About Crimson

Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!

Small Streams

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I am going to be streaming randomly all day today (Thursday)


On Saturday, if I have nothing come up, I will stream from 12:00 P.M. Central Standard Time (CST) to 2:00 P.M. During this time, the community will help me make missions, and we can all add them to the next update together.


If the stream is off, just put a message in chat to see if I am there. I am going to be turning it on and off all day thursday when I can host and show DBC work.

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Work Backlog – The Reason Why Everything is Being Delayed

So you may be wondering why DBC isn’t getting an update soon, or any of the mods for that matter. That’s because Jins computer broke again. So then, you may ask, ‘What is Crimson Doing?’ Normally, right about now I would be practicing the mission system so I could put all the missions in the moment Jin got back up and running, but the truth of the matter is: My friends heart is decaying away. We don’t like to talk about it, and I know he would hate to feel like the reason I can’t focus on work, but it’s just the truth. It’s hard for me, and all his friends. Just the other day he was rushed to the hospital because his heart beat a bit too quickly. We don’t know for sure if he will recover from this, so I just need to know the end result, bad or good. For my sanity. Every time I sit down to work I think about the things I could be doing with my friends instead, that I don’t appreciate them enough.

I know this isn’t what the devblog was made for, and I don’t want to post my personal problems here, but today I have to, because this one is the very reason that I can’t do the devblog for a little while, nor any work. I need some time to clear my head, get fresh air in my lungs and push forward from this.

I’ll have it all figured out by next week, thank you guys for everything,

Love you,


Happy New Year – Writing and Art Contest Winners

Happy New Years guys! Sorry I have been rather inactive lately, I have been enjoying my vacation with my family, and after New Years, I will be back at it again, trying to master the new mission system, and pump out a bunch of things that demonstrate what it can do.

Now on to our December 2016 Art & Writing winners…



Gabr has something to suggest for everyone, why don’t you tell him what you think?

“Personally, I’d like to see a revamp to combat, and more goals other than “just get stronger.” An overall more dynamic mod that doesn’t depend on the players making fun artificially (through servers).

And for our second winner, in the writing category:


Miner voted for Gabr, and now you can read his story that won over our judges, over all the others:

Written by MinerDoodles


The Fractured Race: Acrosians – By MinerDoodle

Agonising screams ricochet off of the nearby walls, plastered in innocent blood. Small, condensed snickers fill the air as one by one those who stand in the way perish. A family, pleading against their massacre. A simple interjection, followed by a beam through their heads. The assailants feel no remorse, and proceed to take the village over. However, unbeknownst to them, one survivor is left behind in the destruction. The rest of his kind vanquished in the attack, he slowly and quietly escapes, scarred for the rest of his existence.

This survivor: the Acrosian known as Gabr.


Many years later…


“Gabr! Quickly! They came from nowhere!” One of the locals cries out over the noise of chaos behind him.

“What’s wrong? What is the commotion?!” Gabr exclaims, rushing out of his tent.

“Its…it’s a Saiyan attack! They’re taking revenge on our kind for Frieza’s misdeeds towards them!” explains the villager. Gabr’s expression turns cold, flashbacks of his village’s massacre flooding back to him. His fists tighten.

“We need to move. Now.” Gabr growls, preparing to take revenge for those who fell. Before he can go anywhere, however, a blast comes hurtling towards the villager. He screams, death imminent.


The blast connects. Gabr stands in front of the villager, arms in an X shape. They steam slightly, scathed by the blast.

“Oi! We have two more over ‘ere! Le’s ge’em!” Yells a burly Saiyan. Behind him is a thinner, more defined Saiyan.  Gabr readies himself. The burly Saiyan rushes with a heavy fist and Gabr simply sidesteps, throwing a hook. It lands and sends him reeling backwards. Gabr presses on, throwing more punches. The Saiyan blocks most of them, taking some of the weaker hits. Gabr spots an opening, and sends a knee straight into his gut. With a heavy groan, the Saiyan takes the hit painfully, stumbles back and then drops. Gabr pounces on him and uses a Ki blast through his heart. The Saiyan goes limp, and Gabr drags his attention to the Saiyan he was with. This one is different. He has an air about him. One you would only expect from someone of worth. He gives of an unnerving feeling, and Gabr is unsure what to do. After what feels like hours, the other Saiyan speaks.

“It was a shame, we could have made something out of him.” He says quietly, pronouncing every word. “But then again, if one is going to rush an opponent such as yourself, one can only expect defeat. And, as expected from your race, it can lead to death.” He notes, nodding his head to his deceased friend.

“So you think we’re all the same? That every one of us is a cold-blooded killer?” Gabr yells, anger flaring at the racism the accustomed Saiyan has.

“Well, going by the display before me, I would have no reason to disagree.”

“Then I’m sure you won’t mind me saying that you pathetic monkeys were nothing but pawns to us, that your lives were nothing but expendable.” Gabr retorts, trying to push for a reaction. The Saiyan squints, then regains composure.

“That may be the case. Hence why we have retaliated. We will take what you have stolen and claim it as our own, rebuilding the Saiyans to what they should be. And, when Vegeta catches wind of this, we will crown him king of the new Planet Vegeta.” He grins, visions of a new kingdom blooming in his mind.

“Vegeta? You mean Frieza didn’t kill the prince?”

“No he did not. In fact, whilst a large majority of us were wiped out in the excplosion, quite a few of us survived. More than you would hope. It’s a shame, isn’t it? How your precious ruler couldn’t destroy a race as “puny” as us. How do you feel, Acrosian?” He giggles, pushing Gabr’s fury to its breaking point.

“I feel like you should keep your damn mouth shut!” Screams Gabr, rushing the Saiyan. His expression flips, turning stone dead. He readies, then blocks Gabr’s punch. Grabbing the outstretched arm, the Saiyan proceeds to drag Gabr over his head and straight into the floor. Gabr is powerless until he manages to manoeuvre his tail around the Saiyans waist. He tightens his grip, then shifts his balance to throw the Saiyan back slightly. He loses hold of Gabr’s arm and Gabr springs onto his feet, preparing for the Saiyan’s next move. He simply stands there in his fighting pose. Both fighters stand motionless, waiting for a move. Eventually, Gabr musters all of his speed and snap vanishes behind the Saiyan. He’s unprepared, and takes the swift kick to his back in full. He grimaces. Suddenly, Gabr swings a sucker punch at his gut. It connects and shatters his armour. He falls back, in shock.

“How…How dare you break my armour?! You’ll pay for that!” Snarls the Saiyan.

“Seems like your true Saiyan blood is coming out. Are you going to fight properly now?”

“It seems I must sully my hands against you scum. Very well.” He shifts his stance, and begins to release his energy. With a loud scream, his power explodes and a harsh light emits from him. Gabr covers his eyes to the luminance. When it dims, he gazes at his enemy to find he has evolved. The opponent now has golden locks, spiked upright. His eyes shine with a deep emerald glow. He’s surrounded by a yellow aura.

“This, my Acrosian friend, is a Super Saiyan.” Gabr look in horror at the Saiyan. “And now, you will die.” He approaches Gabr at breath-taking speed, arm outstretched. Gabr can barely move before the punch lands on his left cheek. He’s sent hurtling through his tent and a boulder, shattering it. The Saiyan leaps towards the boulder and drags Gabr out from the rubble, then proceeds to launch him into the air. He follows him, appearing above him with his fists high above his head. He swings down, connecting with Gabr’s stomach. He chokes as he flies straight into the floor.

“Let’s see you try this one on for size. Galick Gun!”

A purple-hued beam shoots towards Gabr, and his sight is filled by the approaching blast. He barely avoids it by leaping with the remaining stamina he has, the blast exploding in the crater where he landed. Gabr coughs and splutters as the Saiyan approaches him. He drags the weakened Acrosian to his feet, and begins to charge a Ki blast in his free hand.

“You can take some comfort in knowing you were bested by a Super Saiyan. Not that you shouldn’t feel honoured to be in the presence of one to begin with. Now, be gone!” He says, blast growing larger. Gabr is unable to move until something inside him clicks. With the scraps of energy he has, he throws a sucker punch at the Saiyan. He slides backwards, Ki blast falling away. Gabr stands by himself and with a deep burning fire inside, tries to muster any remaining strength he can. The Saiyan holds back and watches the display, hoping that the Acrosian comes up with nothing. At first, his hopes are realised, until Gabr screams with an intense passion. His power spikes dramatically, and His body undergoes a metamorphosis. The Super Saiyan is in awe at this, unaware of the Acrosian ability to transform. Gabr appears from the dust in his Final Form. His green highlights glow slightly, his skin leeching a deep purple aura.

“So, let’s finish this.” Gabr deadpans. He vanishes and appears right behind the Saiyan and sends an upper cut into his back. This completely destroys the chest plate and sends the Saiyan into the air. Gabr simply interjects and prepares a devastating Ki blast. The Saiyan recovers and prepares his own Ki blast.

“Super. Galick. GUN!!” Screams the Saiyan, launching a massive beam towards Gabr.

“Hm. Supernova.” Gabr says slyly. From his finger, a gigantic black and purple Ki blast expands. He simply points his finger at the enemy and it soars straight at him. Both blasts connect and hold steadfast, no-one making any headway.

“This fight is mine! You have no chance you scum!!” Bellows the Saiyan. He’s using all of his might to hold his blast in place. Gabr simply smiles, then his face goes dead.

“See you in Hell.” He growls. The Supernova forces the Galick Gun towards the Saiyan.

“No. No no NOOOOOOOO!!!!” The last words of the Saiyan hang in the air and the blasts consume him. The Supernova then explodes and sends a massive shockwave through the ground. Gabr sighs with deep relief, then notices a crowd behind him. The other Saiyans who were part of the attack stand terrified at the might of Gabr. He simply smirks, then proceeds to take every single one out in an agonising way. The only thing remaining of the attack is the damage left on the Village, which Gabr proceeds to examine.
And now, a word from Miner

I was really impressed by the final pieces. Doc’s was very clean and I like the shading on his glasses. I was especially impressed however by Traveler’s drawing due to the effects it had. They look very good and almost genuine from the show. The addition of color was very good as well. However, Gabr’s stuck out more as it was an Acrosian (not as popular as other races) and was all full color, not to mention done on the computer which in of itself is very difficult. It also allowed me to write a slight variation to the usual “Saiyan goes super saiyan” trope, and also allowed me to get the view from their side.


Thanks everyone for your participation, and I hope to see more people jumping on board next year.

The Devblog will now return to its regular schedule of Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Have a great New Years guys, I love you all.

Writing Event – December 16th – 24th

Well I ran the pictures through a couple people and got an overall winner! Well… three overall winners. That’s right it’s a three-way tie for first place! So the writing event will now also be a voting system for the overall Art winner! Remember, quality over quantity is where it counts in these votes for writing. Here is how this works

  1. Write under the conditions using the character from your favorite of the three art pieces as your focus.
  2. Whomever you write about counts as your vote towards overall art winner.
  3. The writing winner will be chosen from the winning Art piece selection, unless someone from another section makes a far superior writing piece to anything of another section. Then a writing winner will be picked from the “Most votes” section, displayed under the piece of art they voted for. The one we find truly superior to the rest will be overall winner, and will be displayed next to the picture they voted for when I announce winners.

Writing Rules

All submissions must use one of the three characters provided. You may battle two characters, but you must say who you are voting for.
All submissions must be 500-1500 words long, with little room for extension.
There should be some basic dialogue, which can be done all Dragon Ball Z style where they stop mid fight to talk.
This does not HAVE to be a fight, if you want to write a backstory for them or just them talking, that’s fine.
It should feel like it has a conclusion. Don’t leave it too open ended or end on a cliffhanger because that makes it look like you ran out of ideas.
This needs to be grammatically correct. Now before you freak out, I am presenting the grading scale right here.

  • Proper Title and Alignment? 10 points (Title of your story should be bolded, centered in the page before you begin writing. It won’t count towards total words.)
  • Capitalization is where it should be? 20 points (2 points lost for each mistake on either name or beginning sentence capitlization)
  • Commas used in basic spots? 10 points (1 point lost for every 5 spots I see without a comma where it should be. I will not use advanced english to grade, so basically just prevent run on sentences)
  • Words spelled correctly? 25 points (5 points lost for each misspelt word)
  • Proper indentation? 15 points (5 points lost per indent forgotten. You should have at least one to start off with)
  • Name? 20 points (20 points lost if you did not put your username from this website on the page)

This is the grammar point system so make sure you know it well. In total, the points earned here are worth 50% of your overall grade. I won’t give you the story structure system, nor the characters system. This is to make sure you are writing freely and without known restriction. Now onto our contestants for Best Art December 2016!

GabrTheGreat (Or just Gabr)



Gabr’s submission stood out to me because it was entirely in color, as well as being one of only two arcosian entries!

The Champion: Blastrider


This is the winner of the last art contest and so-far undefeated champ: Blastrider! His submission stood out for it’s smooth lines and shape.












This is Traveler! Our third and final entry. It was between him and another very close entry, but I chose Traveler, because out of all the pictures, his has the absolute most personality, hands down.

To see the other entries, please go to this link

To submit your writing entry, please email TheNewSmartandDumb@gmail.com with either a link to a google document (make sure it is shared to me so I can at least view it) or the direct download itself of a word document or notepad. Pictures taken of writing better be crystal clear because if I can’t read a sentence I will have to skip it, and this will cause you to lose points.

Art Event – December 10th – 15th

Hello everyone from the DBC community and welcome to our second art event! The rules here are simple: Submit a character of your own creation. Anything that looks too close to a line tracing of the main series will be denied. The email to send them to is TheNewSmartandDumb@gmail.com . I can only accept submissions through emailPlease include your username so I can credit you for your work!

Next up, to explain a bit further. This character should be the embodiment of you in the dbz world. If you are an evil arcosian try to express it through either the background or the posture.

The event ends on the 15th, and the winner will be announced on the 16th.

The winner of the art event will carry over into the writing event, which I will explain. If you are more a writer than an artist, then wait until December 16th, I will announce the next event there.

After the Art and Writing event for DBC are over, Naruto C will be the New Years event!

Have a wonderful Holiday guys, and lets have fun!


My pain

Oof, it’s rough having a broken computer around the time Jin really needs you to code for him. Anyway this is a little news announcement saying that I got a new community event planned. It is going to be another art event, followed by a writing event. Both will just have a feature on either the front page or the devblog (or both).

Anyway! The mission system seems a bit confusing, but Jin will make a tutorial soon, and if that doesn’t help I will make one (with the addition of some writing tips). So until then, the devblog will be down, and all I am going to be doing is working on the missions systems. I have written ten missions so far (a few evil, a few good, mainly neutral). Soon, with a little patience, I will be putting them to the test. Just need to learn a new coding language, no big deal.

Fun Friday – Space Ideas + Where I have been + New Community Events

Hey everyone! I thought of a few ideas for space and I would like your impute on the matter. Firstly, as you know, space will have 5 different colors for trees underground water, etc, each with a different effect. So I was thinking that, the plantlife and wildlife should vary a bit more. Different flowers for silver grass that can be used to make the dyes for armor. Keep in mind that the water and surface color are two different things

Plant life

Silver – Silver planets are a sort of blend. They don’t lean too much towards overworld or underground generation, it is a balance. The overworld Silver will offer fruits to feed yourself from the trees, not as efficient as apples, but more plentiful in drops. The flowers will be exotic, but there will also be the golden flower. When crafted down, it will give gold nuggets instead of dye. Silver planets are the best to make money in the universe, their overworld reflects this.

Purple – Purple planets are mainly devoid of small life on the surface. Save a few trees, purple surface really doesn’t have much in the way of plant life. Except for one exotic flower. This flower spawns rarely amongst the grass, and can be broken down into an edible medicine that can heal you. It will be like a non-renewable source of something akin to senzu beans. This will be an option mainly for evil players, and while they aren’t as effective as senzu, their time limit will be shorter. The trees also drop a strange fruit that poisons you but still feeds you. It may be a component in crafting a better medicine with that flower.

Lime Green – Whilst the underground of Lime Green planets is underwhelming, save for the ancient bones of warriors long dead, a lime-green overworld on a planet means it is lush with life. Lime Green surface has a variety of flowers similar to overworld, but there will also be ‘Puffy Flowers’, that drop a certain colored wool instead of dye. Their trees will also drop a fruit that will feed you the most out of any tree fruit. The Lime Green world will definitely be a stop to make for those looking to make armor and tools.

Crimson – Crimson underground contains the tools you need to mine katchin ore and spirit shard ore (Another source of healing). This is an important building block into making top notch swords and training equipment (later on). Therefore I think the surface should also help with this kind of progress. A planet with a Crimson surface will not have too much in the way of plantlife. Perhaps a fruit from the tree leaves, but other than that it will only have the occasional dye flower. The wildlife, on the other hand…

Gold – Gold surfaces will probably be the rarest, and harbor equally valuable plants. A golden apple may fall from the trees, and the plants give more dye than the rest. Gold worlds are a treat, as they contain a lot of valuable commodities, but don’t have the basics. Don’t expect to find iron on these planets, and as such, don’t expect to find anything but exotic plants.


Gold – With that out of the way, let’s pick up where we left off. Gold planets will have wildlife that blends well in its environment. The creatures will be non-hostile, and will run away at high speeds the first time they see you. Lower level players won’t even be able to catch these buggers, but they can yield some tasty meat. Some even eat the gems from the caves! Imagine that.

Silver – Silver has a good balance of resources naturally on the planet, but the wildlife is all but helpful. Most creatures drop nothing, but are still hostile in an annoying way. You may get the occasional chicken nugget sized meal from them, but other than that, you will have to look elsewhere if you want a filling meal or a fitting challenge.

Purple – Purple planets are oil rich. Having purple water is rare because of how much oil is in it, so the wildlife should reflect the toxicity of their environment. They will use strong toxins that will have an effect much stronger than regular poison. Most defensive in nature, and some may be dinosaurs. They will also yield toxic meats that poison you unless cooked. On the bright side, Purple surface can sometimes just have pools of oil lying around. So that means you can get out faster. Hurray!

Lime Green – Lime Green wildlife will look friendly and colorful, just like the environment in which they reside. They will be the strangest looking creatures, with the most filling food drops, and some even fight back and provide proper challenge for early game players who are looking for a way to train. There will be one rare dinosaur creature that will probably be the toughest wild animal in the game? Hope you like that thought, and I hope Jin does too.

Crimson – The underground and overworld of Crimson provide progress. All creatures on the Crimson surface are hostile, save for one rabbit like creature that will follow you around and protect you if you feed it. The creatures will drop dinosaur meat, aside from the rabbit of course, who will drop nothing but sadness because you killed an adorable creature.

So there you have it. A Crimson planet is about progress, a Lime Green planet is about fun, a Gold planet is about Luxury and Speed, a Silver planet is about balance, and a Purple planet is about Endurance. Anyway, sorry I couldn’t provide many examples of plants and wildlife, I will explain why now.

Where have I been?

Simply put, my computer went kapoot. I tried to factory reset it to get Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 to work, and it didn’t work. Currently it is in the shop getting fixed as I type this all up on my phone (which is why I think this won’t even make a midnight release). So moving forward, I expect to have my computer back up and running by mid december, and hopefully I can finally enjoy Xeno 2.

New Community Events

So now that the mod has a bit more of a planned out feature as far as PvP comes, I can get serious about the tourney. The reason I didn’t do it was due to some rather harsh complaints about the ‘lack of skill’ involved in Dbc fights. With recent balances though, a few more updates and the Inter-Dimensional Worlds Martial Arts Tournament will open up signing to its first bracket of over 128 participants! Its hard to get to an exact number, last time I had a few extra applicants because I was at 123 and waited for the last 5. Next thing I knew there were 131 and it would feel wrong to tell someone they were too late.

After the IDWMA comes Art contests. I was also thinking though, that aside from fanart, there could also be fan videos, fan animations, I don’t know, why don’t you guys suggest some community events?


Birthday Blog!

Happy birthday to me! In keeping with birthday tradition, it’s time to bestow a present upon all of you! So for a long time now I have thought on the mission system. This system was the reason I was brought on the Dragon Block C devteam (which was just Jin Ryuu and _Ryuu_). It’s the reason I got to meet so many wonderful people in the community. Now it’s closer than it has been in a long time and I have a lot of hype to live up to. I think, though, I have perfected the ideas for the system. Jin said it on the front page though. I won’t be able to redo the main story system until at least a few major elements are added. I also will have to remove my Battle of Gods and Resurrection of ‘F’ movies quests to prepare them for the main saga, unless you guys prefer they stay movies. Either way, you will get one of 10 or so endings via beating the Buu saga.

Main quest

So in the main questline things will differ extremely. You’re not a Z-Fighter, so there will be no one to help you take on the threats that Goku and co. take on. In fact you are the only fighter. Whilst you can meet the z fighters and learn their moves, you won’t actually fight them in the main quest… unless.

You’re evil

So to put it simply, in the story no longer will you choose what you fight for. Instead, your alignment will be based on simple actions in the beginning of the game. With your alignment changing you will get different main quest missions. Some differ just by story, who you fight, etc. Evil will be the shortest because you usually don’t give your opponents time to power up, especially in the lowest branch of evil, where you are basically a walking murder machine that will eviscerate a planet just because you don’t like the look you get from animals. So here are the 5 branches to the main story:

Saviors are heroes who will make the tough shots when no one else will. They are not willing to take chances on villains and will put an end to their atrocities immediately. The savior remains almost the same as the current one throughout the Saiyan saga. At least, until the end, where you kill Vegeta. (Do keep in mind you can switch to the hero branch and spare him, or to the neutral branch and leave him alone. Options like this will be constantly available.) In the Freeza saga you can kill Zarbon before he transforms, and if you beat Freeza fast enough, (one of the things I want to add to the mission system is an internal timer that gives different results based on mission completion) you can kill him before he even transforms. Granted this won’t get you much tp, but it will keep you on the Savior path. A true Savior ending can only be achieved by choosing nothing but Savior options. In the end, the Savior path gets the least Sparring partners, but the fastest questline, so it can be replayed quickly for those who like to grind the main saga.

Heroes are people who will go out of their way to defend others from the evils of the universe. Heroes are quick to make both friends and enemies. The Hero branch deviates from the main story almost immediately, as it requires you to spare Raditz after his defeat. Being the Saiyan that he is, Raditz vows that he will destroy you when Nappa and Vegeta arrive. Once you beat the Saibaman, you will have to fight both a stronger Raditz and Nappa at the same time. After defeating them, Vegeta will try to kill them, but you can only save one of them (or neither if you really couldn’t care otherwise). Whomever you save will be your first sparring partner after you beat Vegeta. As a Hero you must let Vegeta go. Killing him will switch you to the Savior branch, whilst ignoring him puts you on neutral. The Freeza saga follows the main story, mostly. You go to Namek for Kami for a yet undetermined reason. Depending on your decisions on Namek you can get Dodoria and Zarbon as sparring partners, as well as Vegeta, because he will try to stop you and take the dragon balls for himself. If you beat Freeza you can get Vegeta as a sparring partner depending on a story dialogue choice. The Hero questline offers the most sparring partners for aftergame training, but is one of the lengthier questlines, and requires a lot of rematches because you must play as someone unwilling to kill even the most evil of people.

Doesn’t really require an explanation. You will only stray from the neutral path if you pick a non-neutral option, otherwise it will play out almost exactly as the story does now. This one will offer a variety pack of rewards, and, in a fun twist, it’s the only branch where you can choose what rewards you get without straying off the path.

You started, meek and humble. A fire in your belly and calm in your heart, you have set out to put every star in the universe under your foot, so you may rule over it all with an iron fist. Tyrants branch starts out similarly to the others, but with the option to enslave people, making them your subjects. You will first add Raditz to your empire, making him sit by and watch as you then subdue Vegeta and Nappa. If you’re a Saiyan, you may find it easier to take them over. After this, you will have to set your sights on Freeza. You will enslave everyone under his rule, starting with pathetic Cui, and working your way all the way up the the Ginyu Force until finally, you take Freeza himself under your rule.  The Tyrant path has the most options of people to spar with meaning that there will rarely be long periods of time in which you need to train for the next mission, as sparring partners offer bonus tp. As a Tyrant, you can build your very own empire!

Your name, mentioned in whispers. Your steps quake the earth, your very breath poisons the air. You are a Destroyer. You have no interest in ruling anything. Instead, you wish only to kill. Anything you don’t like, you shall destroy. You take what you want, when you want. You have no qualms about working with other destroyers so long as it suits your own goals. Every opportunity you get you will kill your opponents, perhaps even torture them. In cities, you will perform the most heinous crimes for a few dollars, just for the fun of it. Destroyers get the most tp per mission, but will receive the least side quests out of all the alignments.

Side Quests

Sparring Partners
So you may be wondering what this whole sparring partner thing is about. Simply put, it’s a side-questline that lets you train against characters from the series. Most are gained through Movie Quests and the Main Quest, but some can be gained through side quests and wishes to Porunga and Shenron. The current list of available sparring partners is:

Great-Ape Vegeta
Zarbon (1st and 2nd form)
The Ginyu Force
Freeza (All forms)
(Movie Saga characters available through wishes)
Garlic Jr.
Dr. Kochin
Dr. Wheelo
Raisin & Lakasei
Lord Slug

As you may have noticed by now, I haven’t spoiled anything from the Android saga and up. That’s because I want to save the best parts for the actual release.

Regular Side Quests
Regular side quests are unlocked via talking to NPCs, or peering at your journal after beating a certain side-quest/Movie-quest/Main-quest part. There will be a lot of side quests, but some will be limited to things such as alignment, and race. These will have a special coloring to allow you to tell them apart from the rest.

Movie Side Quests
Every Dragon Ball Z movie will be available in the form of a branching path questline for you to playthrough.

The Best Part

Like the Hair Saloon, quests will be something everyone can make. Not in game, mind you, but out of game. Want to make a Dragon Ball Multiverse questline? Go ahead and do it! You can even erase my main storyline (Although I will have hurt feelings 🙁 ) and make your own! The Mission system will be wide and expansive, so servers can add their own missions with no extra downloads to anyone else. This lets servers without customnpcs make their own quests for the players constantly. So I hope you are all as excited as I am. When I master the mission system I shall teach it to you all! It will require a bit of coding know-how, but I have faith everyone can do it!


Until next time.

Not-So Funday Friday

I waited all week, eager, happy, ready to play Xenoverse 2.


But then:


It happened.


On the minute of its released I launched the game, but it didn’t open. Confused, I waited, launching it again. My friends, happily screamed how awesome the game was while I sat, baffled. I try launching directly through the files then my heart is broken: Missing files. Files that cannot be replaced with a simple download.

My hopes. My dreams of having the week off the devblog are crushed! My precious $50…

Anyway I am working on some icon and textures to pass some time until Bandai Namco gives me back my hopes and dreams, and I am going to be hopelessly alone at lvl 2 while my max level friends high five after beating a raid boss.

Nothing too exciting this week, more news later! Make sure to keep an eye on the front page!