. Jin said it on the front page though. I won’t be able to redo the main story system until at least a few major elements are added. I also will have to remove my Battle of Gods and Resurrection of ‘F’ movies quests to prepare them for the main saga, unless you guys prefer they stay movies. Either way, you will get one of 10 or so endings via beating the Buu saga.

Main quest

So in the main questline things will differ extremely. You’re not a Z-Fighter, so there will be no one to help you take on the threats that Goku and co. take on. In fact you are the only fighter. Whilst you can meet the z fighters and learn their moves, you won’t actually fight them in the main quest… unless.

You’re evil

So to put it simply, in the story no longer will you choose what you fight for. Instead, your alignment will be based on simple actions in the beginning of the game. With your alignment changing you will get different main quest missions. Some differ just by story, who you fight, etc. Evil will be the shortest because you usually don’t give your opponents time to power up, especially in the lowest branch of evil, where you are basically a walking murder machine that will eviscerate a planet just because you don’t like the look you get from animals. So here are the 5 branches to the main story:

Saviors are heroes who will make the tough shots when no one else will. They are not willing to take chances on villains and will put an end to their atrocities immediately. The savior remains almost the same as the current one throughout the Saiyan saga. At least, until the end, where you kill Vegeta. (Do keep in mind you can switch to the hero branch and spare him, or to the neutral branch and leave him alone. Options like this will be constantly available.) In the Freeza saga you can kill Zarbon before he transforms, and if you beat Freeza fast enough, (one of the things I want to add to the mission system is an internal timer that gives different results based on mission completion) you can kill him before he even transforms. Granted this won’t get you much tp, but it will keep you on the Savior path. A true Savior ending can only be achieved by choosing nothing but Savior options. In the end, the Savior path gets the least Sparring partners, but the fastest questline, so it can be replayed quickly for those who like to grind the main saga.

Heroes are people who will go out of their way to defend others from the evils of the universe. Heroes are quick to make both friends and enemies. The Hero branch deviates from the main story almost immediately, as it requires you to spare Raditz after his defeat. Being the Saiyan that he is, Raditz vows that he will destroy you when Nappa and Vegeta arrive. Once you beat the Saibaman, you will have to fight both a stronger Raditz and Nappa at the same time. After defeating them, Vegeta will try to kill them, but you can only save one of them (or neither if you really couldn’t care otherwise). Whomever you save will be your first sparring partner after you beat Vegeta. As a Hero you must let Vegeta go. Killing him will switch you to the Savior branch, whilst ignoring him puts you on neutral. The Freeza saga follows the main story, mostly. You go to Namek for Kami for a yet undetermined reason. Depending on your decisions on Namek you can get Dodoria and Zarbon as sparring partners, as well as Vegeta, because he will try to stop you and take the dragon balls for himself. If you beat Freeza you can get Vegeta as a sparring partner depending on a story dialogue choice. The Hero questline offers the most sparring partners for aftergame training, but is one of the lengthier questlines, and requires a lot of rematches because you must play as someone unwilling to kill even the most evil of people.

Doesn’t really require an explanation. You will only stray from the neutral path if you pick a non-neutral option, otherwise it will play out almost exactly as the story does now. This one will offer a variety pack of rewards, and, in a fun twist, it’s the only branch where you can choose what rewards you get without straying off the path.

You started, meek and humble. A fire in your belly and calm in your heart, you have set out to put every star in the universe under your foot, so you may rule over it all with an iron fist. Tyrants branch starts out similarly to the others, but with the option to enslave people, making them your subjects. You will first add Raditz to your empire, making him sit by and watch as you then subdue Vegeta and Nappa. If you’re a Saiyan, you may find it easier to take them over. After this, you will have to set your sights on Freeza. You will enslave everyone under his rule, starting with pathetic Cui, and working your way all the way up the the Ginyu Force until finally, you take Freeza himself under your rule.  The Tyrant path has the most options of people to spar with meaning that there will rarely be long periods of time in which you need to train for the next mission, as sparring partners offer bonus tp. As a Tyrant, you can build your very own empire!

Your name, mentioned in whispers. Your steps quake the earth, your very breath poisons the air. You are a Destroyer. You have no interest in ruling anything. Instead, you wish only to kill. Anything you don’t like, you shall destroy. You take what you want, when you want. You have no qualms about working with other destroyers so long as it suits your own goals. Every opportunity you get you will kill your opponents, perhaps even torture them. In cities, you will perform the most heinous crimes for a few dollars, just for the fun of it. Destroyers get the most tp per mission, but will receive the least side quests out of all the alignments.

Side Quests

Sparring Partners
So you may be wondering what this whole sparring partner thing is about. Simply put, it’s a side-questline that lets you train against characters from the series. Most are gained through Movie Quests and the Main Quest, but some can be gained through side quests and wishes to Porunga and Shenron. The current list of available sparring partners is:

Great-Ape Vegeta
Zarbon (1st and 2nd form)
The Ginyu Force
Freeza (All forms)
(Movie Saga characters available through wishes)
Garlic Jr.
Dr. Kochin
Dr. Wheelo
Raisin & Lakasei
Lord Slug

As you may have noticed by now, I haven’t spoiled anything from the Android saga and up. That’s because I want to save the best parts for the actual release.

Regular Side Quests
Regular side quests are unlocked via talking to NPCs, or peering at your journal after beating a certain side-quest/Movie-quest/Main-quest part. There will be a lot of side quests, but some will be limited to things such as alignment, and race. These will have a special coloring to allow you to tell them apart from the rest.

Movie Side Quests
Every Dragon Ball Z movie will be available in the form of a branching path questline for you to playthrough.

The Best Part

Like the Hair Saloon, quests will be something everyone can make. Not in game, mind you, but out of game. Want to make a Dragon Ball Multiverse questline? Go ahead and do it! You can even erase my main storyline (Although I will have hurt feelings 🙁 ) and make your own! The Mission system will be wide and expansive, so servers can add their own missions with no extra downloads to anyone else. This lets servers without customnpcs make their own quests for the players constantly. So I hope you are all as excited as I am. When I master the mission system I shall teach it to you all! It will require a bit of coding know-how, but I have faith everyone can do it!


Until next time.

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About Crimson

Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!
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36 Responses to Birthday Blog!

  1. kev_spyro says:

    I love the new Mission System but didn’t understand how it exactly works

  2. TravelerSoul says:

    I’m really excited that we now have specifics about the story mode, and I’m really looking forward to the revamp!

  3. Khalil says:

    Happy Birthday Crimson!

  4. Khalil says:

    Hype for the mission system!

  5. Hirolka says:

    So in the end, it all comes down to us Heroes against the edge lords.

  6. Ice_Tornado says:

    wow! This mission system seems really fun. And happy birthday :3

  7. Happy Birthday Crimson. Can’t wait for this. Also can’t wait for the mission system and alignment functions to take to the space region! I’d love to be a Tyrant enslaving entire planets for my own. The space dimension cannot come out soon enough.

  8. TravelerSoul says:


    My thoughts exactly (maybe not the tyrant part though). When the space update comes out, want to race me to Namek?

  9. lickutung34 says:

    Out of all the things that are to come… this is what Im the most exited for. I love the Idea of writing my own DBZ story, and cant wait for yours. As I always say video game are storys that are not read or viewed but shaped by the player and there action in the world.

  10. lickutung34 says:

    Also @Crimson I was thinking about writing my own story for my alternate reality for DBZ as well as a few extra faces people may recognize as well as character that have never been heard of if you would be so kind as to read what I have come up with so far and give me your thoughts I would appreciate it.

  11. teingoto says:

    Happy birthday crimson also one question about this system will you be able to change what branch you are by playing the entire main story once and will there be more rewards by focusing a path other than just doing random options and being stuck in a branch

  12. Crimson says:

    @lickutung Sure!
    @teingoto You will be able to choose options that put you on a different path, so if you choose to be good for one option, to maybe get a sparring partner you couldn’t otherwise have, you can switch back to your neutral or evil path after a short while. The ending reward will also change based on what you do.

  13. Plagearon says:

    Happy Birthday Crimson! 😀

  14. mintrer says:

    Great, the mission system will be cool, but the thing is, i’m still worried about the AI the npcs will have, and of course their HP and attack damage. I just think its unbalanced as all shit in this version, plus their attacks ignore defense every now and again.

    Anyway, happy birthday.

  15. mintrer says:

    I’d make a game for your birthday but i don’t really have the time, so, rip.

  16. Say My Name says:

    Happy birthday and OMG I’m so hyped to do an assault on hell saga if this mission system comes out soon…

  17. Avatar__Eddy says:

    I love this system idea! It’s brilliant, and is original all around. C=

    Though now I want to be a ruler, be a SSJ4, and rule the universe as a kind of DBM Universe 13 kind of thing.

  18. Seems interesting! Though a bit convoluted.

  19. AkaSora says:

    Happy Late Birthday Crimson!
    Love the new story and the fact something I put on the suggestions section Years ago is being added :P.
    I can’t wait for it!

  20. @Crimson When is the Dragon Block C OST going to be added to the Mod? The music sounds great!

  21. Crimson, When is the Dragon Block C OST going to be added to the Mod? The music sounds great!

  22. Avatar__Eddy says:

    I’m definitely going to kill Frieza, Vegeta and Ginyu, and put Nappa in charge of the “Nappa Force”

    Raditz will be my second in command. I hope we can make the Saiyans into Super Saiyans down the line.

  23. Sky Ling says:

    Happy Late Birthday Crimson!

    The new story thingy sounds good, I can’t wait to obliterate all the villians of dbc and taking freeza like a b#tch.

  24. theinas1 says:

    I just climaxed reading this

  25. lickutung34 says:

    How would I get it to you when Im done with it. also you dont mind if its sent in chunks right

  26. Crimson says:

    The dbc soundtrack was already added. I dont know lickitung, try the forums

  27. theinas1 says:

    I had a climax reading this

  28. Say My Name says:

    Hey, can we make them have forms?(turn them on ssj, fifth form, etc)

    What I’m gonna do:

    -be a hero

    -spare Raditz

    -Kill everyone after except Ginyu

    -make he change bodies with Frieza

    -Kill Frieza

    -Beat Ginyu

    -Do some Movie quests and make a Ultra Ginyu Force with Ginyuza,Slug,Turles,Recoome(why not?he’s cool)

    -Put Raditz as my main sparring partner and turn him ssj3

  29. Joe says:

    gonna be awesome also could you guys somehow figure out how to implement zenkai boosts

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