First fix for DBC v1.2.11 and JRMCore v1.0.13 is here!

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Hey There first fix for DBC and JRMCore is here!
Just redownload the mods and you are good to go.
– Safe zones disabling has been added to jrmcores config file.
– and also a explosion destruction power configuration that can reduce explosion lag drastically for both DBC and NC if needed. By default it is reduced by half.
– JRMCore now shouldn’t show the Skills in stats sheet (Default V)
– New chunk loading lagg should be fixed in DBC!

if the Older one is needed you can find that too here:

Dragon Block C – Master Roshi arrived!

Dragon Block C
– Renamed overcharge skill to potential unlock.
– Ki regeneration fix.
– Hair 6,7 and 8 has now ssj2 hairs, but another hairs ssj2 hair will be used till they are modelled.
– Hair 11 (bald) now has the players skin headwear on.
– Ki attacks have been tweaked to work better.
– DBC good main npcs like Kami, Enma, Kai and the new Roshi have a safe zone around them, and a warning message should appear aswell if you enter.
– In the safe zones players wont be able to mine, place blocks, or right click blocks except doors.
– Kame house and Master Roshi has been added with a new random spawn system. They will spawn in a large ocean biome only. In most case you can find it at the first Ocean biome but it can take more Ocean biomes to find it.
– New command “/dbc locations” or for short “/dbc loc” it will show you a XYZ coord for Kami lookout and if you have found Kame house you will see its location too. Check this command regularly if you are searching for kame house in the Ocean biomes cause you might not notice it when it spawns!
– The new learnable attacks system will use an additional 4 ki attack slots but the limit is still 4 custom attacks and 4 learnable attacks.
– Master Roshi can teach you some skills and 2 ki attacks that will be stored in new slots. (Only 2 learnable ki attacks were added in this version!)
– Ki attacks can now be selected in a similar manner to items on your hotbar. Simply hold the 2nd Function key (Ctrl by default) and press the corresponding keys or use the mouse wheel to cycle through them easier.
– Some grammar errors in sagas have been fixed.
– Flashing gui when using the dragon radar should be fixed.

Years C update through JRMCore
– When you are very young and can’t swim up in water, that is probably fixed now.

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If there is need for mc1.6 version of the mods then I will still update them too but only small updates.

Quick fixs for JRMCore and Naruto C if you don’t already have them.

Quick fixs for JRMCore and Naruto C.
Simply just redownload the JRMCore v1.0.12 and/or NarutoC v0.4.3

JRMCore v1.0.12b: (recommended for DBC players)
+fixes a crash in DBC when entering time chamber or doing some specific things.
‘energy wont regen in DBC even with requirements met’ fixed
‘crash when punching mobs’ fixed
also regeneration has been increased when release is 0%

Downloads and Installation

Naruto C v0.4.3a:
‘cant cast jutsus and says not enough chakra’ fixed
‘cant use chakra control’ warning message added should be fixed
‘genjutsu dont work’ genjutsu is like a bullet so you need to shoot a player, speed has been increased

Downloads and Installation

I this fixes some issues ^^

I know it was long since i updated Naruto C but finally here it is.

Hey there Everyone!
Finaly I finished Naruto C and the new main features are added and ready for testing.
I want everyone who finds a bug to send me a message about it asap here so I can release a quick fix for it.

Naruto C changes
So new features include mainly a jutsu creator, skills, learnable jutsus including a new experimental genjutsu and an easier way of using the handseal keys.
-jutsu creator: You will only be able to make elemental jutsus (not mixing elements!) in a form of wave, ball and disk like in dbc for now but ofcourse it will change to more naruto like ones.
-new jutsu management: the new way of managing the jutsus means you will need to learn first the jutsus and only then can you use it successfully even if you know the other combinations. You will be able to create 4 jutsus and there is now a new page for another 4 jutsus to learn some pre-made jutsus including new ones like the experimental genjutsu, bunshinjutsus and old jutsus as well thou might not work the same.
-skills: few basic skills are also added including learning affinities, 11 in total currently not including the doujutsus. (Medical ninjutsu don’t have any effect just yet)
-chakra control: running on water now works waay better then before and in addition you can now ‘climb’ any wall and even hang from the ceiling.
-new sounds: I hope no one minds my voice cause you will hear it a lot. For now you can only change the pitch of the voice 1 time from the attributes menu, but I plan to use a command for it as well.

JRMCore changes
-minor bug fixes, changes
-fixing some issues with transformation upkeep costs but still needs work.
-the energy release wont decrease if the energy decreases below 25%, it will go to 0% if run out of energy.
-energy regeneration now only will be 100% if the energy release is at 0% and at 50% the regen will be 0%, that means at 25% release the rengen is 50%. Above 50% release the regen will stay 0%.

There have been made many changes to Naruto C and probably will work with DBC as well but these mods are currently absolutely Not balanced try them with this in mind.

New Families and Years hurray updated! And of course JRMCore and JBRA too!

If there is any crash or missing resource or any abnormal activities or just wrong grammar, Tell me asap so I can fix it and release a quick fix for them ^-^


JFamily C Release v1.1.4 (1.6.4) (30-10-2014)

Main codes rewritten.
+ You can now procreate with the other gender and have some npc children who takes order from their parents (compatible with DBC).
+ Whole new Family system (it could be a new beginning for something…).
+ You can configure npc lifespan and grow time, and the pregnancy time.
There are more to be added later, like seeing the child attributes and/or upgrading them.
Currently the npc can level up when fighting mobs (might not attack every mob yet but that will be fixed).
The child can get stronger from levelling of course. But if they die you will loose the child.
Be careful because the child may walk away if it is not contained, so always make sure to get it to follow you.
The child doesn’t really like to swim yet. As I said, there still is a lot of work on the Family C mod yet to come. 😉

JYears C Release v1.1.4 (1.6.4) (30-10-2014)

Half way rewritten.
+ Time goes as it should normally, and you get the day message every morning.
+ You can now configure the lifespan and the grow time, somewhat. (Server sided of course).
+ So some bugs were fixed and work how they were planed to work.
+ There are new features planned.

Now I will start workin on Naruto C again finally! XD

Only some status information

family c:
main codes rewritten, procreation works and have some nice features. Children can be given some order but its not yet so complex thou, you can tell them to follow its mom, dad or someone it is told, can be defensive and aggressive, it will have its own stats that can be auto upgrade or manually. A whole new Family system (it could be a new beginning for something).
years c:
years get rewritten code too, well I have some new features for it plans but that still have to wait, sorry.
naruto c:
well I dont know how to say. not that much will be added but will be better then it was. Or I might forget to tell something?
It has its plans, not that much progressed but I will post a poll about something regarding this.
Many codes are getting rewritten from the older mods because a few months, still in this year, my mods will be compatible with mc 1.7 and 1.8 too.
I was ill in august for close 2 weeks, so that one took my time away, and it seems Im getting ill again, but this seems bearable for now.
I still dont have a release date for the mods. but I will announce it here if there will be. I’m Sorry about being slow, there are some private reasons too.
Just mentioning, please do not spread any rumours, if there is anything I will post it.