Announcement & Status Info – 17w40-43

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I know…

But let me explain, it was that I had this idea I couldn’t let go, since I was sure that its something that could have a future.
And then the weeks have gone for me like crazy XD

Don’t get angry but, I made a new mod…

there are some screenies at the end of this post ^-^

You might want to ask me:
“Okay Jin, but instead of working more on DBC or your already released mods, why would you want to make yet another one when the already ones need more update!”
I understand and I agree that all my mods need more update.
But hear me out XD
This new mod will be able to work on its own without DBC or any other of my mods, except JRMC for now, but even that might be removed at a point, since I plan this to be release it for the newer minecraft versions after a point.
Also I don’t want this new mod to need too many updates, because using it with my other mods this one would be more like a minigame then a game on its own. If i had to compare it to something then it would be like fishing in a MMORPG XD
Okay I will stop beating around the bush now 😛

The mod will be called “JinRyuu’s Trading Card C”, might be not that original, but it will do and goes to the point.
Yea in the beginning it might get a few updates, but only for minor additions, features and mainly for fixes.
Also I plan for this to have a way for people to support my work if they want to.

I don’t want to tell too much facts at this point cause it is still in very early development state and many features are still missing.
A teaser video will be made after a few weeks on how it will look in an example battle.
Just to name a few features it will have:
– Card battles with a “Hologram Generator”
– Find cards and trade cards with others
– Build a deck to battle with from your card collection
– Setup some aspects of the battles
– There are 4 card classes like Being and Action cards
– The cards are customizable by the server and servers will be able to make their own cards as well
– It will use the Dragon Ball Universe for example cards, but it wont be limited to DB

And now about the mod updates

Give me a bit more time on this, there wont be too much but there will be a few useful stuff.

For JRMC the News menu, the Skills and the Mission System receives a scrolling feature. It works both with mouse wheel and a side scroll bar for those without a mouse wheel. For Mission System it is very important cause now mission creators can include as long description and as much objectives, reward options (aka route options) as they want.

DBC receives a new skill called defense penetration, and all mobs will receive this feature by default.
Further more 2 new friendly NPCs and 1 opponent NPC.

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NarutoC will receive a new jutsu selection option next to the hand seals, there are jutsus that do not require hand seals, and those will use that option.
Also more configs might be added.

The update should be either within a few days or in worst case it will be on Sunday night/Monday morning Monday night. (edited on Nov.6)


And now for some screenies from the new mod

At its current state, probably not much will look like this. W
hat matters is that it should work atm, not that how it looks 🙂


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95 Responses to Announcement & Status Info – 17w40-43

  1. Well, in your defense, Dragon Ball does indeed have a card game…. I think several.
    anyway, nice to hear!

  2. Hirolka says:

    Aw yeah, we’re playing some Triple Triad all up in this bitch!

  3. KoolaidMan says:

    Yeah I’m excited as shit, it really reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh

  4. Are you fucking kidding me after a month of waiting for some progress in dbc seeing as how its been so long you would have made a good jump and instead you make a useless ass card game in minecraft. are you serious rn

    • first off, rude. second, jin still updated his mod (s). third. it isn’t like dragon ball HASN’T had a tcg before. in fact, in japan… you ever heard of dragon ball heroes?
      it is a card game for arcades in japan. it is ALSO where all the crazy and whacky new forms for characters come from. (like ssj4 gohan) and some pretty damn obscure characters never before in a dragon ball fighting game.

      my point is, jin working on a card game makes perfect sense. and it shouldn’t be THAT hard to make one. no harder than what it takes to add something to dbc.

      • no shit dbz has a card game it has heros and dokkan my point being its totally uneccsary for dbc. only change he made to dbc in a months time was the menu scrolling

        • Hirolka says:

          I hear you, as cool as the card game is, I’ve been waiting for G3 hairs for a good while now.

          When Jin suddenly went dark for a month, I was hoping he’d been putting his efforts into our sick Super Saiyan 3 hairs!

          But what can you do, I’d take Jin taking up another mod over the literal years of nothing we had before.

    • Zero says:

      I can see your a bit upset man but take it down a peg.

    • NeverSayNoob says:

      he need to put matin race too

  5. Khalil says:


  6. First off, will the new mod have yugioh cards? I’ve been trying to find a good mod for yugioh and I haven’t been able to find one for a yugioh role-play. Heck I don’t even mind if you can’t play the game itself I just want an item with a yugioh textured back and maybe a duel disk. As I said, I don’t care if they do anything I just want the items. Second off, don’t listen to the people giving you crap about this. Just do what you want and take your time.

  7. KingToryg says:

    I’m Actually really excited for this mod, considering the level of priority that jin is actually giving it, and the freedom of server owners to make their own cards, itll give players somthing different to do , besides just grinding saga’s or shadow dummies, There really aren’t any good yu-gi-oh mods, and i feel like this will be a suitable substitute. thanks jin for all the hard work!!!

  8. TheLeinhart says:

    Cool, I guess. Still waiting to fight kid buu in the story system…. -.-

  9. Mitohan says:

    Yes, This card idea sounds fucking amazing (maybe simulated / generic battles based on cards too?) You should add trainers that can give you rather cards based off drops and bosses etc. I really like this new idea

    I’m prepared for swarms of kids wanting DBC but in reality who gives a shit about em

  10. after 1 month you not update dragonblock c mod? are you seriuous? im very angry.

  11. Honestly, I don’t follow this to play Cards ‘nor do I think a lot of People want to play Cards in Minecraft either.

    Then again, Jin can decide what he wants to make and what not.
    /shrug, Maybe It’ll be a Solid Mod.

  12. Zero says:

    Jin…I want to be supportive, but you have like…4 mods on the go (I think its 4 idk) and 4th is a card game…ok, look if I want to play a dbz card game I will go down to my local card game store. Let’s face it DBC is your big hit, it’s what your known for and dbz/super is big atm.

    Now i’m sure your burn out for DBC and I can see why, or maybe there just to many mods going on and that is burning you out and you want something new. But…the thing is I can see why people can be a bit….frustrated in the comments. I wont lie I was sitting here checking the site for update’s a lot. I waited in wonder what the new update was going to be, maybe a stat update on how ssj4 is going or maybe I can change my arco’s ultimate evolution color. was a card game… I know you told us not to get mad but I sat there facepalmed.

    I sat there in awe, I really did not know what to think. I mean it’s stupid of me to get frustrated over something you do as a hobby but just…why? I mean this is so random, you were going straight on course and you took a hard right. At the end of the day you can do what ever you want, your not getting payed to do this so it’s up to you what you do with your hobby.

    I want to be supportive with this new idea but…deep down I can’t. It’s not a huge innovated idea, I mean there is dokkan battle and now the dbz card game is starting to pick up here where I live. I really appreciate the work you do but this card game…idk man…I just don’t know.

  13. this is so shitty just make a iphone game dont ruin your already dead mod

    • Mitohan says:

      Eyy someone’s still salty

      • Mitohan says:

        And is little dick lick crew are here to dislike too

        • it’s ok mito. my posts of telling everyone to calm the fuck down have been ALSO heavily downvoted. seems this community is far less intelligent and far more impatient than i gave it credit for. my bad,

          • Mitohan says:

            Nah dw about it I always saw it brewing, it’s what happens when you let little spoiled children think they’re worth the dirt on our shoes

            “XxXSquakGamesXxX Roblox and more downvoted”

            I’m not bothered about getting downvotes because it just shows how they can’t formulate a decent response except “I’m entitled to an opinion on this free mod”

            anyway enough rambling from me, I just want one of these stupid fucks to get into an argument with me

    • Abry says:

      Aye Ms. Salty, it’s Jin’s decision. If ya wanna give him some motivation, might as well atleast congratulate him on this.(Even tho lots of peeps don’t want to.)

  14. FlamesWrath says:

    Personally I dont think making a brand new Card Game mod is a good idea but it seems like you know that.

    And if I’m honest reading it the Card Game mod seems more like a mod made to pursue fun rather then to make a serious mod.

    If this basically gets updated once every 3 weeks or so and is maybe updated slowly and isnt focused on too much like NarutoC is or SAOc then I’d be fine with that.

  15. dude says:

    hm a card game…that will be fun to try out. =)

  16. Ryal says:

    Since when was Jin becoming Valve.

  17. Ryal says:

    This is going to be fucking awesome. I can’t wait to hop on DBC with card games, have a Joey skin, use his custom hairs to make the biggest mophead, and start challenging random people to duels and sending them to the shadow-otherworld, and go super saiyan while I’m at it.

  18. Teza says:

    A card game? Um, okay. Thanks for giving Naruto c some love even when DBC is more popular. Keep up the good work Jin!

  19. Nico says:

    A card game…Seriously man…. I really appreciate the work you do but this card game… i can’t be supportive , sorry, i’ve been waiting 1 month for an update, i was seeking the ssj4, the arcosian color and maybe the ultra instinct ? …And..there is a card game ..

  20. Nico says:

    sorry but i’m disappointed

  21. Ken says:

    1st of all you guys need to stop acting like you have mental health issues like fr are you paying Jin to make this mods? if not then stop acting all retarded, move out of your moms basement, and wait for your balls to drop before you start antagonizing and criticizing Jin on his own (forgive my language) FUCKING MODS and take a chill pill while you are at it and idgaf if you’ve been waiting for DBC just sit your lil asses down and shut the fuck up and act like ya’ll got some GODDAMN sense!

  22. Nox says:

    Kids, shut the fuck up. You little free loading bratty fucks. Jin doesn’t do this for you little shits to complain and bitch and say what he HAS to be spending his time on. He does this to become better at codding and the charity he has provided for us is just a side effect. Yet you fucks have the audacity to demand that Jin does whatever you’re underdeveloped brains want. Grow up you little shits, and stop acting like entitled fucks. Thanks.

    GL with the new mod, Jin.

    -Nox out.

    • Zero says:

      Ok this here does not help. I will agree there are some who word there opinion a bit harshly, but you saying “You little free loading bratty fucks.”, “Grow up you little shits, and stop acting like entitled fucks.” make’s you look like a prick.

      People are a bit frustrated and I can see why. It’s been a month and this card game idea just came out of the blue and I don’t recall anyone going crazy saying “A dbz card game is a great idea” way back. It’s a bit of a shock for say to see jin come out and pull a valve so to speak. If you have a distaste what people are saying word it in a calm matter as I did a few posts up.

      • Ken says:

        I agree but it doesn’t matter if people are frustrated or not like ARE THEY PAYING JIN NO!!!!! so he is entitled to work on any mod that he chooses

        • Zero says:

          You are correct he is not being payed there for he can do what ever he wants. But he made a fan base, he attracted people to his mod/mods and the consequences of having a fan base is if you do something that is not the norm of what you been doing there is push back, frustration, anger and so on.

          Every action has a consequence. Yes jin does not get payed so he can do what ever he wants but, the consequence for that action is what you are seeing now. It’s hard to become known for something but once it happens it can be a lot of pressure.

          There is a saying, when business is hot you can do no wrong, but when business is cold you can do no right. It means when your at the very top and doing great even when you do something wrong it fine because you are so well known for doing things right a few wrongs wont matter. But if you do to much wrong business turns cold and at that point no matter what you do that is right it wont matter because the people are fed up with you.

          Jin has something many want and that is a fan base. There are good and there are bads. I do not condone what some say in the comments, but the thing is once you have a fan base you have to accept the consequences of having a fan base. Regardless if you are payed or not you fan base will react accordingly to your decisions. It is the inevitability of having a fan base. I don’t like it, I don’t condone it but its the reality.

      • might not help but neither are the countless people flocking to downvote the guy who is trying to be polite and the voice of reason.
        this community man….. this community.

        nobody is saying it is a great idea, but jin has the final say on ANYTHING he can mod. besides, i could see it working. and jin is still working on dbc…. hell… he already teased an update in his post. but, i guess people were too stupid to read what jin says.

    • Mitohan says:

      The one time I can agree with Nox, these little whiny cunts can go shoot themselves.

    • Ryal says:

      “you’re underdeveloped brains”

  23. people understandably upset for being lied to for a straight month get a crappy card game no one asked for. then you have people who dick ride jin using the same argument everytime. “U DONT MAKE MOD SHUTUP” who rly is the immature one

    • Zero says:

      Not 100% sure where jin lied. I mean he is still working on the mod and I can agree the card game is…..debatable idea. But I am not sure how jin lied. He is still working on ssj4 and what not as far as I know.

      As for people being immature…yeah I can agree with that, people throwing out profanity like it’s hot cake’s show they have no points to make/can’t control there emotions.

      But I am curious where jin lied. If you could show me that would be appreciated.

      • Mitohan says:

        Eyy by profanity you mean like how I say scum fucks cancering up the comments, I’ve always sworn I just don’t do It as much here because there’s a lot of sensitive people here.

    • Ken says:

      Jin did not lie why are you assuming that Jin cares about your opinions . Cause he doesn’t he doesn’t make the mods for you he does it cause he can. So if you don’t like it go somewhere else instead of complaining about it and he never said he will just work on dbc he makes a ton of different mods that’s why I think he should disable commenting instead of wasting it on people that thinks the world revolves around them so if you have to give him a suggestion on a mod that is okay but ridiculing him for doing what he loves. That’s what I call a hater

  24. A month and it’s a card game? It’s not really neccisary. Interesting concept though. I’m not saying no one will play it but I was hopeing to see something go towards dbc. Heck if you did this and at least added Ultra instinct or SOMETHING then it would of been worthwhile. But what if you dont have friends to play with? My friend doesnt exactly have a proper pc to play minecraft and I dont exactly o on servers and make friends (hate multiplayer games and multiplayer in general plus my old pc lagged alot so I never bothered) so unless this mod has a singleplayer AI I dont see alot of purpose for this mod. So all I can say is I have mixed feelings about however im leaning towards a huge no and feeling disppointment

  25. Haru-kun says:

    now we wait for the yu-gi-oh server… if its called yu-gi-oh duel links, i will spend all of my time on it like no joke. i do that with the real game already

  26. Lord Frieza says:

    *looks out*
    Oh a card game… That’s nice
    *Goes back to whatever I was doing*

    • Ken says:

      Exactly they are just mods that was the whole point that I was trying to make cause Jin just makes them for entertainment like if someone doesn’t play the show you were looking forward to on tv cause it got pushed forward a little that doesn’t mean you should sue the company

  27. Mitohan says:

    People still acting like they’re going to have a stroke by not seeing DBC for a month

  28. CryoTheMayo says:

    I am willing to forgive you adding another mod to develop on your plate but ONLY if you finally give Golden form a Golden aura in the next update.

    Seriously you have fixed auras for GA and LSSJ, added a new Super Kaio-Ken aura for Rose and have developed a basic TCG but after over half a year, Golden still lacks a aura?

    I do not mean to be entitled but honestly I have been waiting for Golden to get an aura for ages now and it just feels lazy at this point for the form to be aesthetically complete. I mean no offence in my request, it has just been grinding on my nerves lately that you appear to be focusing on more complex or difficult projects whilst ignoring what I believe to be incredibly simplistic but major improvements to the mod.

  29. kev_spyro says:

    with the next update of dbc… could you maybe increase the stat limit to 100k maybe because in every world and on every server i like i have maxed stats and don’t want to reset it :/

    also i’m thrilled about the new npcs and when u.i. is coming out if it’s ever gonna happen

  30. EthanGold60 says:

    Will servers be able to add their own custom rules and boards? I really like this idea, and I want other servers to incorporate their own things like Yu-Gi-OH! rules and it’s board. I want this to be a universal trading card game mod so that servers can use many different trading card games at once.

  31. AAA says:

    I, the legendary super saiyan, banish you to the shadow realm!

  32. jin… now with the preview of the kefura fusion … can you make the legendary ssj make fusion… pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  33. Guiol says:

    Jin please add ssj4 please and one of the best transformations, and if you can add (as I know that doing ssj4 should be difficult) please after we know more about the new transformation the braker limit, it would be possible to add it ?

  34. 6 Star Ball says:

    LMAO 😂😂😂😂 We waiting for bootleg Yu gi oh now? rip DBC and NC… Stuck in development hell

  35. Norbi says:

    DBC should really get updated now. But i’m pretty excited for this mod too, i’m sure it will be good.

  36. Jin, if you add a “card pack buying” function to this card mod, I will love you. This looks amazing.

  37. And honestly guys, the mod is huge already. The most the dude can add is forms and unique mechanics. You guys act like the mod is small and unifinished lol

  38. Mitohan says:

    If I were Jin I’d be really spiteful and wouldn’t do any DBC shit for 6 months

  39. GodMog says:

    Expectations are too high nowadays. Take it down a notch guys.

  40. XoninX says:

    How people are reacting so negatively to a mod that’s so open to diversity and has such a strong adventure aspect is beyond me. A common problem I find associated with some people on this site is that they believe Jin’s work should only center on DBC, or worse, believe Jin has some type of moral obligation to work on DBC. Even if he did work solely on DBC these past months, the most prevalent change would probably be G3 Hairs. I don’t mean to understate; I understand that is a tedious and huge addition, but it just pales in comparison to this mod in my opinion. As much as I enjoy DBC, another addition to the mod really isn’t as exciting as something truly creative, open-ended, and with so much potential like this. For me, this is the best news I’ve gotten from this site in a while. Rock on, Jin. Rock on.

    • XoninX says:

      I also understand the frustration that comes when Jin continues to make new mods, but no one person can stay on a single project for so long and not find themselves looking to stray from the norm and do something different once in a while. I personally get more frustrated and roadblocked when I’m putting all my effort into one thing, albeit I don’t expect Jin to feel the exact the same way. But I digress.

  41. a lot of hate in these comments….
    ……eh. and sometimes i wonder whether going through and reading all the argueing and shouting and whining is really a good idea for my mental health…

    • Mitohan says:

      I felt so bad since Jin looked so excited to show of his new mod idea with the smileys and such just for people to call it trash and demand something better

      Every 3 decent people there’s 12 imbeciles – summed up for you

      • CryoTheMayo says:

        Jin pretty obviously was aware that his decision would get this reaction considering he asks the reader to not be mad.

        I honestly don’t care if Jin is adding another mod but it’s understandable for people to be upset considering a lot of them were expecting the G3 Hair System and SSJ4 to be released in this update (Who knows, maybe Jin will surprise us with SSJ4?).

        Honestly, I feel annoyed by something that should have been added from the very start of its addition and can only hope Jin manages to include it in the next update, that would be giving the Golden form an aura. I am not even asking for something like True Golden. I don’t ask for a buff to the race, simply a cosmetic addition that should have been there with the form from the very start.

        • Ken says:

          Well, that doesn’t matter you guys are just taking Jin for granted like fr what if he decided to stop making mods because of the negative comments like you guys keep forgetting that he is the mod creator so once again I say if you don’t like it you can leave the site.

        • Mitohan says:

          (cryo) So your point is you’ve set expectations for what you want instead of “what are we going to get this week/month

          The site is Jin games not your games

  42. Ryal says:

    Jin when is Super Saiyan 4

  43. The update will be a bit more late, but it will have a surprise

  44. KingToryg says:

    what does that meeeeaaaaan tho

  45. 6 Star Ball says:

    Some people are so childish saying just because people respond negatively to something doesn’t mean we aren’t fans. Fans giv negative and positive feedback to everything people do…

    The fact is… With release of this New mod everything Jin is working has been delayed:
    DBC, NarutoC, SAO C, YearsC and FamilyC… Naruto C and DBC being his biggest mods

    It was already obvious that with his personal life that Just DBC and NarutoC alone will take years to complete but now with the introduction of this its gonna tale longer… Then eventually Jin is gonna try his best to keep his schedule which he can’t DBC will move from every month to every 2 months ect…

    He’s gonna overload his modding table….. Again…

    I just want the revamps we’ve been promised since last year December…..


    • Mitohan says:

      Actually when people come along just to give negative feedback on anything they don’t want on something dynamic such as this site, they aren’t fans

      A fan is someone who supports everything surrounding that thing. Liking only DBC is the equivalent of me saying I’m a fan of the Xenoverse franchise but I hate everything that isn’t Xenoverse 1 specifically,

      That sums up this website,

      “We love you Jin thanks”

      Non DBC content:

      “Are you fucking serious cry cry etc”

      that’s called a consumer, they absorb what they want.

    • the “fans” i speak of are not the ones who react negatively.

      they are the ones who whine that ssj4 isnt in the mod
      ask for the same things over and over
      and the second jin announces another mod or an update for a mod that isnt dbz..

      everyone goes apeshit!

  46. aKuMaXDA says:

    The new experimental form is ss4
    U have to go to great app and transform past supersayian app and Yu go to ss4
    The color of yur tail is the color of yur fur😊😇😱😅🤔

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