About Crimson

Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!

Fuuu-Sion! Haaaa! The long awaited Fusion Discussion!

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Hello everyone and welcome to probably the most long awaited Devblog post since the Movie Quests. Those of you who attended my live stream on Saturday got to hear about all the things I was talking about, so just drop a comment on this post so I know what you think about it anyway. (If you don’t know how to comment, click the blue comments thing in the upper right. Sorry guys, but some people just don’t know how to.) Let’s get to it!

Fusion Dance

Our first form of Fusion is where I will explain everything as easily as I can.


The Dev Live Stream was Spectacular!

Oh man, I was stressing about this live stream all week. From the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep it had been stressing me out, and now I have left a large portion of the DBC community educated for the future. While some of the things I talked about were just ideas, I am sure with the 40+ people turn out that showed me a lot of support, Jin will probably like them a lot more knowing the community supports them.

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The Stream started easily(It was a pain in the ass to get running) and I couldn’t be happier that people were turning up an hour before it started. Later into the stream there were Puppies (Trolls) and Kittens (4Chan Stream Raiders) Everywhere. They showed me adorable (Racist) images of rainbows (Porn) in chat. I was even awarded a medal (ban from twitch) because my chat was so kind. However, I had to move on, and so I restarted the stream on my second channel. (The actual reason behind the ban was much dumber than the chat. I was banned for not covering games or music in a Twitch stream, since it was mainly just me talking in front of some still images of future blocks, and then responding to chat, then talking about ideas, then responding to chat.) I hope to see you all at the next stream in a few weeks.

Development live stream on Saturday

Hey everyone! This Saturday I am going to try to take time off to dedicate myself to a live stream where I will showcase my work for the mod, alongside answering your questions and concerns about future updates. The live stream will start at around 6-7 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time). If anything comes up I will let you guys know, but until then I hope you all look forward to this event.




In the meantime, for those of you who care enough to keep reading, I want you to know that this would be the best time to bring up suggestions or ideas to me. In comments and forum posts it can take a couple days or even a week before you get a proper reply, and this way I can talk to you about your idea. Keep in mind though, this is Jin’s mod and everything must be approved by him in the end. Even my work.

Thanks guys, hope to see you there.

“Who is Crimson”

So while I give you guys some more time to comment on the race rebalancing, I am gonna talk a bit about myself. Many people ask “Who is Crimson?” when they hear about me. I am not exactly the most open about my part in Dragon Block C, and while I do brag about it a bit and thank youtubers and what not, who I am remains largely a mystery for many of you. My first major appearance in the DBC dev community was on the update stream, even though I was helping Jin long before that. So I will talk a little bit about myself, what I did before I was helping Jin, and what I am doing now. Those of you thinking I am doing this for special privileges are absolutely right. I am gonna be honest here. It sucks to go on a server and see people fighting Buu without knowing I wrote the current Buu saga in five minutes. Or people enjoying Roshi house when I was the one who built the rough draft for that. Cell Arena, Goku house, both were works I helped with (alongside my friend Ryal who also is doing the future Freeza ship.) Being a dev for DBC isn’t all about the coding. There is a lot of planning that goes into this mod. Its existed for a really long time, back when hairstyles were just wigs (Haha, remember that?) and now you have a customization so advanced its like an MMO.  So here is a basic rundown of who I am and what I do for you all to read and comment on while we wait until my next information release.

Who are you?

My real name is Brandon, and Jin originally only referred to me as that instead of Crimson. As you can guess I became good friends with Jin before I was really introduced to the community as a whole. Currently I am a 17, soon to be 18 year old in my final stretch of school. I am a huge dbz nerd and I have done tons of research into it both as a hobby and for the mod. I have a knack for writing as well, and my little Dragon Ball Z fan story (not featuring goku surprise surprise) is on the website in the top right.  Since I am a writer, my main job for DBC will regard around its story and side quests.

What did you do before you were a dev?

Before I was a developer for DBC I was famous in a community of DBC for being a loved staff member on one of the biggest servers out there. Dragon Ball Kingdoms (previously known as Dragon Block C Official). However it was an incredibly drama filled journey. I ended up babysitting some people because as some of you know, a large server of so many different people doesn’t always work.  Aside from the fight I solved or the glitch I fixed, it was rather relaxing. I hosted lots of events, spent a lot of time hanging out with new players to teach them how to play DBC, and then just chilled out with everyone in chat. I am honestly a down to earth person most of the time. I used my power and popularity to simply help those who needed it and goof off for a few laughs with the entire server (Like crashing another admins tourney with a rain of chickens… *chuckles*) However, things didn’t stay sunshine and rainbows forever. For you see, Kingdoms had one major problem. Godforge weapons. Incredibly OP swords only available to those who paid for them. I was really against them, and it turned a lot of the server against me. People liked the OP weapons for grinding and training, but those who didn’t have one could never win a battle outside the tourney rings. Godforges (even the weakest ones) did about 80k damage a hit. On top of the drama of the whole forum war that subject started, there were some bad eggs in our staff. I got promoted to Head Admin after the last one was banned. Suddenly everyone was coming to me with their problems because the Co-Owners and Owner were nowhere to be seen. I basically ran the server and kept the staff in check. However it was after I was promoted to Co-Owner that things became bad. Once I was Co-Owner, many of the players partied and celebrated for me, not paying attention to the drama that was unfolding around them. One of our staff members was hated by another, and I mean the deep kind of hate, the stuff that jabs at your gut and makes your stomach turn and your blood boil. His hate for this particular staff member made players turn against him, and suddenly he felt like the bad guy. So he acted like one. Went on a banning spree with his power and banned many players, some of whom couldn’t get on for a week just because we couldn’t find the full list. About a month after this I welcomed him back on the server and completely forgave him. However he started an argument with another staff, (who was my Head-Admin replacement once I was promoted). Which resulted in that staff quitting. After another ordeal got the argumentative staff banned gain, the staff who stepped down was re-promoted by me. He then used his power to shut down the server entirely. It stayed down for abut two weeks before the owner noticed. After he did everything was reset and all seemed well. A few months later the server began to come back to life. It was a really happy moment for me, seeing all my work bringing everyone back. However the staff were very cross. It took the owner almost half a month to even notice his server was broken, and even the few months after, things were still unfixed. I was never given the permission to fix many of the things, so I couldn’t touch a thing. Crazy ey? Well the rest of the staff decided enough was enough, and they all cooperatively worked together to shut down the server again. Yet again I watched the server I had been on for almost 3 years fall to pieces. And in the end the owner blamed me. He banned me from his forums and the server (although I am unbanned as of right now). Worst part of it was that the community was defending me, which caused more bans out of the owners fear that there were more griefers than just the staff. I knew they brought some friends, but not as much as who was banned. So after this all happened I turned ll my efforts to DBC development. If you want to know where I met Jin in all of that, think back before all the bad stuff started happening. That is when I met him, but my activeness reached its peak after my ban on Kingdoms, and well, that leads me to why I am here 100% doing what I am doing.

How long have you played DBC?

Since there were wigs and ki items were items in the hotbar.

Can I add you on skype? I am youtuber! I have ideas for the mods!

As far as having ideas for the mods go, put those on the suggestions and ideas forum and I will pop in to check on them if it sounds interesting.  However, if you are a youtuber I would love to add you on skype. I am always look for ways to get closer to the community. There is this kind of split between Mod Developers and the players. I want to remove that split and just get to know everyone on a personal level and have fun with the general community. The best way to do this is either youtube videos or playing on servers (which I usually do!) If you aren’t a huge youtuber (under 100k) and I saw you play DBC I will definitely shoot a thank you your way with my official youtube channel.


Just so you guys know whose official and whose a fake there is my youtube. I don’t use it for videos a lot, but I hope my thank yous get read.

Can I ask you a question?

Of course. If any of you post a comment with a question in it, I will answer as soon as I see it. Don’t expect a super long answer unless the question is complex. (No math please ;-;)

This has been Crimson, and I will see you all in the comments. If you don’t know how to comment, just go to the top of this post and look for the blue comments bar on the right of the post.

Race Rebalancing

So a lot of people want Races to be more balanced, and so do I. So without further ado here is my full list of race re balances for the existing races.

Combat Revamps:

Balance the creation of ki attacks. (Since reducing it to 0.2 speed makes the cost under 1000 even at max damage)

Add the Stamina system.


+Super Saiyan 3 will be buffed since the energy cost is quite heavy

+In base form, Saiyans can recharge health at 20%, not 10%

+/-Saiyan food bar will take more food to fill, but deplete just as fast. Since running won’t be based on food in the future when stamina is added, this is more of a side game play element change.

– Massive boost to the cost to unlock Super Saiyan. It will cost around 200 TP for the slowest ssj transformation. This will make Super Saiyan 3’s much rarer on multiplayer

– Saiyans ki attacks will be taken down in damage by 50% in base form, but the penalty will be removed when Super Saiyan

-Saiyans will also do 25% less punch damage in base form than average

All in all, Saiyans will much weaker in base form, and since ssj takes energy this will definitley balance them out


+Namekians will get a huge boost to ki damage

+The cost for a Namekian to create a ki attack is reduced

+Namekians can regenerate health at all times, but the regen is strongest at 10%

+/-Namekians can only consume water to refill hunger, but it will drain slowly. When different waters are added they will give different effects to Namekians (So when I finish working on the new blocks for the space planets)

-Namekian max health reduced a small bit to help balance their always regenerating health


+Arcosians will start out with their transformations, and will possibly be able to customize them since Freeza is confirmed to have made his transformations custom for himself

+Arcosians will take a very long time to drown or choke in space

+Arcosians will have a permanent 10% damage resistance in base form, (Which in the future will be final form. The other forms are just power “suppressants” to prevent energy drain)

+/-Arcosians will be increased in size so they are easier to hit in first form

-Arcosian transformations will take longer than all others

-Arcosian ki attacks take longer to charge (No spam fire)


+Humans get a new skill: Fortitude. When maxed it give an extra 15% damage resistance, just under a ssj2’s damage resistance. And since transformations of that level take a bit of ki, this will be good for Humans to keep up

+Humans will get increased speed compared to other races

+/- Human ki will do less damage, but punches will remain the same


These guys will split between Humans and Saiyans.


Now this isn’t the “Full list” but its a summation of the things I can say for sure I want to change. Obviously Jin has own ideas, and I felt talking about ideas that might just be denied completly is not the best. I will bring out more, bigger news soon. So I hope this will be ok to hold you all over.



Movie Sagas

Since the two things I wanted to talk about before I actually got to this are currently being discussed and worked on, I am going to talk about Movie Sagas. The thing you have all been waiting for. Now to rundown, here is the process I take of writing the movie sagas:

  • Watch the movie once, do nothing special
  • Watch the movie again, only this time take notes of what can be considered the main attractions (Broly going LSSJ, Cooler transforming even further beyond his original form)
  • Take the notes and form them into a basic script
  • Rewrite the script to fit the DBC feel, and remove all other Npc’s. This is your adventure, and your adventure alone, I don’t want people to feel they are playing side kick to Goku and the gang, no, you are the Hero (or Villain) of your own story.
  • Transform this new script into the coding guide that I designed. This makes a readable format for both me and Jin (I will also be showing you this format)

Ok then, now to actually talk about the scripts. So far I have completed four movies. I mean, watching Dragon Ball Movies is really fun. Watching them for a couple hours and taking notes like you are in school? Not so much. Anyway, here is what the script looks like for Movie 1: Dead Zone.

Movie 1: Dead Zone

Name: Disappearing Dragon Balls

ID: 101

Specialties: Special (Appears below the name of the quest when player looks at it)

Requirements: None. Available from the beginning of the quest line.

Description: The Dragon Balls have been disappearing. Rumor has it a mysterious group is responsible for this. It might be worth investigating.


  • Player clicks Begin Quest
  • Nicky spawns
  • Nicky says if Namekian “You look like Kami! You must have another Dragon Ball!”
  • Nicky says if Arcosian, Saiyan, or Half-Saiyan “Who are you? You don’t seem like you’re from around here. No matter, all who are in master Garlic Jr.’s way will die!”
  • Nicky says if Human “Out of my way Human!”
  • After defeat Nicky says “Darn you! You will not survive our next encounter!”
  • End First Quest Part.

Rewards: 10 TP

Path: 102


Name: Disappearing Dragon Balls

ID: 102

Specialties: None (Special is only for people looking to start a movie quest)

Requirements: Completion of deadzone1

Description: A strange blue skinned man attacked you. While escaping he kept mentioning something about someone named Garlic Junior. While he was leaving I saw something that looked like a Dragon Ball. I must find out what they are doing. I sensed him in this direction.


  • Player Begins this part upon claiming the first quest parts reward.
  • Player must find a Mountain Biome.
  • End Second part

Rewards: None

Path: 103


Name Disappearing Dragon Balls

ID: 103

Specialties: None

Requirements: Comepletion of deadzone2

Description: This man led me straight to his friends. As soon as I got there I was greeted by a tiny little man who claimed he was Garlic Jr. He had all 7 dragon ball behind him. His minions stepped up intent on stopping me. The one from before stayed back and is sending the other two after me. They introduced themselves as Ginger and Sansho, and said their spectating friend was Nicky.


  • Player clicks Start Battle
  • Spawn Ginger and Sansho
  • Ginger says “Your meddling ends here!
  • Sansho says “All who oppose Master Garlic Jr. shall die.
  • After defeat Sansho says “Nnngh.”
  • After defeat Ginger says “How dare you! Gah!”
  • End Quest Part

Rewards: 15 tp

Path: 104

Name: Disappearing Dragon Balls

ID: 104

Requirements: Completion of deadzone3

Description: After beating Sansho and Ginger, they simply smiled and backed up to Nicky. All 3 of them transformed suddenly, becoming much larger and stronger versions of their previous forms. Time is running out, I need to beat them now!


  • Player clicks Start Battle
  • Sansho (Buff Form), Ginger (Buff Form), and Nicky (Buff Form) Spawn
  • Sansho says “You will lose now!”
  • Ginger says “Behold our full power weakling!”
  • Nicky says “You are no match for the 3 of us!”
  • Nicky says if Namekian “Looks like we didn’t need you for the dragon balls after all, Green Man”
  • After defeat Sansho says “Who… are you?!”
  • After defeat Ginger says “Master Garlic…!”
  • After defeat Ginger says if Saiyan “What is this power! You are not Human!”
  • After defeat Nicky says “How can someone so strong exist?!”
  • After all are defeated, Quest part ends.

Rewards: 20 tp

Path: 105

Name: Disappearing Dragon Balls

ID: 105

Requirements: Completion of deadzone4

Description: After defeating Garlic Jr.’s minions for the last time, the sky turned dark. It was too late! Garlic Jr. has wished himself to be immortal. He transformed into a massive, hulking form just like the others had. How in the world can I kill someone that is immortal?


  • Player clicks Start Battle
  • Garlic Junior Spawns (His model is his buff monster form)
  • Garlic Junior says “You almost foiled my plans. You will be the first of my victims!
  • Garlic Junior says if Half-Saiyan “I sense a hidden power within you, Human, but it will not be enough to save you from me!”
  • Garlic Junior says if Namekian “You look like that wretched Kami who took my father’s rightful place as Earth’s guardian. I will enjoy this!”
  • Garlic Junior says if Arcosian “I do not know what kind of creature you are, but if you think you can ever hope to beat me you are as dumb as you look.”
  • After defeat Garlic Junior says “How can… I am Immortal! I will not let you humiliate me any longer!”
  • End quest Part

Rewards: None

Path: 106

Name: Disappearing Dragon Balls

ID: 106

Requirements: Completion of deadzone5

Description: Garlic Jr. roared in frustration of not being able to defeat me despite being immortal. He summoned a mighty hole to another dimension known as the Dead Zone. It slowly began to pull me in and he laughed maniacally. While he was distracted believing he had won, I gave way to the gravity on purpose to launch one last, powerful kick right into his stomach. I sent him tumbling into his own Dead Zone, and it sealed shut behind him. I may not have killed an immortal being, but I definitely defeated him.


  • Player Clicks End Quest
  • Player Claims final reward

Reward: 40 TP

Path: None, quest is over.


So what do you think? I have more movie quests finished, and I am just finalizing the two Cooler movies now. After that will come Broly (Which I knwo pretty much everyone wants) and Android 13, Bojack, then Broly again So on and so forth. Oh, and just so you don’t feel left out, here is where all the quests will be worked on :D. Just look on the google doc, and you can see every quest I am doing, or you can even catch me working on a new one later this week.



Now for the big question. Why am I only four movies in? Well I have been working on an even bigger project. Something incredibly groundbreaking that will not be seen in the mod for a long time yet. Either way, it has to do with the saga system as it is now. I will be working on the movies now that I know you guys will be watching. Oh and these movies quests are more or less 100% of what they will be in the final version.


Please Comment to show me your support 😀

The Majin Race


So many people have asked me how I think the Majin race should work, and this is a summarization of all of my ideas for what I would love to see in the future. First off let me talk about what exactly a Majin is. Technically, Majins are those who have been affected by Babidi’s magic to become stronger, but a Majin is the name of a race of bubbly pink people. Both uses of the word Majin will be discussed here, both the power boosting from Babidi, and Majin Buu’s race.

The Majin Race

Starting off with the lovable Majin race. I want them to function differently than the other races. While Saiyans and Arcosians will transform to fight, Majins will stay in the same form for all their fights. Atop of that, the Majins maximum stats will be half of the maximum for the server. (If the maximum stat is 100, a Majins is 50, if the max is 120, then a majins is 60). Now before you freak out about that, let me explain. This stat limit is for first form Majins. A Majin will have to train at least four stats to the maximum to unlock a “Power Up”. When you receive this, you will be able to remake your Majin’s appearance. If you want him to look like super Buu, now he can. Once you “Power Up” you will receive a small stat boost, receiving enough Tp for 10 upgrades perhaps, as well as an increase of the stat cap by 25%. (Like before, if it was 100, now your cap is 75) This makes it so Majins can change their play style mid-game. Did you make a ki based Majin but are having trouble with that fight style? Make it to 50% the cap and you will be able to remake your Majin into a new, more powerful warrior. On top of the remake of the Majin, you will receive a Permanent 5% boost to your damage resistance. Once you reach the new stat cap set for you after you “Powered Up” you will be able to evolve yet again. Meaning you get to remake your Majin in appearance and fight style yet again, and you will receive a 10% boost to your damage resistance this time. This makes a Majins damage resistance with max endurance and constitution a good 75%. This makes it so that Saiyans and Arcosians will be almost forced to transform if they want to keep up with your power. Along with this, your new stat cap will be the same as everyone else at this point. (I would like to point out that if the stat cap is removed one day, I will ask Jin to default the “Power Up” to 60 and 90, just like it would be now) Now you might think that this could make Majins a serious threat in the end game, but I will now talk about a Majins average stats.

To nerf these other features, Majins will have to suffer a stat penalty. While Majins will have the largest health at maximum, they will do a lot less damage with attacks. This makes them far more tank-y. They will be able to stomach a lot of damage, but they will do a little bit less than everyone else. (This includes Ki attacks) I know that there will be a new system for “Stamina” that will make it so punches don’t take ki, but take Stamina instead. Majins will regen stamina rather slow. As for their health and Ki regen, their Health will regen the fastest out of any race, only rivaled by the Namekians (I will talk about Namekian and Human buffs in the next post) So basically, I am trying to have it so a smart Majin can use his incredible Health and regen to outlast his opponent. Basically if it comes down to a fist to fist fight, you will be able to take more damage than your opponent. Majins will be the slowest race of all however, and this can make it so faster races, like Humans, will cause quite a lot of problems for a big ol’ Majin. I know that you guys will find a way over the weaknesses though. Let’s all hope Jin likes my idea as much as some of you will

Babidi’s Majins

Did you think I would forget about these guys? No way. Along with the Majin race will be a way for evil players to receive a power up. If you are evil, Babidi will be able to make you a Majin. This will raise your stats by a good chunk, but it comes with a price. Attacks like Spirit Bomb will do double damage to you since you are so evil. You will also be unable to ever choose Good options again, and if you do, you will start dying. Of course if these costs are too big for you, you can always go to Babidi and have the power up removed.


Thats all for this week folks! Tell me what you think in the comments. Oh and here is the schedule for what I will talk about. Remember! The more comments there are, the faster you can hear about my ideas for these features!

  • 1. Race Re-balancing (Ideas)
  • 2. New Space Travel (Confirmed information)
  • 3. Movie Sagas (Confirmed information)
  • 4. The Brand New Saga System (Confirmed information)
  • 5. Fusion

Welcome to the Developer Blog!

Hello everyone, this is Crimson here. Welcome to the Developer Blog! Here I, and sometimes a few other people, will discuss what we are doing for DBC and other works! So I will introduce myself for those who don’t know. My name is Crimson, and I work on various things around the mod, although the main thing I work on for the mod is writing. The current Buu saga was something I came up in five minutes for Jin so he put that in as a beta Buu saga. I also work on side quests, and at the moment, mainly the movie quests. As for the work I have currently put into the mod, the current Goku house and Cell arena I made with a friend of mine, and I built Roshi house by myself, but it was edited by Jin to be a bit more neat looking. So sit tight and get ready, as I will make posts often about things I want to add for the mod, and I will listen to all of your opinons!