Finally i have Internet again after 2 weeks

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Everyone i have finally internet XD
I will answer to the messages tomorrow, And i have a few thing i want to say

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Minecraft mods:
About Dragon Block C:
– there will be option to turn on the old ki charge in config for servers (single player or lan servers have the option available too)
– old way fly and dash will be back too for clients, changeable in config.
– maybe there will be shortly in game menu for changing config option for client configs

Game dev:
And are anyone interested in a dragon ball z like browser game i will develop?
The name would be something like “Dragon Artifacts” that would represent dragon balls with a kind of wish granting. And will have similar races mainly in look but with other names.
The idea is a browser rpg, but you will have many ways to level up, earn wealth, many locations (planets, solar systems, galaxies), tournament system, pvp/pve battles with players in the same location, even player killing, sin system, other world, reborn system, way to destroy planets and eradicate npc population, later make guilds that can build own bases and cities even owning planets, solar systems or even galaxies, hiring npc mercenaries, soldiers or even other players, manufacturing specific items, gathering raw materials, and trading with a npc, player, other guilds and shops.
And there will be more to add. First version will be in simple design later 2D flash or even 3D game.
There is a lot more idea where this came from and i didnt even tell 10% of what i want to add.

Obviously modding comes, first this will only be a 0.0.1 version if there are interests (my girlfriend and brothers help me in the game project).

27th of February 2014 Updates

DBC News (27th of February 2014):
New version out with the Freiza’s race transfromations for testing. (not finished)
And fixed some bugs.

Years C News (27th of January 2014):
Now you should be able to jump out of water. Starting age change didnt made it to this release, it should be in next. sorry about it.

Naruto C News (27th of February 2014):
In new version i was trying to add Sharingan. Currently it should give you a red screen (might not stay) and gives speed boost when activated. when jutsu system will be worked on it will give genjutsu boosts, bloodline genjutsus too, natural fire element boost and the more levels to sharingan with additions.

Naruto C News (12th of February 2014):
Update for the new attribute system.
Currently only 1.6.4 compatibility and attribute system changed. Everything is the same.
But jutsu creator, skills and sharingan are under development.

Dragon Block C News (12th of February 2014):

Sorry nothing added yet, just compatibility with the Naruto C v0.4 public test v1

I try to mod more, its not easy with my current job, but i do what i can.
I will think of something, just stay with me mates ^^

Latest News for public tests (19th of January 2014):

Dragon Block C
New public test for the new systems.
Skill systems first part is working.

  • Saiyan race transformations are available!
  • Other races must wait for next release.
  • New additions, balancing the jump, dash, fly functions but they still arent workin as it is planned.
  • 8 new hairs (not finished thou) including bald as hair too.
  • Sagas are playable again.
  • Increased the saibaiman spawn for testing reasons.
  • Skills can be learned from Korin and Kami.
  • There will be more skills lateron. Kaio currently wont teach.
  • High gravity currently wont give exp, only slow movement.
  • Korin’s senzu problem is fixed, so everyday you can now ask for a senzu.
  • Death system works again!
  • Wave attacks are still disabled but for next release it might be enabled.
  • and there might be things I forgot to say that I changed or were added

Sorry for these late updates. My new job is eating my time and energy away…
Im trying to do my best. ^^

Crash fixed. Starting age will be choosable for the next release.

Crash fixed for the B key. If anyway you are able to rise the constitution your size will get larger.
But its just a test release for 1.6.4 still.

Latest News for DBC! I know its not much but please forgive me in this.

Latest News (13th of November 2013):

Hi everyone!
First I want to apologize of the late update of my mods. I have many changes that needs to be done in their codes.
I try to reduce lag more.
I managed to build a starting point for the new core systems, thou its not nearly done, But like as my mods were released version after version, so will be done again from now on.
There are too many things I want to add, and every time I get even deeper in coding, there are even more possibilities and ideas that I want to make or ideas others wanted, and now I am able to make them.

When I started the DBC v1.2 feature list I thought it will be done in a few weeks. Now 2 months past and only the core functions are workin.

I release a  DBC version 1.2 Public Test to let all know whats up.

It is unfinished and many things wont work or are disabled!

What it currently has:

  • Character creator and attributes
    • Finally the beginning of the Race selections (with namekians and freiza’s races!)
    • Every race has they own attribute and class bonuses (later with more detail info)
    • New hairs are under development (there will be raditz, teen gohan and goten hairs later even more)
  • Energy attack creator
    • current types: blast, disk
    • wave attacks can be made but currently are disabled!
  • UI bars
    • new energy bar
    • new side bar
  • Skills are still under development
    • transformations are skills, so currently no ascending
  • Functions
    • Suppressing your powers. You are able to use just a part of your power and even hide it.
  • Sagas are still under development
    • saga commands – “/dbcsaga reset (playerName)”
    • group system still under development
  • TP gain
    • One still gains DBCexp capped at 10 and automatically it is converted to TP (currently not viewable)
    • Punching only works if you look at a enemy and hold the left mouse button till you hear the punching sound. Then every punch should give you 1 DBCexp (so you cant spam it as before and later the interval will be customizable)
    • Killing a DBC mob gives you some more DBCexp
    • Sagas should give you TP but it is under development
  • Items
    • new outfits are under development
      • for example weighted outfit, TenShinhan, namekian outfits and hopefully some color configuraion options for them
  • The Death system seems not to work correctly (try turning it off in the config file and see if that helps if you want to)
  • Tutorial system will be made too, currently under development
  • Bugs, Not working features, Disabled features

There are many features under development and will be added in the next few weeks, months. It will be introduced in a few days here, on my website in text and maybe on youtube.

I tell it once more, the this is a public Test version so consider it that way.

Only download if you want to Test it and look what it has now.
Do Not download it if you want to play! (it is absolutely not stable)

What i work on now.

Dragon Block C and Naruto C will have a change in the energy system how it works, the attribute system will change too a little bit, the ki attacks costs, damages and enemies strength too will change.
I wont tell details about it but cause it is not something you can tell.
This will be something you must play to understand.

I will give the ki more importance and focus on how it should be used, closer like how it was in the show.
Minecraft is a survival/adventure game.
I want to bring anime to minecraft, and Not other games (like DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi and such fighters) to minecraft.
I want to give the feel that you play a survival not a fighter game but i will still focusing on fighting systems.
I want you to feel the importance of energies like Ki, Chakra, later on Reiatsu and Hakki too and more.

Latest Dragon Block C News

Latest Dragon Block C News (4th of September 2013):
1.1.4 released!
A command to give the old stats back for a player is added:
/dbca set all old [playername]

The dbca command now works for setting stats for players,
dragon block spawn turn off bug for namekian ones fixed,
and dbc mobs didnt shoot or fly, now they fly again and shoot above normal difficulty and survival (and remember in creative they wont shoot you or fly)

There is a new menu tab on my site, the Contests menu!
If you own a server, you will be able to now let people know about it!
Angusari and I will allow people to create contests and “advertise” them on my site’s Contest menu.
If you’re interested in trying to list your contest, feel free to contact us at this email address:

There will be a Servers menu later on, so look out for it!
The Servers menu will list all of the offical DBC Servers.

Everyone check out  Renegayde’s youtube channel, he will being doing  charity  livestream later today!
It will be listed here when the livestream is going on!

Dragon Block C and Naruto C Update! lag reducing configs for DBC and clone jutsu and byakugan for NC

Dragon Block C Latest News (22th of August 2013):
1.1.3 Released. Compatiblity with forge build 836.
2 new blocks, unbreakable fence and stairs,
vehicles wont hurt you when going down,
dino spawn balanced,
Changed attributes save place (from the players folder it wont work anymore. its an experimental change for bukkit servers)
added new commands to change attributes.
And New Config options to reduce lag and turn off unwanted features!

/dbca (Set or Add) (Attribute) (Amount) [playerName]
you can set or add points to attributes
where Attribute can be Spirit, Alignment, Body, ChargeRate, Dash, Punch, Jump, Flight, Ascending, AttackPower
Amount is a number from 1 to the maximum Attributes point.
for giving everything use /dbca Set All Max
or for resetting everything use /dbca Set All Reset.

You might want to try my early HD Resource Pack v0.3 for Dragon Block C
HD Resource Pack Addon for Dragon Block C (512x,256x,128x,64x,32x)

Naruto C Latest News (22th of August 2013):
v0.3.2 Released with 2 new experimental features!
Chakra control now let you climb any wall like a ladder,
added an experimental clone jutsu (seals: 1,1,3,2,3),
added experimental byakugan (activated with G and it will damage the oponents chakra if has any),
fixed the outfit crash bug,
and changed the attribute save place (experimental for bukkit servers).

Commands will come in next version and few new features!